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40 Autumn Post Ideas For A Productive Blogtober

Today is October 1st and, for a few bloggers out there, that’s the start of Blogtober!

The last time I was able to successfully do a post through the month of October was back in 2015. Don’t think I’ll be able to do every day but I’m going to try and post more often. One of the struggles I had with this was coming up with post ideas.

We struggle at the best of times so I hope that these can make your Blogtober extra productive!

BlogtoberPhoto by Alex Geerts on Unsplash

Blogtober for nerdy/fandom bloggers

I had to start with some fun prompts for my fellow fandom bloggers!

Whether you chat about Disney, Harry Potter or other fandoms, let’s try to throw ideas at each other! We need all the help we can get for post ideas!

  1. Tips on how to deal with Disney Parks withdrawal
  2. What TV shows/films do you re-watch every year?
  3. A haul of autumn-related Disney products
  4. 5 fandom no-carving pumpkin items (break out the paints!)
  5. Do a Halloween decorate-with-me
  6. 4 Halloween costume and make-up ideas for kids and adults
  7. Gift Ideas for your nerdy friends
  8. What content do you watch to get you feeling seasonal (Youtube/TikTok)
  9. DIY craft ideas
  10. A Disney-inspired lookbook

Book bloggers

With the weather getting more unpredictable and the days drawing in, this time of year is made for the book bloggers! They can curl up somewhere comfy and read. Nothing else you’d rather do when it’s raining and dark! I know that I’ve already been searching around Pinterest for ideas!

  1. Books you’re looking forward to this autumn
  2. Chat about cosy places to read in your home
  3. Share your favourite spooky books that scare you
  4. Craft your favourite books onto pumpkins
  5. What did you managed to read this month?
  6. Have you got any tips for people who are in a reading slump?
  7. Tell us what music you like to listen while you read during the colder months
  8. Compare original book covers to newer covers for the same book
  9. Spell out your first name with books you love and tell us why you love
  10. What blogtober ideas would you give to book bloggers?


One of the hardest tropes to do ideas for has to be lifestyle! Not hard as in not being able to come up with ideas but the opposite. There are so many things that you can write about and it’s trying to figure out which ones you want to do. I’m in the middle of both of these.

Somedays I can have no ideas whatsoever and others I get overwhelmed!

  1. Tell readers your reasons for loving/hating Autumn
  2. Do a home decor haul to make your home more seasonal
  3. Create some homemade recipes to warm you up
  4. Have you got autumnal candles that you love to burn?
  5. Create some fun ways to celebrate a social-distanced Halloween
  6. Write a bucket list for the upcoming month
  7. Chat about the scariest films you love
  8. Have you got any interesting childhood stories?
  9. Warm drinks that help you ignore rainy days
  10. Share any advice on dealing with seasonal depression


We might be stuck indoors more because of Covid-19, but I reckon we’ll still be able to come up with travel posts. We can either travel at a social distance or use our imagination! You would be surprised how often I visit other countries in my head.

I’m probably more in there than out of! Haha!

  1. A list of fun places you could visit for Halloween
  2. How would you travel on a badget?
  3. Discuss what you’re doing to stay safe while travelling
  4. What’s on your autumn travel bucket list
  5. Do you have a routine while travelling?
  6. Write about any childhood memories you have of travelling
  7. Who would be on your wishlist of famous people to travel with?
  8. What do you miss from home when you’re travelling?
  9. A list of things you don’t need but still end up packing
  10. If you could take part in any international autumn traditions, which ones would you choose and why?

Are you doing Blogtober this year? Have you got ideas you’d like to share?


Lifestyle Mental Health

5 Survival Tips For Living With Noisy Neighbours

If you have followed me on Twitter for the last couple of years, then you may have read tweets about my noisy neighbours. I was told that the area I lived in was lovely and quiet and, for the most part, it was. Except for the two sets of neighbours downstairs.

The people down below me were alcoholics and their neighbours were drug addicts.

You can imagine some of the fun I had with them. From loud music until midnight to windows being smashed and constant daily yelling matches. My mental health really took a massive down turn especially when lockdown started. Not being able to escape the noise was a nightmare!!

That’s why I needed to find ways to stay sane.

noisy neighboursPhoto by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash

Purchase noise-cancelling headphones

This might seem a tad over the top but I literally would have snapped if I didn’t have my headphones/ear protectors. Whenever the yelling started or went on for too long, I just grabbed these and distracted myself. I popped on my ‘Music That Makes Me Feel Better’ playlist on Spotify and prayed that they would eventually stop.

I’ll be honest and say that these didn’t always work.

Sometimes I just didn’t want to put them on and ended up in tears. Why did I have to put up with 6 hours of music blaring through my floor?

Knowing I wouldn’t be escaping them for a long time, I bought myself some BEATS Studio 3 Noise-Cancelling Earphones. These were pretty expensive but I needed them to work!

Keep a diary

This was a tip given to me by my local council.

If I was to have any chance of complaining about my noisy neighbours in future, I had to keep evidence of what they did and when they did it. The things they told me to jot down were:

  • How loud is the noise? Is it annoying?
  • When does the noise occur? Is it early morning or late at night?
  • How long does the noise occur?
  • How often does it happen?
  • Would an average person find the noise disruptive? Do you have a sensitivity to noise?

It was irritating that I had to jot down these since it happened so often but I needed proof. The most annoying thing was that you could only just hear it on recordings I took. You had to be there to hear how loud they were being.

Talk to your neighbours

The first thing your local council will probably get you to do is chat to your neighbours first.

As someone who hates any kind of confrontation, this was extremely difficult. I didn’t want to be the one causing a problem to them. It sounds dumb but that’s just me. If your noisy neighbours are generally okay to chat to, then just chat with them about it. You’d be surprised how many people don’t even realise that their music/TV is that loud, especially if they have hearing problems.

Only do this if it’s safe to do though.

There was no chance in hell of talking to the addicts. They were too violitile and honestly terrified me! A lot of the people on my street are elderly and were too scared to report in fear of retaliation.

Related post: 5 Frustrating Habits I’ve Developed While In Lockdown

Call the police

I lost count the amount of times I secretly called the police on the addicts. You know when you see clips of people crouched in a ball and whispering into their phone in case they were heard? That was me at least 5 times this year. You literally can hear everything through my walls and floors. Since I knew the people below me chatted with the people next door, I was scared that they would tell them who called.

Thankfully the 101/999 call handlers were really understanding.

Never be scared to call the police if you feel like a situation is getting out-of-hand and/or dangerous. When I heard full-on yelling outside, I didn’t immediately react because it wasn’t new to me. However I did get scared when they started banging on windows, doors and then smashing the window.

I found out recently that these calls helped in getting them evicted.

Talk to someone

Everyone in lockdown has felt trapped in their own homes.

It doesn’t matter if you live alone or with family, you’re still dealing with the same problem. As much as we’d love empathy to be real, people don’t always know what you’re feeling unless you tell them. If you’re living alone, chat to friends or family you feel close to about the situation. They might not have experience of what you’re going through but they might be able to give advice you didn’t think about.

What advice would you give for surviving noisy neighbours?

noisy neighbours


The Charities That Mean A Lot To Me (inspired by Lucy Mary Taylor)

I love reading posts by some of my favourite bloggers and being inspired to write a similar post. After I reading Lucy Mary Taylor’s (I love her!!) post about the charities special to her, I knew I had to write one of my own.

There have been so many charities I’ve been involved with throughout my life and have meant a great deal to me personally. Don’t worry…I won’t be pushing you to donate. I just wanted to share my story with them. I’d love to know any charities that you feel connected to.

charitiesPhoto by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

Diabetes UK

My first charity is Diabetes UK! This charity is very important to both myself and my dad’s side of the family. Diabetes has touched us in so many ways. A bunch of family members have had diabetes: two uncles, a cousin and both of my parents. I have to occasionally have my own blood sugar tested to keep an eye out. It doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily develop diabetes but there’s a higher chance of maybe Type 2 diabetes.

The reason why I try to donate is because of my Uncle David. Back in the 50s/60s, not much was really known about the condition and it really showed. My grandma used to have massive needles that she used to sterilise in boiling hot water. Unfortunately diabetes made him go blind and I never got the chance to meet him. If I can do anything in his memory, it would be this!

British Heart Foundation

I discovered this charity not long after my daddy died from a heart attack.

He had had a massive heart attack 3 years prior to him passing and it really taught me the importance of your heart. There is nothing scarier than seeing your dad being wheeled out of your home on an orange wheelchair and on oxygen. That and visiting him on the coronary care unit! Way too many wires!

I’ve always donated any unwanted clothes and items to my local BHF shop, but try to donate a little straight to the charity when I can. You can learn some really interesting information and helpful tips on what to look out for.

The Brain Tumour Charity

Wow…never has a charity like this meant a lot to me.

After Mum was diagnosed with her Grade 4 glioblastoma, I automatically went into research mode. I wanted to understand what the heck a glioblastoma was and how I could help her. I’ll admit that I was absolutely devastated when I heard my mum had cancer. It had been my biggest nightmare and seeing it happening before me broke me.

I was able to use the information from the site to chat to my family and the doctors and get a better understanding. When Mum had her radiotherapy and ended up having a seizure in a taxi, I looked for support. Mum always told people that I saved her life spotting the signs of a tumour, but the doctors/nurses were the real heroes!


Out of all the charities that I got involved with, Childline was one of the first.

I first learned about this counselling service while I was at primary school. I had already been bullied for 4 years by this time and, being able to realise that I was wired a little differently to others, I needed someone to talk to.

As an 8 year old I was too scared to talk to my parents (didn’t want to bother them) and was too scared to tell a teacher (the bullies would find out). Knowing that there was a special number I could call made things a little easier. Sometimes I would call from a payphone (90s life before mobiles!) or would do a short call at home. Talking to anyone was extremely difficult but I tried.

Knowing that there is someone out there who will listen and won’t judge is so reassuring for a child.

Weston Park Cancer Charity

The final choice on my charities list is the Weston Park Cancer Charity.

Weston Park became a daily occurance during my mum’s cancer. We travelled by local ambulance/taxi every day for 13 weeks to Weston Park so she could have radiotherapy and talk to her oncologist. I may have been in my 20s when this was all happening but I felt like a child. They allowed me to come with her to keep her company while we waited and it was like a little home.

There were calm waiting rooms, a shop, mini cafe and even a restuarant upstairs. Everyone was so lovely to talk to which I thought was super important for Mum. She needed to chat with other cancer warriors. Not only did that look after her, they looked after me too. They explained everything they were doing for her, take part in a therapy group of other family members and even did spa treatments!

When Mum passed away, they still looked after me and that’s why Weston Park Cancer Charity deserves so much support in return.

What charities mean a great deal to you?


6 Things To Distract You From Your Chronic Condition

One of the many things that suck in life is living with a chronic condition. There are so many variations out there and, when they flare up, you sometimes need help in distracting you from it. Some of the things I’m going to cover might not be possible with your condition. I’d love to know how you try to distract yourself, though I know it’s not always possible.

For those of you who don’t know, I suffer from Fibromyalgia and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Coping with even one of these is a major OOF, but it’s even worse when they decide to tag-team you. They did that over the weekend and I had to come up with some easy but effective ways to cope.

chronic conditionPhoto by Logan Nolin on Unsplash

Take your medication

You’re probably wondering ‘Daisy, why is this on your list? Isn’t this essential?’.

You’d be correct. Medication for any illness is a vital daily thing we have to, but sometimes you have certain meds that you take at specific moments. You have inhalers to combat asthma attacks, painkillers and more. For me I have my painkillers that, on bad days, I take three times a day and my muscle relaxants. I also have something for my migraines and my IBS.

Never feel ashamed to take your medication when you need it.

The world is conditioned to force yourself through the pain. While this is okay in the short-term, it could make things worse. You won’t be able to distract yourself if you’re in agony.

Watch your favourite movie/TV show

If you’re having a particularly rough day where moving is just out of the question, escape to your favourite world.

I find myself doing this for both my mental health and physical issues. It works for both and it really does help. This weekend I was feeling dreadful and couldn’t get myself out of bed for long. That meant I needed something to keep my thoughts away from ‘OWWWW’. I knew a new episode for my favourite anime was out and, after watching this, I chose to go back and re-watch the start of the series.

Love anime? Watch Sword Art Online! It’s so GOOD!!

Time fly by and my pain meds had kicked in during this time. Yay!

Read a book

Another thing people won’t be surprised to see on my list!

Books are incredible objects that work just as effectively as TV/Movies. You can escape to a whole different world and put your thoughts on hold for a while. Find a book that has really got interest, get as comfortable as you can and run away.

I’m currently reading Melt My Heart by Bethany Rutter and this is perfect for my self-esteem issues! I can let Lily Rose (the main character) worry about them for a while.

If you haven’t got a physical copy, then an audiobook will work too!

Do gentle exercise

This is one thing that I know 50% of people won’t be able to do. One method of distraction I’ve been taught over the years for my chronic condition is do gentle exercise. I’m not expected to go a marathon but to simply move. The pain tends to get worse and makes me stiff if I don’t keep myself active.

It doesn’t work all the time but, when it does, it’s so freeing!

You can take a short 10-minute walk around your street/block and listen to nature. This time of year is brilliant for listening to the leaves blowing and birdsong. Super relaxing!

Don’t worry if you can’t walk around. Try gentle stretches and other similar exercises to help!

Play with your pet

There is nothing more magical than playing with a pet! I honestly think they have something Potter about them for what they can achieve!

When I had Jewel and was struggling, she seemed to sense it. I’d be sitting on the sofa crying and she’d suddenly appear to sit on my lap. It was crazy! I don’t think she knew exactly what was wrong but knew something. I definitely cried in her fur a few times and stroked her. That last one was so relaxing.

One of my favourite things to do was to play with her jingle stick. It had feathers and bells on it and I could dangle it in front of her for her to try and catch. She was hilarious with her little bum wiggle! I’m proud that I also taught her how to sit before I gave her food and to fetch.

Listen to a podcast/TED talk

If you haven’t got a book to read/listen to, then a podcast is effective!

There are so many podcasts out there for you depending on what you love. There are inspirational ones, true crime, food, mindfulness, exercise and even gaming ones! You can be entertained when the world feels like it hates you right now!

The podcasts I’m listening to right now are:

  • David Tennant Does A Podcast With…
  • Always Open
  • Off Topic
  • Katherine Ryan: Telling…

What ways do you have to distract yourself from your chronic condition?

Books Lifestyle

10 Bookish Etsy Items To Buy Yourself This Month

Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

It’s never too early to start thinking of gift posts, right? Don’t worry…I’m not going to start throwing Christmas at you (yet). I’ve just been on Etsy a fair bit and it inspired me to share some bookish items you could buy! This could be as a treat for yourself or friend who loves books too.

You wouldn’t believe how creative people can be on Etsy! All I had to do was type ‘bookish’ into the search bar and everything appeared. You have candles, booksleeves, t-shirts, bookmarks and more! This post could have been super long, but I just chose 3 kinds of gifts that I thought you might be interested in.

Let me know if you buy anything or have recommendations!

Enamel Pins

Pins are such incredible items!! Forget stamps and coins…pins are this generation’s collectible! You only have to look at how highly sort-after Disney pins are to know. Since all fandoms seem to love pins, you can bet that the bookish community love this too!

What better way to show your love for books (without throwing a book at someone) than by wearing a pin! There’s so many gorgeous ones out there!

The ones I’ve chosen down below are some of my favourites. I’ve actually ordered the Narnia pin because it’s just so pretty! Plus Narnia!! I’m hoping to get some more over the next few months…maybe for Christmas. Have you collected any book-related pins?


If we’re going hardcore for showing others book love, then a t-shirt is a great thing to have! You can’t go wrong with nerdy t-shirts like this, especially on Etsy. They come in such gorgeous colours and have great designs! I don’t own any book clothes yet, but I’m definitely thinking about it.

I’ve got some personal favourites such as the Lord of the Rings one and the ‘Reality’ t-shirt. You’ve got to admit that we tend to read to escape the crazy world we’re living in. You know it’s bad when a fictional world is better than the real one.


We’ve looked after ourselves, but we can’t forget to look after our books! I only found out in the last few years that booksleeves exist. Got to love booktubers for giving me a heads-up! A booksleeve is exactly as it sounds: a sleeve/pocket to slip your book into. It just gives it some extra protection if you want to take a book on commutes.

Keep your favourite book all nice and cosy!

Have you got any bookish items that you’ve bought?



Productivity Hacks That Will Make Life Easier

productivityPhoto by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

There is something that sometimes goes hand-in-hand with being a stationery lover and that is productivity. That and stationery is pretty! Haha! I have a folder on my Pinterest for all things productive and it’s one of my favourite boards on there. It contains all the thinkings of people smarter than me.

My favourite things to pin are night routines, tips for girl bosses and motivational podcast ideas. I’ve really gotten into podcasts lately so you might see a post about them in the future. Our lives have lost all sense of routine so, hoping that life is ever so slowly getting back to normal, we’re trying to reset. The best way to do that is by having a feeling of productivity in our lives.

That’s why I have some hacks that might help you work as your best self!

Block your time out

You know how when you were studying for exams, you set aside times to do certain subjects? Well, at least some of you might have! We can still use that mindset for our work now. Make a list of all the things that you need to do that week and block out certain times of your day dedicated to the thing. Just one.

You don’t want to ‘bite off more than you can chew.’ Our brains can easily get overloaded by doing multiple things at once to save time.

By doing this, your mind can give that thing its full attention. You can do this with blogging, workouts or even taking yourself out for a walk.

Create a dedicated workspace

Don’t do what I do and work from your sofa.

Though, in my defence, I don’t have anywhere else to work and the wi-fi is better close up! If you can, try to create a place in your home where you do your work. You can have a desk in a corner of a room where you won’t have any distractions.

You can still make it pretty! Pop up some quotes, photos, items close to reach and all that fun stuff. Pinterest is literally full of desk ideas. I have my eye on a desk from Ikea that I pop all my things on. Finally…a place for all my stationery!

Do short bursts of work

I’ve watched/read about people that literally sit down for hours and work. While I appreciate that you get the work done, you could hurting both your physical and mental health. Some people can only work focused for around 10-20 minutes at a time while others have conditioned themselves to work a bit longer.

According to The Medium, there is a technique called The Pomodoro Technique. You basically take away anything that will distract you and work fully focused for 20-25 minutes. You follow this by a 5-minute break and go back for another 20 minutes.

That way your brain is going ‘UGH! I’M SO BORED!’

Stay away from social media

I know, I know! This is literally impossible for most bloggers since social media is basically tied to our souls.  However, if we’re going to get any work done during our blocked time, stay away.

Yes, that even means during your breaks.

There are other things you can do during it such as going for a walk, stretching or even have a quick dance to music. Nothing like having a dance to one of Taylor’s new tracks! She has so many epic ones!! Just try to stay away from your phone and your laptop for a brief while and give yourself a moment away from technology.

Snuggle your pet!

There are so many other productivity hacks out there for you to choose. These were only the ones that I personally try to incorporate…if my brain lets me.

What techniques do you use to help stay productive?

Lifestyle Mental Health

5 Ways To Reset For The Upcoming Week

One of my favourite type of vlogs to watch on Youtube is looking at how people prepare for the upcoming week. They’re so much fun to watch and you get some amazing ideas on how to reset. There are a bunch of things you can do to get you ready for a brand new week! Whether you do nothing at all or try to get as much done as possible, it’s still your Sunday. Self-Care Sunday!

Let me know what you guys do to prepare for the week. I’m nosy, okay?

Tidy rooms

This isn’t something I always do on a Sunday.

It tends to depend, as everything does, on how my mental health is doing. There are days when I can stick on Spotify and get things sorted. Other days, I’m lucky if I can even do the dishes. I think there is a saying that ‘a tidy house makes a tidy mind’ and that is so true.

A big trigger of my anxiety is being untidy. I’ll be honest and say that I do have an okay flat, but I do tend to have piles of different things on my sofa. I accumulate it all during the week and I don’t have a lot of storage. If I keep it close to hand, I’ll be able to grab.

Tidy around and you’ll start the week all clean!

Do nothing

It’s a little contradictory that this one is doing nothing but yeah…do nothing.

Our weeks are usually pretty hectic (ignoring ‘Rona) and we don’t always have time to sit still. On Sundays, we can. Well, most of us. If you work Sundays, I admire you greatly!

What better thing to do than have a Sunday reset.

Reset yourself – mind, body and soul. Do some yoga, catch up on sleep, watch some Netflix and chill. They say Sundays are meant to be a day of rest!

Do some self-care

If you are doing nothing, that means you have time to self-care. I’m so guilty of not looking after myself any day of the week and it’s a serious problem. Maybe that’s why I watch so many videos. I’m living my best life through these vloggers!

  • Put on a face mask
  • Paint your nails
  • Have a nap
  • Read

Meal-prep for the week

Since we’re having a reset and preparing, why not get some meals cooked for the rest of the week? That will take one thing off your to-do list.

I’ve tried a couple of times to meal-prep but I’m still trying to find the best things to cook. I’m super indecisive especially when the weather is warm. I hate cooking when it’s super hot outside! People get hangry for food, I get hangry for being a freaking tap!

Create a plan

My favourite for all things to do during all this chaos!!

Life has been so unpredictable this year and I’ve hated it. All the things we were supposed to do went the metaphorical window and left us all with cabin fever. I’m hopeless when it comes to doing nothing since my brain doesn’t switch off. I have to be doing something!

That’s why I try to create a plan on my reset day. I write down all the things I want to do/need to do during the upcoming week and make a list. Which things are super important and need to be done earlier in the week, which can I delay to later in the day…

What things do you do to reset for the new week?

sunday reset

Lifestyle Mental Health

How Much Should We Really Share Online?

Share OnlinePhoto by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Over the last couple of decades, our prescence online has reached an all-time high! More and more people are using it to capture moments, share memories and following people they love. It’s crazy how addicted we have become on sharing everything and anything online.

From a baby’s birth to saying goodbye to drooling over food, we share it all.

I never realised how much we share online until I started thinking about it. While it’s easy to focus on the positives of social media, it got me wondering: do how much do we really share online? There are so many out there with power to ruin our entire online experience and sometimes even our lives. They troll, bully and blackmail with the info that you’ve put out there.

I promise I’m not trying to put people off using social media once it’s pretty vital to a blogger! I’m just typing out loud, that’s all.

No matter which social media you use (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Pinterest), there is always the possibility of being targeted. As a blogger, we’re in the unique circumstance of sharing our lives online. There aren’t many jobs/hobbies that do that (right now) and it’s something that we’re slowly starting to learn more about.

When I was 11, the internet didn’t even impact my life at all. I didn’t even own a computer or a mobile phone.

The only time I got to use a computer was at school and, even then, it was rare! We had a computer corridor we got to use every now and again and the screens were black with green writing. I think they were Acorn ones and the only excitement I got was playing a game called Castle of Riddles!

As I went through school, social media became more and more apparent. People were learning what selfies were, they were texting more and doing poke wars on Facebook. It wasn’t until I was leaving school that I was introduced to Twitter and I fell in love. It was so much fun seeing what your favourite celebs were thinking or doing. I wouldn’t say that I became addicted to social media because  my mum had already set a limit on online time.

2008 was when I started to write and share more of my life online. I fell in love with a website called RupertGrint.Net and actually joined them as a news poster at one point. I’m still friends with one of the girls who ran the site (hi Steph!). It was writing on this website that introduced me to writing posts of any kind and I fell in love. How could I have not known about this world sooner?! Eventually I discovered the downside of how much we share online.

I started to hear horror stories of girls being groomed by men, teens driven to suicide by trolls and data being leaked. Just those 3 things stopped me from sharing as much as I did. I deleted where I lived and just gave the county, didn’t give me my proper first name until a few years ago and wouldn’t post local pictures. Even to this day, I don’t even follow local accounts out of fear that people will track that.

Now that we literally share everything online, it’s scary! How much do you think we should share online? I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially from my blogger friends!

Do you think we’re now at a point where we should be more careful or are we fine as we are?

Fandom Lifestyle

Why I Changed My Blog Name

Why I changed my name
Photo by Allie on Unsplash

Well, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog post! It has been over a month and I’ve missed you guys! If you didn’t notice I’d ducked out for a while, then no worries. I just decided to take a break away from blogging and social media to focus a little more on my mental health. I also wanted to look at the direction I wanted to take my blog next.

I’ve had the blog name ‘TheDeeWhoLived’ for nearly 3 years and, while it was amazing to have it, I knew it needed to go. I think all the news about J.K Rowling and her archaic views finally put a nail into that nerdy coffin.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m still utterly addicted to Harry Potter! It’s my magical world! J.K may have created it but we have built it. It’s our world now regardless of what she thinks.

It really knocked me for six when I saw what my favourite author was talking about and that’s what tainted my blog name. TheDeeWhoLived just didn’t feel right anymore. I couldn’t hold onto this Harry Potter name anymore. I actually wrote a letter to her offline to get all my thoughts and feelings onto paper. I have way too many transgender friends who have been affected.

Now you’ve probably seen my new name ‘According To Daisy’ and are probably wondering what the inspiration behind it is. That’s always something I think when I see a blogger changing their name! Haha! I could easily have come up with a detailed reason but I don’t have one! I chose this name because these posts and opinion are according to me!

That’s it.


The next thing you’re probably thinking about is whether my content will stay the same. The answer is partially. I’m still going to write lifestyle posts because I really enjoy chatting about my daily thoughts, but I also want to venture more into my first love: fandom. I stepped away from writing more of these posts because they didn’t get much interaction but now I just don’t care.

I have too much fandom love to give so won’t stop myself anymore!

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what fandom content I want to create, though I have some fun ideas. I just want to put back the fun into blogging again. Putting so much pressure onto myself is what triggered my mental health in the first place! I’m never going to get thousands or even hundreds of views. I’m just too quirky but I can still post. If I enjoy what I blog, then that’s the most important thing.

I’ve also archived my old Instagram with all the Harry Potter content. Again, I will still post some Potter pictures but I want to include the other fandoms I love. If you can’t handle all the nerdiness, then fairdo. I can’t wait to introduce you to all of the things I love:

  • RWBY
  • Disney
  • Books/Reading
  • Anime
  • Doctor Who
  • Chronicles of Narnia
  • Lord of the Rings

It’s true that I’ve lost over 100 followers on Twitter since I changed. At the end of the day, it’s their choice whether they want to follow or unfollow. I can’t keep people around and I never want to force anyone to. I’m starting afresh and that means new people to discover and potentially collab with! Who do you think would make a perfect collab match with me?

Can’t wait to start this new chapter in my blogging journey and take you along with me!

What do you think of my new blog name? Think I shouldn’t have changed?


What I’m Watching On Netflix This May

Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

You know how we once said we barely had any time to watch everything on Netflix?

Yeah, I think someone up there took us seriously and have given us way too much time on our hands. It’s kind of a good job that I hadn’t binge-watched anything so have had plenty to watch. One of the things I love about Netflix is that it’s constantly adding new TV shows and films to the site.

You even have originals to love as well!

We’re a week into May and I thought it was the perfect time to share what I’m planning to watch throughout the month. Some of these are out and some of them are coming out later on!


The Half of It

When smart but cash-strapped teen Ellie Chu agrees to write a love letter for a jock, she doesn’t expect to become his friend – fall for his crush.

As soon as I saw the trailer for this film, it was immediately added to my notifications! It ticks all of the boxes for what I love in a cheesy film: it’s funny, it has an amazing cast and it’s LGBTQ+! There are so few of these kinds of films so I was beyond happy to see this!

I’ll probably do a little wrap-up post of this at the end to let you know what I thought!


Join former first lady Michelle Obama in an intimate documentary looking at her life, hopes and connection with others as she tours with “Becoming”.

I had been hoping that Michelle Obama’s book would become a documentary! It was such an interesting look into what she’d been through up until this point. I’ve always thought she was an incredible woman who had a great sense of humour and made an awesome First Lady. If only she and Barack were still in the White House! Nobody is perfect but yeah…

Something had been missing when I read her book and that was seeing it on screen. There’s only so much my imagination can do!

Five Feet Apart

A teen with cystic fibrosis shakes up her daily routine and challenges hospital protocol when she falls for a fellow patient.

Alright…so this one is a little bit of a cheat.

I’ve already the book, seen the film and have this on DVD. It’s just such a heart-warming/heart-destroying film that I didn’t think I’d fall for so hard. The reason why I’m watching it again is pretty obvious: we’re all having to keep at least six feet apart right now and this was my attempt at being funny! Haha!

Plus Cole Sprouse is so good in this!!

The Sun Is Also A Star

Sparks fly between romantic Daniel and science-minded Natasha, high schoolers who have hours to fall in love before she’s forced to leave the country.

Another film that was a book first!

This was a book that I couldn’t really figure out when I first read it. I’m not entirely sure what didn’t sit right with me but I finished feeling disappointed. Maybe I didn’t get it for some reason? That’s why I’m hoping watching the film will let me give it another chance.

If I like the film, then I’ll give the book another shot!

TV Shows/Documentaries


In post-World War II Hollywood, an ambitious group of aspiring actors and filmmakers will do almost anything to make their showbiz dreams come true.

Two words: Darren Criss!!

This guy deserves every award under the sun for the performances he has been giving! I’m so happy that he got recognised for ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’ and it’s quickly becoming obvious that Darren and Ryan Murphy are a powerful force!

Darren has that kind of face that fits well with any era! Modern or past! He’s even the face of the poster on the Netflix website! It’s so cool and I’m really excited to sit down and watch.

Sweet Magnolias

Lifelong friends Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue lift each other up and they juggle relationships, family and careers in the small, Southern town of Serenity.

I’ve always had a thing for these kinds of TV shows. I guess growing up in the 90s with shows like Gilmore Girls, Sex in the City and Friends has an effect on you. Plus I’m at that age now where I’m going through some of the same problems these women are.

That makes me feel so old!!

Sometimes you just need a show that makes you feel good about yourself. It doesn’t start until 19th May so you’ve got plenty of time to decide if this is your kind of show.

The Hollow (Season 2)

After discovering the truth behind the Hollow, friends Adam, Mira and Kai must face their fears and tackle even bigger challenges together.

You knew I had to have at least one thing on this list that showed I’m still a big kid! If you haven’t watched The Hollow, then you have to check it out on the Childrens tab. It actually keeps you guessing right until the final episode. I love watching cartoons and anime as a guilty pleasure and just being distracted.

I didn’t even know that there was going to be a Season 2 until writing this post! It’s coming out on Friday too!!

What are you watching on Netflix this month?