Mental Health

What’s In My Grounding Box?

Having to deal with depression and anxiety daily for years, I’ve had time to try a bunch of different techniques to help me cope with the effects. Mindfulness, exercise, therapy and even podcasts. The problem is that they either…

invisible illness

How To Cope With Invisible Illness Frustration

If you’ve never heard of the term ‘invisible illness‘ before, the explanation is in the name. A illness that you can’t see with the naked eye/can’t always see outside the body. It’s basically describing a bunch of illnesses that…

Mental Health

How Music Can Boost Your Mental Health

A couple of years ago I wrote a post introducing my Spotify playlists. I have a weird jumble of music tastes from Taylor Swift to BritPop to film soundtracks. In it I mentioned that music can be both a…


What’s On My Christmas Jumper Wishlist for 2020?

Who else has been contemplating putting up their Christmas decorations early? A few people on my street have already done it and I’m so tempted. I think we all deserve to celebrate earlier and one of the ways I…