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12 Things Turning 20 in 2020 (TV Shows/Films/Songs)

turning 20

It might be April but it’s still early 2020 in my eyes! Seeing as I’ve been watching and re-watching different TV shows/films, it got me wondering: which things are turning 20 this year? You’ve got to love an even number! I did a bit of research and I’m now thoroughly feeling old!

There are 12 things turning 20 that you might be stunned about!

It only feels like yesterday that they were new! Let me know which of these that you remember seeing/owning back in 2000!

Billy Elliot

To this date, Billy Elliot has to be my favourite film of all time!

I had never watched a film like this before and it really hoped up my eyes to what the 80s were like. I never knew boys could be ballet dancers and was only just understanding about LGBTQ+ issues. It is a serious film but it also has the best comedy moments ever!

Every scene that had Jamie Bell and Julie Walters was perfect, grown-up Michael seeing Billy’s dad at the ballet and Billy’s grandma! She was a really funny lady! RIP to Jean Heywood who died last year!

I guess we can even thank the film for bringing us Tom Holland in the West-End cast! Haha!

Gilmore Girls

Now this was a show I couldn’t believe was one of the things turning 20! It doesn’t seem like it was that long since I felt jealous over Rory’s life and was introduced to the gorgeousness that is Jared Padalecki!

I think it feels more recent since we had the slight reboot on Netflix not long ago. That and I’ve clearly surrounded myself with people who love using gifs from it!

Which of the characters were your favourites?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This one isn’t so much of a surprise since we’ve been celebrating 20 years of each Harry Potter book every year! What is shocking is that I remember being at my local book shop at midnight waiting to get it!

This was the latest I had ever been out (I was only 13!) and it was amazing!

I wish kids still got the chance to have these midnight book releases! They bring everyone together, young and old! Who else wishes they could go to the Yule Ball? I know we have the Twitter ball every year and that you can see the decorations at WB Studio Tour, but still!

goblet of fire

Dora the Explorer

Hola! Can you say ‘old’? Say ‘old’! Good job!

Woooow! I reckon Dora and Boots have aged well over the last two decades! Not only have they had the original series but a follow-on with her cousin and then the feature film last year!

I loved watching this show as a kid, mostly because I was taking Spanish at school and I was able to use this! Oh, and so many funny memes have coming out of this. I remember one back in 2009 where a Kingdom Hearts cosplay group did ‘Sora the Explorer’. It was so fun and had characters such as Naruto, Kaoru and Hikaru from Ouran High School Host Club and more!

If you haven’t seen, check this out!

Dark Angel

Okay, who remembers this show?! We had Jared in Gilmore Girls and now we have Jensen Ackles in this show! Unless you’ve watched Supernatural you probably don’t know who these actors are but wow! It only lasted 2 years but was worth it!

It was created by James Cameron (director of Terminator and the Avatar films) and was the show I discovered Jessica Alba! It was all about a female super-soldier escaping from her prison and freeing a bunch like her! Very cheesy sci-fi but fun!

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Oh I have so memories of watching this show with Mum! We loved sitting back in the evening and watching it on Living TV! It was a bit graphic for me at times but the catchy theme song, Grissom and the slight crush I had on the DNA specialist Greg!

What? I was 13, okay?! Hormones!

As Told By Ginger

This show!! I still remember the tune to the theme song for this and I loved it! It was my first taste of Nickelodeon and I became obsessed with it since these guys also created The Wild Thornberries! A young girl trying to figure out school life, growing up and wrote a diary? Sounded like my life!

Scary Movie

I’m such a coward when it comes to horror films and have only watched 2 in my life! That’s probably why I loved a parody film like this! It was so stupid but had me in pieces! I can remember being absolute stitches when I saw this for the first time and even have it on DVD!

Can anyone else remember when parody films were everywhere?! We obviously had the Scary Movie franchise but also one about superheroes with Drake Bell!

I might have to watch Scary Movie tonight! Haha!

Charlie’s Angels

The funny thing about this film is that I don’t remember the film as much but I do remember Destiny’s Child! Their song ‘Independent Women’ was just super catchy and massive at the time! I still think it is and who knew Beyonce would become the Queen that she is!

The Emperor’s New Groove

The most underestimated out of the Disney films! I don’t know why more people talk about it! It was so much fun and some of the quotes are still being used to this day!

You only have to have to go on TikTok and you’ll find a bunch of people doing quotes from the film like this!! Gotta love Kronk and Yzma!


we spent over an hour doing this #yzma#kronk#emperorsnewgroove#disney#disneycosplay#pulltheleverkronk#cosplay @jakejust529

♬ Wrong lever – girlyredfox

The Grinch

Another film that TikTok has covered is The Grinch!! I already loved Jim Carey in this film since we all know how expressive he is as an actor and his take on The Grinch was perfect! You laughed at most of his moments but also couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy!

Now that we’re on lockdown, people are used his ‘I’m booked’ monologue to chat about what they’re doing in self-isolation! I should do one myself!

The Weakest Link

Before we had Pointless and The Chase, we had Anne Robinson with The Weakest Link! Was I the only one who was a little freaked out by her? I had a teacher at school just like her and I swear I was left traumatised! As I got a bit older, I started to enjoy the show more and felt all accomplished if I got any of the answers right!

If you love Youtube, then you might know that AmazingPhil was actually on the show as a contestant at one point! Who else remembers his long hair days?!

Can you guys believe that these things are turning 20?!

Lifestyle Mental Health

Learning To Find The Positives In A Difficult Situation

positivesPhoto by Carli Jeen on Unsplash

Whether it’s living through a pandemic or battling mental health, it can still almost impossible to find any positives in a difficult situation. Believe me, I’ve been there many, many times. I was even there today. I can’t say that I’ll give any decent tips, but I did want to try and find even one happy thing to appreciate.

It’s not easy.

Something that may be positive for one person might not work for another.

I guess that’s why I love doing list posts because I can work through what’s in my head. It definitely stops me from babbling on! Though I do that too! Haha!

As you can tell from yesterday’s post, I love trying to find ways to help people smile. I’m not a funny person myself so I let happy things do the work for me! Who doesn’t love discovering that there is a ferret called Oliver who goes hiking! The little things, people! Animals are amazing.


This has to be one of the biggest positives of this pandemic.

We’ve always had excuses in the past that we didn’t have any time to really focus on family. Now we don’t have that excuse! We literally have all the time in the world to reconnect with each other again. I’ve heard so many people are playing board games, going on walks and coming up with creative things to do indoors.

However, I know there are way too many families kept apart by the virus. I imagine a positive you could find with this is that we have technology! I know it’s nothing like having the real people there, but you can still connect. Grandparents are reading bed-time stories to kids, families are playing quizzes on Zoom and more.

Who knew we’d feel super lucky for wanting to be online!


Like I said earlier, animals are amazing!!

If I could be the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons, I would do that in a heartbeat. I really miss having Jewel sleeping on my lap while I read a book or watched Netflix. You never realise just how important pets can be to your mental health until you’re stuck indoors. They can always detect when you are feeling low or are upset.

I had have so many memories of Jewel just appearing at the right time to sit near me. Nothing more relaxing than stroking a cat’s fur.

I’ve seen some really funny TikToks of pets not knowing what to do with their human being there all the time. You get some that are super happy and others that wish you would disappear. Another TikTok trend are owners copying their pets such as looking out the window like their dog or curled up on the sofa like a cat.

How have your pets taken to you being there all day?

Learning/Re-Learning Skills

A great distraction is doing something like a hobby.

The positives of learning/re-learning skills is that they keep your mind busy. That way you have moments where you don’t have to think about the situation you’re in, even if it’s just for a little while. You could try learning a new language, take an online course or pick up a skill you used to do.

I’d love to say that I was a secret artistic genius but I’m a stick-person lady!

If you’re stuck in 12-week isolation, maybe try this! It doesn’t replace the need to go outside but it might pass some time if you enjoy!

Have you managed to find any positives in bad situations?



10 Stories/Reasons To Help You Smile

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

You can blame Thomas Sanders for inspiring this post! He had a series called Reasons To Smile that had him talking about all the positive things happening in the world. In times like these, I wanted to try at least help one person smile with some of these stories/videos I’ve found.

If you’re feeling helpless or low, remember that we’re all here for you.

You’re not alone and you will get through this.

I’d love for you guys to share some of your positive stories. I know that I have readers from different countries so share in the comments! Shout out loud about all the good things happening!

Plymouth man walking around as a cartoon character every day

I loved this story and it shows just how creative some people can be! A guy called Tim Humpage came up with the idea of dressing up as a cartoon character every day to help children smile! He wanted to use his one exercise a day to help and make a ‘small difference’!

He has!

He’s dressed up as Woody, Dora the Explorer and Fireman Sam! He wants to dress up as Hello Kitty next!

New York couple married in the street

So many people have had to postpone or cancel their weddings/honeymoons. It does get you really feeling for what those couples must be feeling! There was at least one couple who decided to bring their marriage forward and have their wedding somewhere a little different!

Their friend Matt Wilson officiated their wedding from the window of his fourth-floor apartment!

What a way to get married! So cute!

Meet Oliver the hiking ferret!

Yep, you read that title correctly!

In Texas there is a paramedic called Lauren Smith who wanted a pet that could handle her 12-hour shifts. She discovered that ferrets sleep 18-20 hours a day so in came Oliver!

The reason why she decided to take him hiking?

“He destroyed my couch and I was like, ‘I’ve got to do something to get this energy out of this little critter,’”

Together they have hiked to the top of 11 of Colorado’s peaks and visited 8 National parks! According to Lauren, he loves being outside except for the one time he was bitten by an ant. He sleeps in her hood when he wants a nap and rides in her backpack when tired.

Dozens of whales spotted in Antarctica for the first time since 1980s

Before the world decided to get sick, a lot of us were focusing on how we could help it feel better.

We started to use less plastic, buy less fast fashion and genuinely listen to Greta Thunberg!

This story about dozens of blue whales returning to those waters just made me smile so wide! I never knew that there had been a whaling ban back in the 80s. Even though it’s taken decades, the whales are coming back! You go, whales! Show the humans who’s boss!

Did you know?

  • Did you know that Finland has planted 150 million trees per decade! That’s almost 27 trees per person!!
  • Did you know that Norway became the first country in the world to ban deforestation?
  • Did you know that India launched a ‘Garbage Cafe’ where people donated rubbish for food? Super handy!
  • Did you know that there is a new kind of blood test that detect up to 20 different types of cancer?
  • Did you know Holland has covered hundreds of bus stops with plants where bees can take refuge?
  • Did you know a German circus has decided to use holographic animals instead of real ones to tackle animal abuse?

What positive stories/facts have made you smile recently?


6 Creative Ways To Enjoy Spring From Indoors

springPhoto by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Looking out the window these last few days you wouldn’t be surprised to know that it was spring! The sun is shining, the temperature isn’t rock low and, for now, the rain/snow has stopped. I think Mother Nature is giving us a break for a tiny bit since we’re trying not to implode.

I’ve been taking little walks around the courtyard of my apartments and standing on my balcony to enjoy the fresh hair and birdsong. Nature really helps you forget what is going on for a while!

Other than the idiots who have been congreating on beaches and parks in their masses, a lot of us have been trying to stay indoors. The only times I’ve been out out has been to get food and then I rush back to wash my hands. I don’t even want to be out to do that but, with no delivery options and no-one to help, I have no choice. Fingers crossed that we don’t locked in.

In an attempt to keep our spirits up, I’ve been trying to come up with a list of things we can do indoors during Spring. If you have any ideas to add to my list, let me know in the comments. Seeing as we’re going to be in more than out, we need some fun ways to keep us occupied.

Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it

I really need to take my own advice with this. It isn’t that I don’t clean but I don’t think as thorough as I need to be. You don’t have to make or clean in silence! Pop on the radio or Spotify and bob around to it as you brush/wipe.

Pinterest is heaven for people coming up with fun schedules for cleaning. People have come up with lists to help make cleaning simple and fun, especially those of us go don’t think it’s that great. If you have kids, make cleaning a game. Do a ‘Beat The Clock’ thing when they have 20 minutes to pick up things off their floor and put in the right places, putting any dirty laundry in a basket, fold/hang up clothes where they belong and whatever else you can think.

I reckon I have the attention range of a 3 year old so maybe I should do this to myself! Haha!

You can even watch vlogs/hacks of how people clean! It’s strange but they’re actually fun to watch!

Watch some Spring movies

A great way to escape from the madness is to escape to the movies!

Alright, so the cinemas are closed but that just means we can make our mini cinema at home. Grab some of your favourite snacks, that cosy blanket you love and comfy cushions. It’s up to you when you want to watch them whether during the day because of anxiety or at night!

Here are some movies that seem to fit the whole Spring aesthetic:

  • Bambi
  • A Bug’s Life
  • Easter Parade
  • Mamma Mia
  • Hop
  • Mary Poppins
  • Rise of the Guardians
  • Springbreakers
  • Mean Girls
  • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Do baking

I can’t bake at all but I do love Great British Bake-Off! If you have all the ingredients and tools at home, then try making some fun baked snacks to munch on! They can be healthy or they can be naughty-but-nice! Totally up to you!

I remember making hot crossed buns, scones and chocolate corn-flake bird nests as a kid! Other than the buns, I adored making these at school and being able to take what I made home with me. Apparently I was better than I thought since I did Food Technology but I’m more likely to give food poisoning these days!

Do some season photography

I know this post is about indoor ideas but this idea could be done either from the window or your garden (if you have one).

With the sun out more and days being longer than nights, you can get some incredible shots! There is an amazing guy on TikTok who seems to take creative photos with things you wouldn’t think of! He’s used water, bath bombs and other things.

You can take whatever photos you wish: family (you never know you might want to mark history!), the sky (the clouds look stunning), flowers or any animals you see. I have lots of different birds that sit on the fence and it makes me wish I had a better lens!

Do a nature study

We’re going no-where and I doubt we’ve ever truly taken the time to see what wild-life visits our homes. I’ve watched a show called Springwatch where they’ve done challenges to note down what birds/butterflies we see in our area. Obviously we’re not going to know all the bird types but this is the perfect time to learn a new little skill and you might even enjoy!

Pandemic bird watching!

Try to create new fashion styles

This is when we can use the power of our minds and technology!!

Grab a group of your friends together and do a Google hangout. You can show them what you have to work with and they can help you create a style you might not have thought of. You could all take in turns and then do a little fashion show from the comfort of your home!

Have you got any indoor ideas to share with us?


How I Started A Bullet Journal (+Page Inspiration For You)

You wouldn’t believe that I’ve been keeping a bullet journal since 2018 but it’s true!

Even though I’m creatively challenged, I still really enjoy the process of doing my bullet journal. How did I discover that this was a thing? I discovered it through one of our fellow bloggers, Sarah’s Chapter! One of her bullet journal pins had gone pretty viral and, since I loved doing lists, I wanted to give it a go.

I’m a child so any excuse to be colourful was great in my books!

bullet journal

I’ve been trying to get a little more creative with my page designs every few months.

If you’ve ever seen videos or pictures of what other people have done, then you know how crazy talented they are! From the beautiful brush-lettering, drawings and fun ways to bring across what they have been loving! I have so many cool ideas in my head but tell that to my hands. I just don’t have any of that artistic skill to bring it to life. That said, I am pretty proud of my badly-done lettering!

Do you see that first ‘h’ on my quote page?! Haha!

I would show you my first ever bullet page but I’m literally so embarrassed at sharing it. It has little effort into it because I still wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. There were so many page ideas you could do over a month and a bunch of trackers you could follow.

What do I use my journal for?

Good question!

I literally use it for being a place for me to dump the contents of my brain, write different lists because LISTS ARE LIFE and just whatever I’m loving right then.

You know what I’m like?! I’m a fangirl of my many things so I’m even tempted to start a fandom journal. I came across journals created by K-Pop fans and they are so fun/interesting!

Click here and you’ll see what I mean!

One day I will find a way to do such beautiful lettering but this decade is not that day! Maybe when I find out what patience means I’ll have a chance. I really do need to listen to korean pop because I already watch the dramas and they’re all so beautiful! It would be amazing if I could understand what they’re saying too!

I might have to pop Fii to teach me since she’s been living in Seoul for goodness knows how long!

Do you think I should try doing a fandom journal? I do have way too many notebooks so I would probably be able to make a journal for each of my favourite ones! *snicker*

What page that you’ve created are you most proud of?

Considering that I have eternal self-loathing, I very rarely like what I say or do or look.

I did manage to have one of those rare occasions last month when I created a little page-spread decided to Heartstopper: Volume 3.


It may be mostly a cut and glue job of Heartstopper pictures but Alice has made so many incredible drawings of her characters! It was almost impossible to choose some of my favourites. Since this had been done for February, a lot of what I chose were to do with love. We had Nick and Charlie being little cuties and the ladies being amazing! I added some teeny hearts and some of my favourite quotes from the latest volume.

I also love how these pages turned out especially my Oscars page! The little Oscar award didn’t turn into a stickman so that’s always a positive, right? I’d been watching the awards show while I was making this and wanted to remember who won what! I couldn’t get everyone down but I do have the full list in my diary. Still fuming that Greta Gerwig didn’t get anything but it will happen!

I’ve been trying to find a habits tracker style that I like the look of and the ones I tried this month seem to be working okay. Obviously doing amazing on the actual habits themselves(!). The Sleep/Exercise/Read Tracker is also okay but I think I’ll find another way to track my steps in April. I’m not overly liking the way I’ve been monitoring my step count.

Oh and really trying to figure out this whole meal-prepping thing. Sophie from GlowSteady keeps making me feel like I need to try at least once!

We’re getting closer to 2 weeks into March so I have plenty of time to try out other page ideas in my bullet journal!

What pages would you create in your journal? Who else is creatively challenged?!


How I Use Blogging Tools To Help Run Things Smoothly

As bloggers, we use lots of different blogging tools to make sure our blog runs as smooth as possible.

They could be tools for editing, plug-ins, documents and more. Even though I don’t use many blogging tools, I still thought it might be interesting for newer bloggers to see. Okay…maybe it won’t be more interesting but this seemed like a good post idea at the time! Haha!

Adobe Photoshop 2020

Contrary to belief I’ve been using Photoshop on and off for 6 years.

I used to join graphics forums to learn how to make fandom icons and banners for roleplaying. Yep, you heard that right. This fangirl started her internet journey roleplaying! You’ve not lived unless you’ve dabbled in the worlds of Harry Potter (present, marauders era, future and founders era).

Back to the post!

I attempt to use this to help me edit my blog pictures or at least make them look brighter. I’m terrible at using it but it does make my life a little easier. It is expensive to buy but it’s so worth it! If you haven’t got the funds, then PicMonkey is just as great!


Before this year I had never heard of Canva before but I love it!! If you are graphically challenged like me, this place will make all of your Pinterest pin dreams come true!

It has really taken some of the struggle off my shoulders a little. You can use some premade designs to help you create your pin and then edit it to make it yours. I tend to change the photo and put my blog details there. It makes creating pins for each post fun again, especially when you want to keep engagement up.


Okay, hands up if you’ve been struggling to take any decent blog photos this winter?

Other than the fact that I always struggle with my photography (look at today’s!), the awful weather has made it even harder. You have the post idea in your head and have written it up but have no photo to put with it. It wasn’t until I discovered a site through some friends that made it easier (again).

The site is called Unsplash and it’s the handiest out of my blogging tools. It’s basically a place with free pictures that can use on your blog. There are so many to choose from! You can type a word into the search engine and brings up images that might fit your post. It isn’t perfect but it is brilliant!

In terms of crediting, you don’t have to but I prefer to. It’s only fair to credit when the person’s photography is awesome!

Google Drive

One of my favourite things in life is being organised!

I either have my notebooks, my bullet journal for lists or Google Drive. It has come in handy so much over the last year and a bit. If I ever receive responses from a brand, I can file them away. It’s kind of like the online version of a in and out tray.

You can make lots of little folders, give them a colour and it’s fun! I use Google Docs and Sheets the most!

Yoast SEO Plugin (WordPress)

I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never found SEO to be the easiest thing. You have to look at each post as a product and the only way people can find on search engines is through SEO. I do check up posts from other bloggers to help me understand, but I also use Yoast SEO. It’s one of the more popular blogging tools in the community and really works.

At the bottom of my post you see:

  • Focus Keyphrase (search phrase)
  • Google Preview (how it’ll look on Google)
  • SEO analysis (you have traffic light system of red, orange and green)

What blogging tools do you use on your blog?

blogging tools


Why Random Acts of Kindness Are Important

random acts of kindnessPhoto by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Every time I turn on the news there is something awful to hear. You never know what a person could be going through and that’s why I love hearing about random acts of kindness. I got inpsired by the lovely Amie from The Curveous Vegan to create a post. There have been some I’ve witnessed myself and others I’d love to see more of. It pays to be kind.

If you’ve got any random acts of kindness you’ve seen, I’d love to hear about.

Hearing stories like this really help to warm my heart. I can remember reading threads of these on Tumblr. They remind you that, even when life seems bad, there is good in the world.

  1. Leave post-it-notes around the house for a loved one
  2. Offer to help someone struggling with a door
  3. Send a card of motivation to a friend
  4. Compliment someone (friend, family or stranger)
  5. Help people moving and unpack
  6. Give up your seat to anyone needs it
  7. Offer to return someone’s shopping trolley
  8. Call your family and tell them you love them
  9. Send a friend a random letter
  10. Leave kind comments online
  11. Donate to charity
  12. Donate clothes to shops
  13. Pay someone’s bill behind them at a drive-thru
  14. After a wedding or a party, donate flowers to a nursing home
  15. Befriend an elderly neighbour
  16. Pick up rubbish around your local area/canal
  17. Offer to babysit so a friend can have a break/go on a date
  18. Buy someone homeless something hot to eat/drink
  19. Help an elderly neighbour with chores for a week
  20. Bring a loved one breakfast in bed
  21. Surprise a loved one with a present for no reason
  22. Say hello to an older person at a bus stop
  23. Leave a tip for a waitress/waiter
  24. Smile at someone you don’t know
  25. Bring food to an animal shelter
  26. Petsit for a friend/neighbour while they’re away
  27. Donate blood
  28. Become an organ donor
  29. Buy a gift for a child in foster care
  30. Choose a friend and celebrate them on a random day

I love the idea of doing random acts of kindness, no matter how small they may seem. To the person that kindness is aimed at, it could mean the world to them. I’m not expecting anyone to return these acts and it just gives me a warm feeling that I may have helped someone.

I guess that’s the Hufflepuff in me! Haha!

What random acts have you seen/done lately?


How To Overcome Your Fear Of Starting A Blog

blogPhoto by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

As much as I love blogging, I’ll admit that starting a blog back then was scary!

To go from reading to starting one was a little intimidating, especially since I still had zero idea what to do! There weren’t too many tutorials that I could follow and only figured out how from asking a friend. There were so many ways you could’ve gone around starting a blog such as WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace or Wix.

If you’ve been following a blogger for a while and they’ve got you wanting to make one of your own, it’s okay. I’m going to do my best to show you that it’s not as scary as it first seems.

Follow different blogs and read

The best first step, in my opinion, is to follow some blogs that you’re interested in and read the posts.

I think seeing how blogs work gives you a great idea of different styles and niches out there already. I know that I followed FleurDeForce and InTheFrow for years and they’re the main reason I got interested in blogging. It looked like that had so much fun and I loved the different posts that they created.

I knew I wouldn’t blog about fashion or makeup because I was hopeless at both, but they definitely got the ball rolling about looking into how I could start.

Think about what you’d blog about

This is a big thing!

You can’t start a blog if you’ve got no clue on what you want to blog about. You don’t have to be an expert in the niche you want to do, but you do have to enjoy it. So many of my blogger friends have chosen what they do because they genuinely love chatting about that subject.

Here are some of the ideas people choose to do:

  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Mental Health
  • Books
  • Art/Photography
  • Theatre

Whatever you choose, choose for you and not for popularity!

Search blog tutorials

These days there are so many talented people who can help you learn everything you want to know about blogging. One of my favourite sites for tutorials has to be Pinterest! You can literally search for anything blog-related and you’ll find a bunch of different posts to help!

There are even bloggers who have created e-books such as JennyInNeverland or a company like Grow and Glow who can give you steps to follow with different things! I’m currently looking at sorting out my SEO and Pinterest.

Plan and take your time

There might be loads of people starting a blog but you don’t need to rush. I’ve heard of people worrying that they won’t get any engagement because others will prefer more experienced bloggers. That’s definitely not the case! You could have a blog that’s only been around a month and people will love.

That hook that gets you followers and comments are your posts.

Don’t feel like you need to rush and get posts out every single day.

We all lead busy lives. Whether we have full-time jobs, are parents or are dealing with disabilities/conditions, blogging doesn’t need to dictate your life. Well, unless you want to make it your full-time job but even then you need to take time.

Find something like a content planner/editorial calendar to help you plan what you want to write and when you want it to go live. I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t take my own advice! I really need to try and plan what I want to write and have confidence in my blogging voice.

Talk with other bloggers

Before you say that you’re too scared, no.

Not accepting that!

If I can find the courage to chat (and probably get a secret weird look) from other bloggers, you certainly can. Don’t let follower counts stop you from chatting or at least asking some questions. I have friends that have thousands and thousands of followers and I’ve somehow managed to tweet them for advice.

Don’t forget: they’re just as human as you and I and more than likely would be honoured that you even wanted to ask them.

What fears did you have over starting a blog?

starting a blog


How Being A Brownie & A Guide Helped Me Grow

Like a lot of young girls, I became a Brownie when I was 7 years old! I can’t remember where I first discovered that they existed but I do remember loving the idea of wearing patches! That and I loved the yellow! Clearly a Hufflepuff before Harry Potter existed! Haha.

I was a Brownie from 7 to 10 and then a Girl Guide from 10 to 14.

I think at a young age I knew how bad my social skills were. To have a place to go once a week and work on important skills was vital to who I became as an adult.

BrowniesPhoto by Pauline Loroy on Unsplash


I was taught about how to be social with girls my age and a bit older than me. I’m actually still friends with the Guide who helped me and my Brown Owl! Considering that it’s been a while since I was that young, I reckon that’s good-going. I was able to learn how to be myself, look after myself and others and to have fun! One of the fun things I remember doing is going on nature walks behind the church where we had our meetings.

I fell down the hill into nettles but I quickly learned how to calm nettle stings with doc leaves!

Even when I moved to a new county when I was 8 I was able to connect with the girls there easily. It wasn’t always perfect since I did have a little bit of bullying while I was there, but that was mostly because I was quiet. We got the chance to take camping trips away from home and that was a massive step for me.

I still feel guilty about non-stop crying. Haha! Between being away from my parents for the first time and the creepy Daddy-Long-Legs flying around, I freaked out. My Brown Owl knew what I was like so, instead of sending me straight back to my bed, she made me a hot chocolate and let me butter jam sandwiches for the next day! She was a tough cookie but I respect her so much.

Still feel weird to call her by her first name even when I’m 33!


The same kind of feeling of being part of something special was there when I became a Guide. It was bittersweet leaving the people I knew when I moved to a different section, but I knew it wouldn’t be long until they followed me.

I’ll admit that I didn’t immediately take to being a Guide because I guess I started to feel like I was getting too big for things like that. It didn’t help that the ladies in charge actually stepped down. I swear we weren’t a bad group! They just couldn’t cope with all the things behind the scenes, I think. Who was the person who ended up in charge of the group next?

My mum!

If there was anyone that wouldn’t put up with my mood-swings, then I would be her. It was fun to see what happened and how things worked through her, though I could tell it was stressful. Being a Guide helped me to escape from the bullying I went through at school and the uncertainity of why I was different to others. I love how it’s evolved over the years since I left like the uniform and The Rangers! If I could do it all over again, I would!

Were you ever a Brownie or a Guide or both? Did you enjoy?


What I Would’ve Done Different As A Beginner Blogger

Next month (March 18th) marks two years since I started this blog and that’s crazy to me. It only feels like yesterday that I came back to blogging from a two year break! If you put that break aside, I’ve been blogging for over 5 years. So much has changed since I started as a beginner blogger and, even though my style hasn’t really changed that much, I think I’ve gotten better in certain aspects.

With my little anniversary coming up, I’ve had a think back to what I would’ve done differently.

beginner bloggerPhoto by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Posted when I felt I could

Something that seems to come hand in hand with being a blogger is that you have to post often to get any results. I do believe that you have to post something to keep readers interested. They want to know that you’re active enough for them to subscribe/comment!

Back then I would post every day.

I did that for a whole year!

That’s something that blows my mind to this day. How the heck did I come up with posts for every day?! I wish I could go back in time to ask past me to teach me. Haha!

With everything that has happened over the last few years, I have chosen to give myself a break. Instead of forcing myself to write a post that I’m not enjoying to get views, I write when I feel I can. Even with this post I didn’t post it on the day I wrote it. I’d had a rubbish anxiety day so typed to distract and that was it.

Don’t compare don’t compare don’t compare!

I should write a whole paragraph with those two words because they never seem to stick!!

I constantly include this tip on every blogger tip post. It’s difficult not to compare yourself to other bloggers when there are so many of us. Way more than we first started! A lot of people feel like they have to do the same as others to get any traction with brands and that’s not the case. Being a blogger may make it seem like we’re similar but we all have our own voice and niche, even when we’re in the same category.

Though I still compare my blog to the success of others, I’ve made it a rule to be proud of whatever I create and know that I’m unique in my own way.

Been wary of my photography

Like a lot of us who were once a beginner blogger, our photography was pretty shocking. I cringe every time I look back at what mine used to look like.

I cringe at the teeny size of the picture and the low quality. No-one is expecting someone starting off their blog to have all the latest equipment and know-how because that’s just silly. That said it is good to do a bit of reading for tips on how to improve.

I’ve been using tips from JennyInNeverland, various posts on Pinterest and Grow&Glow and I’ve loved learning new things!

Been more confident of what I posted

This kind of goes with the comparing problem.

I always thought that no-one would like my posts and that any comment I did get was one out of pity. I didn’t have much confidence in what I wrote because they were different. No-one else at the time was writing about theatre unless they wrote for The Stage or created posts on fandom unless they worked for Mugglenet.

I’m still not confident in my posts but I’m accepting them for what they are: different. They may not get hundreds of views but that’s okay. People seem to enjoy what I write from the comments I get so yay!

What do you wish you could have done differently as a beginner blogger?