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6 Fun Tasks To Enjoy Harry Potter At Home

harry potter at home

No matter what age you are, being at home can quickly get boring if you have things to do. Recently the people at Wizarding World came up with Harry Potter At Home! It’s a site full of things to keep people occupied with a touch of magic. You can never have too much Potter in your life and adults will admit to sometimes having an inner kid! I know I do!

What exactly do they have the website?

Well, lots of different things:

  • Magical games such as Wizard’s Hangman, Harry Potter Bingo and Snitches & Lightning Bolts
  • Harry Potter digital scrapbook
  • Discover your Potter best friend!
  • How to read the Harry Potter books all cosy! (Wizardy hygge!)
  • Make your own Howler (don’t make it yell too loud!)

Seeing all of these things made me think…how else could you have Harry Potter at home?

A person on TikTok I follow called Cassie Mae came up with the idea of bringing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando into her home. She did a bunch of things to make it seem like she was there and I thought I might try and do the same. Since we’re in the UK, we can try and bring the Warner Bros Studio Tour to life too!

Let’s see if we can use some of the kiddy imagination!

Make your own Butterbeer

Whether you’ve been to Universal or visited Watford, both places allow us to try the yummy Butterbeer from the books/films! I’d never tried it before I went to the Studio Tour and it was super yummy! You wouldn’t want more than one glass since your teeth would probably hate you afterwards! Haha!

I found this recipe on the Delish website that has a great recipe and looks easy to follow!

Extra House points to you if you have an official Butterbeer glass to drink it from!

Walk into the Hogwarts Hall

Okay, this is where you’ll really have to use your imagination a little.

You’re going to sit as close as you can get to the TV, have someone cover your eyes and when it’s time to ‘open the doors’, pretend as if you’re pushing them open and have your eyes uncovered!

If you’re extra fancy and have virtual reality, you can pop those on! I know that the Tour’s Youtube has a 360o video so it makes looking around the Hall a lot easier! Plus you can put on the ‘Great Hall’ track from the Philosopher’s Stone soundtrack!

Have your wand choose you

This is something I’m desperate to experience for whenever I get to go to Florida or California!

I know it must be luck of the draw on whether you get chosen but it still looks like so much fun! Obviously we haven’t got an Ollivander to help us. We do, however, have a trick up our sleeves!

Decide what kind of wand you have from wood type, wand core and length! You can now either have your robes on or not for this part…get a hairdryer and a friend to turn it on and, when the wand chooses you, you can have your hair blowing around you like Harry!

Eat a pumpkin pasty or a chocolate frog

Something brilliant about having Harry Potter at home is that you get to make some wizarding treats to snack on! You have the Chocolate Frog Cafe (which I still need to visit!) that all kinds of yummy food. You also have both The Three Broomsticks and The Leaky Cauldron at Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Finding British food to make shouldn’t be too difficult! Haha!

If you’re wanting a great Chocolate Frog recipe, then Tessa Netting did a fun video a few years ago with one! You get to watch Tessa AND make gorgeous chocolate! The best recipe for Pumpkin Pasties I could find is this one by DelightfulAdventures! I’ve never tried pumpkin before so that would be something new to try this year!

Cast a spell

The great thing about living in an age of technology is that we have fun gizmos to use! The gizmo I’m thinking of is a colour-changing bulb!

I’ve heard that you can be interactive with certain parts at Wizarding World so I thought these bulbs could count! You have to grab your wand (don’t forget to swish and flick) and point at the bulb! If you’ve cast it right, then the colour should change!

Wow! You’re a wizard/witch!!

Go on a ride

Remember how I spoke about the themepark POV videos on Youtube?

It’s time to get back in front of that TV and go on some rides!! Though it might be frowned-upon to bring a camera on the rides, I’ve never been so glad for these people! You get to really feel as if you’re flying around on Forbidden Journey or taking a ride with Hagrid!

Lean with the corners, feel the drops and don’t forget to put your hands in the air!

How would you celebrate Harry Potter at home?

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What’s On My O.W.Ls Readathon TBR?

o.w.lsPhoto by Antonin G on Unsplash

Admit it…who else wished that they could take part in the O.W.Ls?!

If you haven’t heard of these before, they’re actually exams taken in Harry Potter and stand for ‘Ordinary Wizarding Levels’. They are taken at Hogwarts during the student’s fifth year and the nerd in me always wanted to do them! It meant that I would not only have a wand but be at Hogwarts!

Seeing as my letter is still missing, I wanted to find another way to take my O.W.Ls. Enter the super lovely G at BookRoast! She created a super magical readathon for everyone to take part! The amount of time and effort that has gone into creating guides and graphics is incredible! She’s really gone for it this year too! You honestly feel like you’re taking your O.W.Ls!

If you want to take part, you can!

The readathon has started today and it’s super easy to start! You can first look at the wizarding careers guide so you can pick a job you’d like to aim for! As you can see, there are tons of careers for you to do!

You now have the exams you need to revise for so we move onto the prompts! These prompts show all of the classes at Hogwarts along with the kind of book you need to read. Now that we have the basics, let’s look at what I’m planning! Out of all the careers on offer, I’m aiming to become a Healer. There is something super special!

Looking after witches and wizards who are hurt and need a helping hand?

Awesome! Look at Madam Pomfrey! She’s so cool! I’m pretty sure that Scorpius Malfoy would have been a Healer too!

These are the books I need to read for my exams (pray for me! Haha!):

Herbology (Title starts with an M)

Me Mam, Me Dad, Me by Malcolm Duffy

I had to really think about books on my shelf that started with M! I soon discovered that I only had two! I’ve been waiting for the right moment to read ‘Me Mam, Me Dad, Me’ and now is that time! Got to love a bit of Geordie romance!

Charms: White cover

The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord

Last month I actually won a Bloomsbury competition of all of Emery Lord’s books to date! Seeing as she is an incredible author, I was super happy! The great thing is that all of her books are white! That made this pick pretty easy! I’d read ‘The Names They Gave Us’ a few years ago and I remember it being so sad yet sweet! I could do with a little intentional cry!

DATDA: Book set at the sea/coast

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Before the apocalyse started, I had taken out ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ from the library. At least I can hope that I don’t get a fine for it being late! Haha! I’m hoping this book counts as being set at the ocean since it’s in the title. Oh, and one of the characters think her duck-pond is the ocean!

I’m so excited to read this! It’s recently being transferred to the West-End from the National Theatre! Fun fact: the actor who played Boy (Samuel Blenkin) used to be Scorpius Malfoy in Cursed Child!

Potions: Book under 150 pages


I think I’m going to fail Potions because I don’t own/know a book under 150 pages!! Does anyone know an e-book I can read for my O.W.Ls?!

Transfiguartion: Book/series that includes shapeshifting

Animorphs: The Invasion by K.A Applegate

Okay, let’s see how many of you remember this classic?! I had to order this book from Ebay just so I could have a copy on time! High-five to past me thinking in advance. If only she had done the same for ordering food online. This whole series is about teens shape-shifting into animals and the TV show is cheesy but amazing!!

Can’t wait for the nostalgia!

Ancient Runes: Heart on the cover/in the title

Heartstopper 1, 2 and 3 by Alice Oseman

If you’ve read my blog over recent months then it won’t be any surprise that I chose these! I never need an excuse to read these graphic novels but it’s been a little while since I’ve read them from the start. Nick and Charlie’s lives can be just as complicated as Ancient Runes!

Think I’ll get an O for this?

Care of Magical Creatures: Creature with a beak on the cover

Asha & the Spirit Bird by Jasbinder Bilan

This is such a gorgeous looking book with an equally gorgeous plot! The idea that her grandmother/her nanijee is looking over her as a spirit bird is such a lovely thought. I always imagine my parents doing the same kind of thing! I once had a dream that my Dad wanted to come back as a white butterfly!

You never know with him! He’d probably be a wasp to terrorize me!

Astronomy: Read majority of this book when it’s dark outside

The Star Outside My Window by Onjali Q. Rauf

What better book to read before bed than this! The characters are literally obsessed with space and the main character thinks her mum is a star! It’s another book that needs tissues because the end is pretty upsetting but Onjali just handles it perfectly!

Love her books!

Are you doing the O.W.Ls magical readathon this month?



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5 World Book Day Costume Ideas For Grown-Ups

world book dayPhoto by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

5th March marks World Book Day and it’s such a fun day for both kids and grown-ups alike.

Every supermarket I’ve been in lately have had some amazing costumes for kids to wear. There was Mary Poppins, Matilda, a Golden Ticket, Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. They even had some adorable teeny costumes for babies!

I know that adults have fancy dress shops to make costumes but they’re never particular book characters! I mean…half the costumes you see for women in those shops are sexy! Not every woman wants to look like that. Some of us would like to have a nice costume without having to worry about showing much of everything.

That’s why I wanted to come up with some possible World Book Day costumes for grown-ups to wear. Whether they are for teachers, librarians or anyone who works with books.

Mary Poppins

There are so many fun ideas that you could take from Mary Poppins!!

You could be:

  • Mary herself (from either the original film or the more recent one)
  • Bert (who wouldn’t want to be Dick Van Dyke or Lin-Manuel Miranda!)
  • Mrs Banks (woo for votes for women!)

The great thing about days like these is that you can be super creative with whoever you choose. As long as you give people the book you’re from, you get to let them use their imagination. The fact that we’ve had Mary Poppins Returns means kids will more than likely know who you are. If I could, I would’ve loved to have done Mary in her ‘A Cover Is Not The Book‘ costume! Love that song.

Harry Potter

How I wish my teachers would have done this when I was still at school. I think mine were super boring because they never bothered to dress up and even scolded a few people who dressed up. These days I’ve seen so many incredible pictures of teachers who have dressed up for World Book Day as the teachers from Harry Potter. There are so many you can choose from too!

There have even been some that went as more creative characters such as Moaning Myrtle (toilet seat and all), Fred and George and one of the House mascots! I never thought of going as a badger but I might do that for a convention one day. That’s if I can figure out how!

Never be afraid to think outside the box!

Roald Dahl

I’ve literally seen so many people chatting about doing Roald Dahl characters. He’s never been as popular and I’m loving it!

He wrote legendary characters that both adults and kids alike adore. We’ve all read at least one of his book at some point in our lives. Since there are so many characters to choose, their costumes can be as easy as you want them to be.

Some amazing adult characters to try could be:

  • Miss Trunchball
  • Miss Honey
  • Miss Spider/Mrs Ladybug
  • Grandpa Joe
  • Mr Fox

Lord of The Rings

Depending on where you work, I think more people should dress up as characters from J.R.R Tolkien’s books.

You can’t go wrong with either being a badass elf like Arwen or Lady Galadriel or being one of the Hobbits such as Samwise Gamgee. The costumes are a little bit more tricky to do but I reckon it would be a great challenge for anyone who is up to trying.

If you do, let me know so I can fangirl over you!!


I’ve seen a few who say that people shouldn’t dress up as Disney characters because they’re not from books. At the end of the day, a lot of those characters have either ended up in books or did come from them. Look at Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan!

I adore all things Disney! It’s such a magical fandom to be a part of, you get to visit the kingdoms and you can relate to the characters. I grew up during the 90s when films such as The Lion King, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast came out. It was an amazing time to be a kid and experiencing all of these coming to life. I think I still have The Lion King soundtrack on cassette tape! Haha!

Who could you be? Well…take your pick!

  • Jessie (Toy Story)
  • Jane (Tarzan)
  • Phillip (the guy Robin Williams plays in Flubber)
  • Rapunzel (Tangled)
  • Tiana (Princess and the Frog)

There is nothing wrong with dressing up for World Book Day regardless of the fact that we aren’t kids anymore. We read books too and love the characters so embrace your bookish love!

Who would you dress up as for World Book Day?

World Book Day

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10 Magical Ideas For Any Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter party

There is one thing that I wish I could have had as a kid and that’s a Harry Potter party! I was lucky in the fact that my parents were great at doing parties for me! My dad made the best jam sandwiches! Something I still love to this day so thanks Dad!

It doesn’t matter how old you get, you are never too old for a party!

Before you say it, I know that most kids get them and adults get them on specific birthdays. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a little Harry Potter Potter party on your special day. It’s a little too short notice for my birthday (it’s next month) but I’m still going to share some ideas on how you can make a normal party into a magical one.

Game Ideas

Pin the scar on the Harry:

You’ve heard of ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’, but this is pinning Harry’s scar onto his forehead. Another pin game you can have is ‘Pin the nose on Voldemort’. It sounds like amazing fun and it would be brilliant to see how close people get!

Indoor Chaser Practice:

If I could I would totally play Quidditch! I’m so athletically challenged so would be horrendous at any position but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try. A great way to discover a future Chaser is to build either build a mini table one with bottles, glow sticks and cups or a bigger one with buckets, poles and hula-hoops. The big one is awesome with red balloons as quaffles!

Horcrux Hunt:

Harry, Ron and Hermione obviously go on their hunt for the Horcruxes in Deathly Hallows so that would make a fun game! A Horcrux scavanger hunt! You get a handful of clues and have to search around for each Horcrux. Depending on how big your party is, you could even work in teams!

Harry Potter Scramble:

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

You get a list of Harry Potter items/characters and you have a certain amount of time to try and unscramble them all. I have actually played this game at a couple of midnight launches and it’s amazing how hard a couple can be!

Flying Keys:

Feeling a little hangry? Try playing ‘Flying Keys’! All you have to do is have a broomstick, attach 3 gummy/chocolate keys to it with strong string and, without using your hands, you have to catch/eat the key first.

Catch the Death-Eater:

Did anyone ever play the game ‘Wink Murderer’ at school? The basic idea is that a detective is picked, sent out the room and then a murderer is picked. The detective has to find out who the murderer is and the murderer has to secretly wink at someone which kills them.

You can totally do this at a Harry Potter party!

Instead of a detective, it’s an auror and instead of a murderer, it’s a Death-Eater.

Instead of a wink, you have to pretend to flick your wand at someone to kill them with the Killing Curse.

Food Ideas

Hufflepuff Puffs/Pizza Puffs:

There are so many things you can do with House foods! I love the idea of having either puff crisps like Wotsits or Hippeas as a snack or pizza puff bites! It’ll be easy to make these vegeterian/gluten-free too!

Sorting Cupcakes:

Every Harry Potter fan wants to be Sorted into their Hogwarts House! If they haven’t been Sorted yet, why not make it fun for them by finding out through cake! You can either make yourself some cupcakes or fairy cakes, make a hole on top and pop either red, yellow, blue or green icing inside. That way, when a person bites into the cake, the person sees what House they’re in.

Better than eating an old hat!

Fruit Owl:

Who doesn’t love food being shaped into different things! If you want a more healthier treat for your party, then why not have a fruit salad in the shape of an owl. At least it won’t bring you mail from your dentist! Haha.


Have the funds left for food? Treat your Harry Potter party to actual Wizarding World sweets! You have Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Pepper Imps, Chocolate Frogs, Fizzing Whizz-Bees. There are so many to choose from and, if you don’t all that much money, then buy normal sweets and add magical signs to them.

Children love the idea of sweets regardless!

There are so many other things you can do for a party like this! You can have invitations made like a Hogwarts letter, handmade wands as party favours, potions for drinks. You name it, I’m sure there is a Potter spin you can do on it! If you do have a Potter party, then have an amazing one and hopefully this post has given you some ideas!

What would you have your Harry Potter party?


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What’s Realistically On My Christmas List?

christmas wishlist

Over the years I’ve seen some gift guides that are so unrealistic. They tend to show off Christmas wishlists that either show off or that aren’t physically possible for most people. I love reading and watching people who do showcase luxury items, but I know I’d never be able to afford all of those.

That’s why I wanted to make a realistic Christmas wishlist of items that I know I should be able to get myself this year. I guess this isn’t so much of a wishlist since I’m the only person buying presents for me. That said, life can happen and this time of year is when I allow myself to treat myself to things I’ve been putting off all year.

Chanel No.5

Daisy, you just told us that you wanted to be realistic so why have you started with a super expensive perfume? Believe me, I know that this is expensive but I have my reasons. Chanel was my Mum’s favourite perfume and I’ve really missed the smell of it over the last couple of years. As I know I can’t afford the actual perfume (maybe next year?), I’m planning on getting the deodrant version!

It still smells like the perfume and that is all that matters to me!

2020 Diary

For nearly 10 years I’ve been keeping a journal. I might even do a post about them soon but there is a specific brand of journal that I use and I love it!

I love using ones from WHSmith!

I can’t handle diaries that only have room for a little bit of writing! My writing is like my speech…I don’t know when to shut up. If I have a lot of stuff going on in my head, then I need enough space to chat. It’s the same when I’ve done something really cool and want to remember, I need to add in objects! I really should make a scrapbook…maybe I’ll do that for next year!

What I find with the WHSmith diaries is that some come with the rings so I can fold back the cover and get more room to manoeuvre. That and the front covers are gorgeous!! I’m loving the one I’ve chosen for 2020! It’s very blogger! Haha!


You can blame one of my aunties for this!

She always had a calendar on her wall every time I used to visit to write down birthdays and important dates. Since my brain tends to be a little slow and doesn’t always remember things, I have to write down dates in multiple places to remember. I have my diary, my phone and my calendar.

The ones from the Calendar Club are my favourite because they always stock my favourite fandoms there such as Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Wars and Sherlock!

Which fandom do you think I’ll choose for my Christmas wishlist this year?


Before you think I’ve either regressed back to being a kid or entered grandma status, don’t knock pyjamas!

Every year as a kid, I was bought PJs and I loved them! I could never do the t-shirt and shorts combo because, when you have thunder thighs, they don’t look good. That said, I adore the fluffy PJs from Primark. Again since they’re normally from my favourite fandoms: Harry Potter and Disney.

The ones I have are Harry Potter and they’ll speak for themselves when you see them in my ‘What I Got For Christmas’ haul.

Funko Pop

I very rarely buy myself a Funko pop during the year even though there are so many I want. I could literally have a whole wall of them and I’d be happy but I can’t. I need to have reasons why I’m allowed to buy one and these are usually at Christmas and for my birthday.

Even then I struggle!

It’s hard work being a fangirl of multiple fandoms sometimes. I’ve been going into my local Entertainer store to gaze upon all of their Funko pops because they’re so pretty! They have special edition Marvel ones for Christmas, Lord of the Rings, Disney, Frozen 2 and more. Do you think, if I wish really hard, that maybe I’ll win the lottery so I can give majority to charity and then spend the rest on Funkos? Haha.

I’ve chosen my one for this Christmas and it makes me so happy to own it at last!!

Now if only we could get Cursed Child ones! That would make this Christmas wishlist super special!

Something Harry Potter

This sounds so random but I can never decide what I want until the start of December. I guess the impending countdown is enough to make me choose. It doesn’t help that there is so much Harry Potter merchandise to choose from these days! It makes it difficult, okay?!

Do I get a wand? A jigsaw? A game? A film prop?

So. Much. Stuff!!

Even as I write this, I have zero clue what I should get. Okay, scrap that…I have an inkling of what I want to get but it might be a birthday gift instead.

It’s a choice between either Tonk’s wand or Bunty’s wand!

What I’ve discovered for this Christmas is that I’m actually getting 2 gifts that I don’t know!! I’ve taken part in a special bookish Secret Santa created by Mols with a group of other book fans and I’m so excited! The other gift will be from Ali who is sneaky and already sent mine off! Since we’re basically twins, I already had hers wrapped so take that, Miss Caitrin!

What is your own realistic Christmas wishlist this year?

Harry Potter Lifestyle

Preparing For The Black Friday Sales | Wishlist and Sanity

Next Friday is that extra crazy day in the year where people dive into shops to get the best deals. That’s right…Black Friday! Well, it seems crazy in the US whereas over here…not so much. I know my town doesn’t really bother with it so a lot of stuff I do see comes from online. I’ve seen quite a few of my favourite bloggers and vloggers do posts about any codes that they see and wishlists! I definitely won’t be as great as them but I’m going to do my best for you!

black fridayPhoto by redcharlie on Unsplash

Before you panic, Black Friday isn’t tomorrow so don’t worry! It starts on 29th November which is next Friday. Since I’m not going to be able to shop til I drop, I’m just going to look for that one thing that really has my interest.


Did you know that Argos has already kicked off an early sale on their website of Disney/Marvel stuff?! It’s true! If you use the code star20 on this page, you can get 20% off and I really want to buy everything!! All of the new Frozen merch looks incredible and makes me feel like a kid again!

Some of the amazing products are:


If there is one place that I like to check out more affordable beauty and skincare, it has to be Boots. They usually have some great deals too! Their Black Friday actually started today and some of their best products have been knocked down by 50%!!


I’ve seen Very being mentioned on so many posts and in vlogs that I thought I’d check out what they have on there. Heads-up: they have some Harry Potter goodies under their Black Friday deals! Happy days, Very!! From Yule Ball dolls to walkie talkies, you name it and they have it in their deals. I never even thought to look on this site for them because you

This post could literally go on forever with all the deals you’ll be able to get. However, as short as this little post is, I just chose what I would have bought. Either for myself, a friend or one of their children! All small fangirls and fanboys have to start somewhere and when better than now!

If you’d like to see an actual Black Friday wishlist from me, then stay tuned and see the return of my awful graphic making skills!! Haha! Oh and if you want some actual tips from someone who knows what they’re talking about, you need to check out Josie at Fashion Mumblr! She’s come up with some mistakes you should avoid.

What are you hoping to buy (if anything) next Friday?

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Remembering Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Philosopher's Stone

Can you believe that it has been 18 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was shown in cinemas? That makes me both feel old and amazed! Like the saying goes, it only feels like yesterday…

The thing is I actually do remember everything about my first time seeing the film!

Before I chat about that, I thought I’d remember my first thoughts on hearing that Harry Potter was being turned into a film franchise. I first heard about it in the same way that Rupert Grint did: through an episode of Newsround. Back then you could apply to audition for the roles of Harry, Ron and Hermione through sending a picture of yourself and some information.

Did I send in MY information? Nope, I was just one year too old to audition but I did find another way to be a part of the Philosopher’s Stone.

I was an extra!!

This was my first ever time on any kind of set and it was the best kind of experience for any Harry Potter fan! Even though you only saw like half of your head or recognised your blurry blob in the background, it was still so much fun! Chris Columbus was the sweetest director and you honestly didn’t feel like just an extra, but apart of the cast.

I can actually spot myself getting off the Hogwarts Express and sitting in the Great Hall.

Back to being a fan!

Just because I was an extra doesn’t mean that I knew everything that was going to happen. I was only in a handful of scenes and then went back to muggle school. I didn’t see any mentions again until I saw the teaser trailer on GMTV.

The music at the start is embedded into my soul! Still get chills every time I hear it!

When the film was finally released on 16th November 2001, my mum probably dreaded the day. She may have had to put up with me going on and on about the film coming out. That and I had already developed a bit of a crush on Rupert Grint by this time.

I was 14, people!

It might seem a little weird, but I actually collected magazines chatting about the film from everywhere. I still have them! There was something that made me super excited every time I saw it mentioned in either a magazine or a newspaper. My poor mum even drove me to different shops so I could buy certain papers that had Harry Potter mentioned. My old English teacher (RIP Mrs Roberts!) even brought in little magazines to school to read at break-time. She knew that Harry Potter really helped me out and this is such an incredible memory to have.

I ended up convincing Mum to take me to a better cinema an hour away from where we live so I could see it in the best quality! This one was an Odeon and my mind was blown! We were sitting at the front so kind of had to crane our necks a little.

My favourite moment of all time has to be the scene where we see Hogwarts for the first time. John Williams created such a magical score! My heart may or may not have been beating super quick during that moment!

As for loving the cast, I knew that I would adore seeing Dan, Rupert and Emma playing Harry, Ron and Hermione for years to come. I didn’t get to chat to them that much but my claim to fame is playing a hand-clapping game and using a paper fortune-teller with Emma.

In honour of this anniversary, I’m going to grab some popcorn and watch the film!

What are your memories of seeing Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for the first time?

Harry Potter

AD | Hogwarts Great Hall and Tower (Harry Potter Village)

I bet every fellow Harry Potter fan has been waiting for that special day when they received their letter! Well, that day came for me today! I finally went to Hogwarts!! So…the school might be teeny compared to the actual thing, but this halfblood is going to take what she can get.


What I always loved about Hogwarts is that it isn’t just a simple castle, but almost like a patchwork quilt. Bits and pieces added to help students have their best time at boarding school. I can imagine the Founders looking at that plot of land in Scotland, wondering what their castle was going to look like to the first ever students.

A tower here, a dungeon there, a secret hidden Chamber with a potential deadly creature for good measure.

There are so many little copies of the school from Lego to baby Hogwarts models. Dept56 is taken all of that and seem to literally be creating the Wizarding World! They have an Ollivanders, the Burrow, the Hogwarts Express, Hagrid’s Hut, Quidditch Pitch and the Astronomy Tower.

The model in the picture is the Great Hall and Tower*!

Yes, I did try to have a look for the Gryffindor Common Room but the magic must’ve known I was a Hufflepuff. Now I know what Gulliver must have felt like! I am in awe at all the detail they managed to put into this! All the windows, the bricks, the tiles on the towers, the clocktower, chimneys and more! All the love makes me such a proud Harry Potter fan!

You can’t have a Hogwarts without Dumbledore and a student. A certain Harry Potter…never heard of him. These are sold seperately but…you can’t have a Hogwarts without them!!

We know that Hogwarts is a school of witchcraft and wizardry, but that magic works even in the muggle world! Do you want to see what I mean? Scroll down a bit!!




This Hogwarts model may be a hefty £180 but for the amount of detail, the scale and that it would make an incredible piece for your collection, I reckon this would be a perfect gift! If you’re like me, you’d probably have to save up for a while to afford it but I know you’re worth the effort.

What do you think of this model?

*This post contains a gifted item but all opinions given are entirely my own. 

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The Ultimate Harry Potter Christmas Gift Guide (Part 2)

There are so many things out there that you can get for a Harry Potter gift that I’ve had to make my gift guide two parts! Not that I mind, of course! Creating this particular guide is giving some great ideas on what to treat myself for surviving the year! Haha!

If you haven’t seen Part One, feel free to go check it out first! It’s not essential, but it would make me a happy fandom blogger!

harry potter giftPhoto by Christian Wagner on Unsplash


Forbidden forest winter coat (EMP – £119 to £129)

Daisy! You’re starting off with a super expensive thing?! What?! I know, I know! Once you see how awesome this coat is, however, you’ll understand! This coat has a gorgeous design on both the front and the back! Though, if you’re scared of spiders, this might not be for you. It comes with a detachable cape, buttons with the Hogwarts logo, removable faux-fur on the hood and sleeves, two side pockets and even an inside pocket (for your wand!)

With the weather that Hogsmeade gets, it’s better to be wrapped up warm! Another thing I love is that it caters for all! It goes for XS up to 5XL!

Patronus Jeans Jacket (EMP – £39.99)

One of my favourite spells in Harry Potter has to be ‘Expecto Patronum’! The idea of being able to create a guardian/light against a darkness sounds perfect for my mental health. When I saw that EMP had a Patronus jean jacket, I knew I must include it!

There are beads on the shoulders, a stag print on the back with Sirius’ quote: ‘The ones that love us never truly leave us’. I think it’s a fitting thing especially if you’ve lost a loved one over the years.

Marauder’s Map High-Top Sneakers (EMP – £32.99)

As much as Vans are a great brand, I didn’t really like the Potter designs they created.

These sneakers have a much better design! They’re a fun black and red colour with a white design of the Marauder’s Map and footprints all over. Simple but still really fun! They range from Size 4 to 10!

Hedwig Handbag (Loungefly – £55.99)

It wouldn’t be a Harry Potter gift guide without something with Hedwig on it!

Depending on what store you shop at, depends on the quality of the Potter handbag or the design. Yeah…kind of tired of seeing the chibi characters everywhere! That said, I’ve heard such incredible things about products from Loungefly and had to show you this gorgeous Hedwig bag. It has her, a Hogwarts letter, yellow & red flowers and a Deathly Hallow symbol on the front!

It’s not a massive bag but has a long shoulder strap, handles for when your shoulder hates you and so much room! Maybe they’ve used an extendable charm inside?

Hogwarts: A History Journal (Mina Lima – £12.95)

Mina Lima are the geniuses behind all of the Harry Potter props we’ve seen in the films from Harry’s acceptance letter to all of the school books we see and more! I’ve always wanted to own a copy of Hogwarts: A History since my inner Hermione has been needing it. This might not be the actual book but it is a notebook with the design on front!

Harry Potter + stationery = heaven!

If you want the whole Hogwarts library collection, it will set you back £75 so best to save your galleons, sickles and knuts!

Back to school

We can’t have a gift guide without looking at the Hogwarts Houses! I won’t throw everything at you since we’d be here all day, but I can’t back down from finding out what is out there for the individual Houses!


1910 Hufflepuff Replica Exercise Book (Mina Lima – £10)

After seeing Crimes of Grindelwald and baby!Newt, I knew that I needed to own something from that era! I’m kind of hoping they release the school uniform from there one day but that’s a dream. What you can own is a school book from there! Look at how stunning the design in and, of course, in Hufflepuff yellow!

128 pages to gush on, write different notes and maybe write some fanfics!

Hufflepuff House Crest Set (Mina Lima – £14.95)

Can’t think what to get for that Hufflepuff in your life?

First off, we Hufflepuffs won’t mind what we get and why not get them a little bit of everything with Mina Lima’s Hufflepuff crest? In this set you get a notebook, card holder, a badge and a notecard!

We’ll love it either way!!

Hufflepuff School Robe (WB Studio Tour London – £74.95)

The ultimate Harry Potter gift you can get for a Hufflepuff is their very own authentic Hogwarts school robes!! The day that I received mine was the day they made me cry! I’d been wanting to own a pair for so many years and I’m still thankful to this day that I was able to get some.

They are no joke!

These will make you instantly feel like a proper Hogwarts student since they’re heavy-ish, have the yellow trim and even a pocket inside for your wand!


Gryffindor House Crest Maroon T-Shirt (Platform 9 3/4 Shop – £29.95)

Are you loving the brand new Gryffindor logo shown on the Wizarding World app? If you are, then the Platform 9 and 3/4 Shop has different merch with it on! It might be winter but you can still treat someone to a t-shirt!

Plus it’s so bright that you can’t miss whoever is wearing it!

You can get the same in: Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw | Slytherin

“Better Be Gryffindor!” Print (Mina Lima – £39)

This is something that all possible Gryffindors want to hear when they are at the Sorting Ceremony, especially if they are a Potter or a Weasley!

It’s a bright and wonderful print to have on the wall in a frame! Think we can persuade Mina Lima to make a Hufflepuff one with Newt? Haha!

Gryffindor Embroided Banner (WB Studio Tour London – £17.95)

I reckon this would make every Gryffindor happy! They’d be able to show off their House Pride to anyone visiting, young or old! They could have it above their bed, hanging on a book-shelf or have it near a front door to show even your postman that you’re a Lion!

It will last you for many years to come!

Life Update


Ravenclaw Attribute Mug (WB Studio Tour London – £12.95)

Have a Ravenclaw that might be doubting themselves a little and needs a reminder of just how great they are? This mug would be perfect! It would show them that they are more than just their books and that they can be wise in so many other ways!

I mean…look at Luna!

“For Those Who Are Learned” Soy Candle (Etsy – £10)

An amazing way to read a book when the weather is horrendous outside is to embrace your magical self and read by candlelight. Obviously you wouldn’t want that person to hurt their eyes but it would still make a great gift!

This is a vegan-friendly soy candle that has rosemary (symbolised for memory) and petrichor (the scent of the earth after rain and helps deep thinking).

ReadingRoomCandleCo (Sara) is the amazing person behind the candles and has the best smelling fandom candles around! Check out Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin!

Ravenclaw Bookfold Art (Etsy – £40)

If you’ve never seen how breath-taking bookfold art is, then you need to check out this by BananaBookfolds! What else could be a perfect gift for a Ravenclaw than art made from an extra book?!

It’s made from a Harry Potter book (I knooow…try not to cry at the death of a book and pray it’s not your favourite!), wrapped with a blue ribbon and has silver painted corners!


Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy Wands (Cursed Child Store – £32)

I couldn’t talk about Slytherin gifts without fangirling over two of my favourite Slytherins! You don’t have to have seen Cursed Child to appreciate you their wands! They’re so personal to the characters and I feel any Slytherin will understand how hard they push past the old ‘Slytherins are evil’ thoughts.

If you have seen the show, you can check out the official Slytherin section and the brand new Cursed Child: The Journey book!

Slytherin Hooded Sweatshirt (WB Studio Tour London – £39.95)

It sounds super cold down in the dungeons (believe me…I know!) so your favourite Slytherin will need something to wear during the weekends. No teen wants to wear their school uniform to keep them warm on days off!

This sweatshirt is actually unisex so it doesn’t matter what gender you are! As long as you want to show everyone how proud you are to be a Slytherin, you can wear! It’s 80% cotton so perfect to keep any snakes snug!

Slytherin Stocking (WB Studio Tour London – £28)

The final product in my ultimate Harry Potter gift guide is this Slytherin stocking! It’s a Christmas gift guide and, even though I never had a stocking to get teeny presents in, I still love the idea of having something to maybe open on Christmas Eve or before Christmas lunch to keep me going!

It’s such an elegant design with the House crest on the front and a teeny snake on the side!

If you could give any Harry Potter character a gift, who would you choose
and what would it be?

Harry Potter

The Ultimate Harry Potter Christmas Gift Guide (Part 1)

Harry Potter gift guide

It’s never too early for Christmas content, is it? Of course not! I’ve been seeing gift guides popping up on Youtube since last month! There is one particular guide I’ve seen much of yet and that is a Harry Potter gift guide! I need to see what magical items are being sold so this kind of me getting ideas for what I want as well as helping you!

See? I’m helping you by helping me! Haha!

Why is this an ultimate Harry Potter guide guide, I hear you ask? I’m including as many things as I can! That means individual Houses, babies, pets…as much as I can fit here! It will be in 2 parts because lots to share and throw at you!

I’m kicking off with babies because we have to look out for teeny witches and wizards!


Hedwig Romper (Boden – From £26 to £28)

Ever wanted a little owl of your own? Thanks to Boden, now you can! They have this super adorable little romper with a teeny Hedwig on the front! Since it’s mostly cotton, it’s super soft and perfect for chilly winter days!

This romper goes from 0-3 months all the way to 18-24 months!

Harry Potter Sleepsuit with Hat (SAINSBURY’S – £4.50)

Usually this sleepsuit would go up to 18-24 months, but Sainsburys have this on sale!! The only size they have left is up to 1 month so runnnn!

This is perfect for your teeny little Gryffindor! It’ll be like your baby is wearing a Hogwarts uniform and they can pretend to be Harry Potter since the hat has glasses and a scar!

Aden + Anais Harry Potter Musys – 3 pack (Natural Baby Shower – £21.95)

I’m going to be honest…I have zero clue what these are used for and never heard of Musys. Maybe my parent friends can let me know! I thought they would be a cute addition to this gift guide since they have a combination of snitches, stars and Hedwig!

They sound soft and there are 3 so yayy!

Harry Potter Play Suits (Boden – From £35)

For the next baby product, I’ve chosen some play suits from Boden!

Every baby loves to play as they get older so I thought these would be a brilliant little gift for Christmas! The design on these are stunning!! There is a blue striped suit and then there is a patterned ivory suit with teeny designs of the stag and doe patronuses, Hogwarts, a snitch, a key and Crookshanks!

Hufflepuff Babygrow & Bib (Warner Bros Studio Tour – £25)

This discovery was one of my reasons for including babies in my Harry Potter gift guide! Excuse the caps for a second but IT’S A HUFFLEPUFF BABY OUTFIT!!! I swear…if I had a baby, I would definitely dress it in this! It’s grey with a yellow trim and has the cutest little badger on the front! The bib has Hufflepuff and Helga’s cup on the front!

Don’t worry, other Houses…they have one for you too!!
Gryffindor | Slytherin | Ravenclaw

Toddler Vans x Harry Potter Slip-On Shoes (Vans -£40)

This is venturing into toddler territory but, as soon as I saw these teeny Vans, I knew I had to show you! They are pricey at £40 but they go from 1 – 4 and you can’t mess around with shoes. If there is anything I learned from my friend who worked at Clarks, their feet are always growing and you don’t want to do damage at any early age!

Plus they’re Harry Potter and they’re going to be running around!

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash


Toy Wand (Warner Bros Studio Tour – £19.95)

The one thing that every young witch or wizard will want before Hogwarts is a wand! Obviously they can’t get a real wand until they’re 11, but this is the next best thing! This one lights up, doesn’t get damaged too easily and won’t let them accidentally Curse their sibling when upset.

Though look out for any teddy bears turning into spiders!

Flying Snitch Toy (Warner Bros Studio Tour – £19.95

Every future Quidditch star will need one of these especially if they’re going to be a Seeker!

Maybe they’re a little young for a drone so this will be just right for them. You can attach to their ceiling and the snitch will flap its way and fly! Just like magic, huh?

Wingardium Leviosa Kit (Hawkin’s Bazaar – £15)

Another flying gift is this amazing Wingardium Leviosa kit!

It’s one of the first spells that Harry and everyone learns in their first year! If you don’t mind being a muggle for a second, the magic happens because of an nearly invisible but strong thread. Not going to spoil how that works but that’s a small glimpse!

Just remember to tell them that it’s Levi-O-sa, not Levio-SAH!

Luna Sequin Sweatshirt (Boden – From £25)

It was literally so hard to decide on certain Potter clothes for kids because there are so many out there! This post would literally go on for weeks if I let it! We’re back again to Boden with this fun Luna Lovegood sweatshirt!

I love Luna so much and I think kids love her because she is basically a big child at heart! You have her Spectospecs on the front with sequins on the glasses part. If you move those, they go from blue and pink to silver! I’d have way too much fun with that! The ages on this go from 3-4 years all the way to 15-16 years!!

Lumos Glow-In-The-Dark PJs (Boden – From £26)

When I was a kid, I always wanted to own a pair of PJs that would glow in the dark! I was obsessed with the stickers and even had a Halloween one on my bathroom window for  over a decade! What I love about these are that they fulfill that wish!

You can choose from 3 pairs of PJs! You have a Patronus pair, a Marauders Map pair and a Knight Bus pair.

I wish I could get myself some! Does anyone have a time-turner I can borrow?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Snowglobe (Very – £32.50)

You can’t have Christmas without a snowglobe, especially when it has Hogwarts and Hagrid’s hut in it!! This is such an awesome present! This one would be more focused towards older kids but I think it would be a special thing to receive under the tree. You can shake and the glitter inside the water makes it look like it’s snowing!

Very has actually reduced this from £64.99 down to £32.50 as a Black Friday deal so, again, RUN!!

Like I said, I literally could be here for ages with everything Harry Potter that is out there right now. These are just some of the things I thought were a little different and a little fun.

Tomorrow I’ll be bringing you the next part of my Ultimate Harry Potter gift guide so stay tuned to my blog (and maybe subscribe?).

What Potter gift would you give to childhood you for Christmas?