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Review | Bookish and the Beast by Ashley Poston

bookish and the beast

I received Bookish and the Beast from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

With this being the 3rd in the series for Ashley Poston, I pretty much squealed when I discovered I could read ‘Bookish and the Beast‘ early. Ashley really knows how to talk to a nerdy fangirl like myself with all her fandom references. This book wasn’t any different and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

If you can’t tell from the title, this book is loosely based on Beauty and the Beast. A tale as old as time? Most definitely but an incredible modern take on it!

We follow Rosie Thorne as she tries to make it through her senior year of high school as sane as possible. She’s dealing with college applications, living in a small town and the persistent advances of a guy wanting to take her to prom. You can’t help but feel sorry for her! While all this is happening, she ends up meeting film star Vance Reigns who is particularly salty!

He’s hollywood royalty who has been banished to this town to hide from bad press. He’s moody, bratty and not a massive fan of reading. However, he has a secret that ties both he and Rosie together. Like Beauty and the Beast, Rosie ends up trying to ‘tame the beast’ by getting to know him and seeing the real side of him. If you love enemies-to-lovers, then you will love this!

Rosie was such a perfect Belle and her friends were incredible, especially the sassy Quinn! They are non-binary and wanting to take the role of Homecoming King/Queen for themselves! I love that there is LGBTQ+ representation in Ashley’s books!

There’s such a small moment in the book that I really related to and that’s why Rosie and one of her friends are fangirling over a new trailer. I did this SO many times with Harry Potter and Marvel that it really made me smile. Honestly, I think everyone should read this series because they’re all connected in small ways and my fellow nerds will definitely relate to a lot of what happens.

Bookish and the Beast is coming out August 4th so preorder now and enjoy!!

Bookish and the Beast

Fandom Lifestyle

Why I Changed My Blog Name

Why I changed my name
Photo by Allie on Unsplash

Well, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog post! It has been over a month and I’ve missed you guys! If you didn’t notice I’d ducked out for a while, then no worries. I just decided to take a break away from blogging and social media to focus a little more on my mental health. I also wanted to look at the direction I wanted to take my blog next.

I’ve had the blog name ‘TheDeeWhoLived’ for nearly 3 years and, while it was amazing to have it, I knew it needed to go. I think all the news about J.K Rowling and her archaic views finally put a nail into that nerdy coffin.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m still utterly addicted to Harry Potter! It’s my magical world! J.K may have created it but we have built it. It’s our world now regardless of what she thinks.

It really knocked me for six when I saw what my favourite author was talking about and that’s what tainted my blog name. TheDeeWhoLived just didn’t feel right anymore. I couldn’t hold onto this Harry Potter name anymore. I actually wrote a letter to her offline to get all my thoughts and feelings onto paper. I have way too many transgender friends who have been affected.

Now you’ve probably seen my new name ‘According To Daisy’ and are probably wondering what the inspiration behind it is. That’s always something I think when I see a blogger changing their name! Haha! I could easily have come up with a detailed reason but I don’t have one! I chose this name because these posts and opinion are according to me!

That’s it.


The next thing you’re probably thinking about is whether my content will stay the same. The answer is partially. I’m still going to write lifestyle posts because I really enjoy chatting about my daily thoughts, but I also want to venture more into my first love: fandom. I stepped away from writing more of these posts because they didn’t get much interaction but now I just don’t care.

I have too much fandom love to give so won’t stop myself anymore!

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what fandom content I want to create, though I have some fun ideas. I just want to put back the fun into blogging again. Putting so much pressure onto myself is what triggered my mental health in the first place! I’m never going to get thousands or even hundreds of views. I’m just too quirky but I can still post. If I enjoy what I blog, then that’s the most important thing.

I’ve also archived my old Instagram with all the Harry Potter content. Again, I will still post some Potter pictures but I want to include the other fandoms I love. If you can’t handle all the nerdiness, then fairdo. I can’t wait to introduce you to all of the things I love:

  • RWBY
  • Disney
  • Books/Reading
  • Anime
  • Doctor Who
  • Chronicles of Narnia
  • Lord of the Rings

It’s true that I’ve lost over 100 followers on Twitter since I changed. At the end of the day, it’s their choice whether they want to follow or unfollow. I can’t keep people around and I never want to force anyone to. I’m starting afresh and that means new people to discover and potentially collab with! Who do you think would make a perfect collab match with me?

Can’t wait to start this new chapter in my blogging journey and take you along with me!

What do you think of my new blog name? Think I shouldn’t have changed?


Favourite TV Shows Of All Time (From A 30+ Fangirl)

TV Shows

You know what I love to do when I’m bored? I go on Youtube/Netflix and search for all the old TV shows I used to watch and love. I still love them to this day, even if I look on some differently! I’m going to start with a few from my childhood to this day.

Let’s see who else remembers these!



To this day I still find this show relaxing to watch! What other shows can you remember that was all about an elephant royal family and their subjects, subtly teaching you about the species! I didn’t realise as a kid that Babar lost his mother to a hunter!

It’s crazy what you find out when you’re older!

The art style is gorgeous, along with the music. There aren’t many programmes these days that have super detailed designs and thought-provoking plots! I saw a quick glimpse of the updated version and nope…just nope.

Animals of Farthing Wood:

I blame this incredible show for making me stop meat and traumatising me every week. You couldn’t help but loving it though! It was like Babar in the fact that it had talking animals, gorgeous art/music and taught you some super important lessons about looking after nature.

I still don’t forget the ‘crossing the busy road’ episode.


PB & J Otter:

Is anyone sensing a pattern of my favourite TV shows as a kid? Yep, another one all about talking animals! This was one of the first ever cartoons I watched on Disney Channel and I find myself humming the theme song every now and again.

The 90s made some super catchy intros.

It definitely wasn’t as serious as the first two shows but it still had some lessons that kids could learn. Being kind, being nice to siblings, not listening to strangers.


This is a classic show that I only discovered when it came on the channel ‘Challenge’! I’d heard of the theme before but had been too young to understand what was going on. It wasn’t until repeat episodes that I started to love! If you’re super young, then here’s a little Dee run-down:

You get a team of youngsters who enter Knightmare Castle and have to successfully make it through challenges without dying! You have a ‘Dungeoneer’ who wears the Helmet of Justice. The helmet is basically a blindfold that prevents them seeing their surroundings. That’s when their team-mates/advisers come in. They have to guide the Dungeoneer away from danger, answer riddles, cast spells and find items to replenish their life-force.

You lose that, you die and lose!

Youtube actually did a small remake with some Youtubers a few years and it was awesome!! Anything with Dan&Phil is awesome!

Animal Ark:

We might as well carry on with the animal loving shows! I didn’t automatically love this from watching the TV show. I’d actually read the books before it! They were perfect and I was 10 when the show came! It also introduced me to a future Magizoologist!

That’s right: Eddie Redmayne!!

Eddie’s first ever TV role was an episode called Bunnies In Bathroom and I thought he was gorgeous even then! One way to introduce myself to hormones! Haha!


Goodnight Sweetheart:

Okay, who remembers this?! It only finished in 2016 but first started all the way back in 1993!!

Who can’t love being able to go back in time?! A guy called Gary Sparrow is living in London during the 90s when he finds a time portal to the 40s in the same place. He has to pretend that he’s from that time while going back and forth and keeping everything hidden from both women he loves.

Typical cheesy drama but it has such sweet moments!

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates:

You literally cannot deny that anything Patricia Routledge is in is gold! She’s such an incredible actress and loved seeing her in a more serious role after ‘Keeping Up Appearances’.

There’s even a young Hobbit in this show!

If you’ve watched the Lord of the Ring films or Lost, then you’ll know Dominic Monaghan! He’s a baby-faced 20 year old and is super adorable!! Who knew that he would end up going from Lancashire to Middle-Earth in a few short years?! He’s going to be a film this year with Mel Gibson so that should be interesting!

Noel’s House Party:

This has such a special place in my heart because it was something I used to watch with my parents every Saturday night! Back when Saturdays were the best days of the week!

The show was based in a fictional place called Crinkly Bottom and there were celebs that pretended to be residents of the village. You had amazing games such as Grab a Grand, Wait Until I Get You Home and the infamous Grunge Tank!

You can blame this show for the abomination that is Mr Blobby! I still have 0 clue how he was created and why but yeah! Haha!

Animal Hospital:

If you ignore the fact that Rolf Harris was the presenter, I adored this show so much! I’ve always loved animals and that included any shows that had them in it! There was Pet Rescue on Channel 4 and Animal Hospital on BBC 1! It’s a surprise that I didn’t become a vet in the end.

Loved seeing the adorable animals, the vets at work and the theme tune (as always!)

I keep telling you: 90s was the decade of the best themes!

I could be here for ages writing about all the TV shows that I’ve loved but we’d be here for a long time!

What are you favourite TV shows of all time? Has your taste changed over the years?


Who Would I Cast In The Disney+ Percy Jackson Series?

percy jackson

You might care or you might not but, for those of you who do, Percy Jackson is going to be turned into a series on Disney+!! I have been waiting so long for these books to be given a second chance. I don’t blame the cast in the Percy Jackson films because their acting was really good! It was just the bad writing. Logan Lerman made a great Percy and I would totally have cast him if he was young enough.

Since Nick Rhiordan (the author) is going to be working alongside the team, we don’t have to worry. He’ll make sure that the series sticks close to his series!

Hearing the news made me think of a particular question: who would I cast in the new Percy Jackson series?

If you haven’t read the books or seen the films, here’s a quick rundown for you!

There are so many characters I could chat about and, since we don’t know if it’s starting from the start, I’m going to focus on some of the main people. Of course I’ll be including Nico in this because he’s a dark, forboding boy who deserves all the love!

Percy Jackson

We have to start with the title character himself!

There has been bits of contraversy over his previous casting. In the books he is meant to be 12 years old and in 6th grade, but Logan was 17/18 when he played him. A little bit of an age jump! If we are starting from the start, I really hope they use an actor that is around 12/13!

I guess it depends on the success of the show when it comes out if the cast are going to grow up with it. Disney shows always tend to be 2 seasons long unless they’re popular. Who knows! This fangirl definitely can’t see into the minds of the Disney bosses!

Choice: Jacob Tremblay (Wonder/Doctor Sleep)

I reckon Jacob has great experience already at 13 to handle being Percy, both the comedy and the drama!

Annabeth Chase

Okay, moving onto the Daughter of Athena: Annabeth!

For me, whoever plays her has to be able to show Annabeth’s intelligence and sass. I mean…she ends up calling Percy ‘Seaweed Brain’ in the first book. She also needs to help us believe that she’s been at Camp Halfblood for a while!

Choice: Indi Star (Henry Danger)

For me, Indi would make a great Annabeth! She’s 13 so in perfect range, blonde and I loved her performances in Henry Danger! She’s still a relative newcomer so I reckon the Percy Jackson series would be a great step-up for her!

Grover Underwood

This is a real tricky one for me!

Grover is a satyr so he literally could have anyone playing him! I remember seeing that he was brown-haired and biologically looked 16. He is really 33 but we all know he acts younger. There are so many talented teen actors who might be the one to play one of my favourite characters. They obviously have to be good at comedy because Grover has some amazing lines in the books, but show that he has conflicted emotions.

That and he’s terrified of rabbits! Haha.

Choices: Blake Talabis (The Umbrella Academy) or Aidan Gallagher (The Umbrella Academy)


We all know who Poseidon is.

God of the sea, has a trident, son of Kronos and Rhea! He’s also Percy’s dad (though Percy doesn’t know that straight away). I had to have a good think about who could possibly play him and what age. Who could realistically look like that they could have a 12 year old child.

There’s only a few people who came to mind and I hope at least one person agrees with me.

Choices: Ben Barnes (Chronicles of Narnia), Jay Baruchel (How To Train A Dragon) or Justin Chatwin

If only we could have Logan Lerman has Poseidon! That would be amazing but he’s way too young. Hopefully he gets a cameo somewhere in the series as someone!

There are so many characters throughout the books that this post would be drag-on for ages. If you want to know who else I’d cast in the series, just ask. I have them physically written down in a list! I think it’s going to be a while before we even get an inkling of the series due to the pandemic, but we have hope.

We got the news and that’s the biggest step! Now we just need this dumb Covid-19 to disappear so we can fangirl/boy over Percy Jackson all over again!!

Who would you cast in the Disney+ series?

Books Fandom

Review | The World of RWBY: The Official Companion


Considering that I’m 95% fangirl, it’s no surprise that I’m a lover of many fandoms. One fandom in particular is called RWBY! If you’ve never heard of it, then let me give you a brief overview:

In the supernatural universe of Remnant, four strong girls are training to become Huntresses, which are humanity’s only hope of defeating the shadowy and threatening creatures known as Grimm.

Some of you might think that the word ‘Grimm’ sounds familiar and you’d be right. RWBY is based loosely on some of the characters we see in the Grimms’ Fairy Tales. We have Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Snow White and more. There is so much that happens in the show that I literally would be here discussing it forever. That’s why the official companion would explain it all better! Haha!

All of this was the dream brain-child of its creator, Monty Oum, with the help from Rooster Teeth!

If you’ve had the vision of something truly epic that wouldn’t stop bugging you until you brought it to life, then I reckon that was what RWBY was like to Monty. It had two other co-creators in Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna but this was all Monty!

…It was here, in this buzz of adrenaline and inspiration, that Monty had a dream he just couldn’t shake…He started describing his vision of RWBY: the colours, the names, the girls, how [the title] would be initials but pronounced like ‘ruby’.

He knew what he wanted to make, and we had faith in him to do it.

Unfortunately Monty only got to see 3 volumes of his creation. He passed away on February 1st 2015 due to a severe allergic reaction in a routine medical procedure. He was only 33.

RIP Monty.

Okay, so if the whole incredible ideas haven’t taken in your fancy and you’re looking for a little more fantasy, never you worry! Did you know that the show starts off at a school for hunters and huntresses called Beacon Academy? No! There you go!

It’s like if Harry Potter had specially designed weapons instead of wands!! The world of Remnant (where everything is based) just has a way of capturing your imagination and the characters your heart.

What I love so much about the official companion is that you could literally have no clue what RWBY is about and, by the end of the book, you’ll know everything and more. It really gives you a true in-depth sight into how everything is made from character designs, fight choreography and even animation! The world is just so vast and I’ve always been curious about a number of things.

You think you know everything and then BAM! More details you had no clue about! There are a bunch of characters that I fangirl over every time I see them being mentioned such as Professor Ozpin, Oscar Pine, Team JNPR, Tyrian and Team CFVY (Coffee).

What are your thoughts on RWBY? Does it sound up your street?

Fandom Lifestyle

12 Things Turning 20 in 2020 (TV Shows/Films/Songs)

turning 20

It might be April but it’s still early 2020 in my eyes! Seeing as I’ve been watching and re-watching different TV shows/films, it got me wondering: which things are turning 20 this year? You’ve got to love an even number! I did a bit of research and I’m now thoroughly feeling old!

There are 12 things turning 20 that you might be stunned about!

It only feels like yesterday that they were new! Let me know which of these that you remember seeing/owning back in 2000!

Billy Elliot

To this date, Billy Elliot has to be my favourite film of all time!

I had never watched a film like this before and it really hoped up my eyes to what the 80s were like. I never knew boys could be ballet dancers and was only just understanding about LGBTQ+ issues. It is a serious film but it also has the best comedy moments ever!

Every scene that had Jamie Bell and Julie Walters was perfect, grown-up Michael seeing Billy’s dad at the ballet and Billy’s grandma! She was a really funny lady! RIP to Jean Heywood who died last year!

I guess we can even thank the film for bringing us Tom Holland in the West-End cast! Haha!

Gilmore Girls

Now this was a show I couldn’t believe was one of the things turning 20! It doesn’t seem like it was that long since I felt jealous over Rory’s life and was introduced to the gorgeousness that is Jared Padalecki!

I think it feels more recent since we had the slight reboot on Netflix not long ago. That and I’ve clearly surrounded myself with people who love using gifs from it!

Which of the characters were your favourites?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This one isn’t so much of a surprise since we’ve been celebrating 20 years of each Harry Potter book every year! What is shocking is that I remember being at my local book shop at midnight waiting to get it!

This was the latest I had ever been out (I was only 13!) and it was amazing!

I wish kids still got the chance to have these midnight book releases! They bring everyone together, young and old! Who else wishes they could go to the Yule Ball? I know we have the Twitter ball every year and that you can see the decorations at WB Studio Tour, but still!

goblet of fire

Dora the Explorer

Hola! Can you say ‘old’? Say ‘old’! Good job!

Woooow! I reckon Dora and Boots have aged well over the last two decades! Not only have they had the original series but a follow-on with her cousin and then the feature film last year!

I loved watching this show as a kid, mostly because I was taking Spanish at school and I was able to use this! Oh, and so many funny memes have coming out of this. I remember one back in 2009 where a Kingdom Hearts cosplay group did ‘Sora the Explorer’. It was so fun and had characters such as Naruto, Kaoru and Hikaru from Ouran High School Host Club and more!

If you haven’t seen, check this out!

Dark Angel

Okay, who remembers this show?! We had Jared in Gilmore Girls and now we have Jensen Ackles in this show! Unless you’ve watched Supernatural you probably don’t know who these actors are but wow! It only lasted 2 years but was worth it!

It was created by James Cameron (director of Terminator and the Avatar films) and was the show I discovered Jessica Alba! It was all about a female super-soldier escaping from her prison and freeing a bunch like her! Very cheesy sci-fi but fun!

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Oh I have so memories of watching this show with Mum! We loved sitting back in the evening and watching it on Living TV! It was a bit graphic for me at times but the catchy theme song, Grissom and the slight crush I had on the DNA specialist Greg!

What? I was 13, okay?! Hormones!

As Told By Ginger

This show!! I still remember the tune to the theme song for this and I loved it! It was my first taste of Nickelodeon and I became obsessed with it since these guys also created The Wild Thornberries! A young girl trying to figure out school life, growing up and wrote a diary? Sounded like my life!

Scary Movie

I’m such a coward when it comes to horror films and have only watched 2 in my life! That’s probably why I loved a parody film like this! It was so stupid but had me in pieces! I can remember being absolute stitches when I saw this for the first time and even have it on DVD!

Can anyone else remember when parody films were everywhere?! We obviously had the Scary Movie franchise but also one about superheroes with Drake Bell!

I might have to watch Scary Movie tonight! Haha!

Charlie’s Angels

The funny thing about this film is that I don’t remember the film as much but I do remember Destiny’s Child! Their song ‘Independent Women’ was just super catchy and massive at the time! I still think it is and who knew Beyonce would become the Queen that she is!

The Emperor’s New Groove

The most underestimated out of the Disney films! I don’t know why more people talk about it! It was so much fun and some of the quotes are still being used to this day!

You only have to have to go on TikTok and you’ll find a bunch of people doing quotes from the film like this!! Gotta love Kronk and Yzma!


we spent over an hour doing this #yzma#kronk#emperorsnewgroove#disney#disneycosplay#pulltheleverkronk#cosplay @jakejust529

♬ Wrong lever – girlyredfox

The Grinch

Another film that TikTok has covered is The Grinch!! I already loved Jim Carey in this film since we all know how expressive he is as an actor and his take on The Grinch was perfect! You laughed at most of his moments but also couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy!

Now that we’re on lockdown, people are used his ‘I’m booked’ monologue to chat about what they’re doing in self-isolation! I should do one myself!

The Weakest Link

Before we had Pointless and The Chase, we had Anne Robinson with The Weakest Link! Was I the only one who was a little freaked out by her? I had a teacher at school just like her and I swear I was left traumatised! As I got a bit older, I started to enjoy the show more and felt all accomplished if I got any of the answers right!

If you love Youtube, then you might know that AmazingPhil was actually on the show as a contestant at one point! Who else remembers his long hair days?!

Can you guys believe that these things are turning 20?!


My First Thoughts On Disney+ And My To-Watch List


Yesterday was the day that all the UK Disney fans had been waiting for! The magical launch of Disney+ on our little island and I never clicked a button fast enough! I, like a lot of people, grew up with the Disney films and I have some incredible memories visiting Disneyworld in 1998! There was something so cool about seeing The Lion King and princesses like Belle!

How many of you preordered Disney+ months ago?!

If I had the funds, I would have but I’m still doing the monthly payouts to watch all of my old and new favourites. Okay, so what were my first thoughts on the site so far?

The first thing I loved was how clear and concise it looked! I’m a bit of an organisation freak and seeing everything set out in clear sections such as original movies, animated movies, Disney Channel favourites and more. I may have squealed on that last section because I saw so many of my childhood shows listed!

I adore how it has gone all the way back to the start of Disney with Steamboat Willie! Who else has the whistle tune stuck in their head? I know I do! I never realised just how many short films they did at the start! If you click search at the top, you get taken to a bunch of collections to check out. One of the first that you’ll see is the ‘Disney through the decades’ collection! If you thought that you’d seen every Disney film made, you’ll be sorely mistaken!

Grab some popcorn while you stay at home and see all the different creations through the decades!

I’ve already watched Stargirl which was both incredible yet confusing! It reminded me a lot of Bridge to Terebithia with a girl completely different to everyone else and a boy trying to figure her out! The songs were incredible and I think everyone will have different interpretations!

I’ve only watched Disney Channel original films in the past so can’t wait to check out other kinds!

Speaking of Disney Channel, this was one of my main channels to watch in the early 00s. The 90s had really introduced me to US kids shows like Sabrina, Clarissa Explains It All and that carried on into the millenium!

My days were full of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Recess, Ducktales, Lizzie McGuire and Wizards of Waverly Place.

Those were the cheesy days!

The important question: what am I going to binge-watching on Disney+ during my self-isolation? There are literally so many films and shows! We’re going to be set for months which is super handy! Here are the picks on my watchlist that are near and dear to my Disney heart (I’ll watch everything on the site soon enough!):


  • Moana
  • Tangled
  • The Lion King (animated)
  • Beauty and the Beast (animated & live-action)
  • Ralph Breaks The Internet
  • One Day at Disney
  • The Little Mermaid
  • The Jungle Book (animated & live-action)
  • The Aristocats
  • Brave
  • Big Hero 6
  • Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Like I said, I’m literally going to watch everything and anything on this site! There are so many films I could add to this list but we’d be here all day!

TV Shows

  • Lizzie McGuire
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
  • Suite Life on Deck
  • Andi Mack
  • Big Hero 6: The Series
  • Gravity Falls
  • Tangled: The Series
  • Wizards of Waverly Place
  • The Adventures of the Gummi Bears (MY HEART!!)
  • Doug (I still have the VHS!)
  • Kim Possible
  • Recess
  • The Imagineering Story
  • Star Wars Rebels
  • That’s So Raven

Yeah, you can kind of tell that I was hooked to the Disney Channel on the weekends! There were and still are amazing shows to watch for all ages. You had your fantasy shows, your family shows, your animated shows and the shows that took the first step! I’m looking at you, Andi Mack!!

If you have Disney+, what are you excited to watch?

Books Fandom Harry Potter

5 World Book Day Costume Ideas For Grown-Ups

world book dayPhoto by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

5th March marks World Book Day and it’s such a fun day for both kids and grown-ups alike.

Every supermarket I’ve been in lately have had some amazing costumes for kids to wear. There was Mary Poppins, Matilda, a Golden Ticket, Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. They even had some adorable teeny costumes for babies!

I know that adults have fancy dress shops to make costumes but they’re never particular book characters! I mean…half the costumes you see for women in those shops are sexy! Not every woman wants to look like that. Some of us would like to have a nice costume without having to worry about showing much of everything.

That’s why I wanted to come up with some possible World Book Day costumes for grown-ups to wear. Whether they are for teachers, librarians or anyone who works with books.

Mary Poppins

There are so many fun ideas that you could take from Mary Poppins!!

You could be:

  • Mary herself (from either the original film or the more recent one)
  • Bert (who wouldn’t want to be Dick Van Dyke or Lin-Manuel Miranda!)
  • Mrs Banks (woo for votes for women!)

The great thing about days like these is that you can be super creative with whoever you choose. As long as you give people the book you’re from, you get to let them use their imagination. The fact that we’ve had Mary Poppins Returns means kids will more than likely know who you are. If I could, I would’ve loved to have done Mary in her ‘A Cover Is Not The Book‘ costume! Love that song.

Harry Potter

How I wish my teachers would have done this when I was still at school. I think mine were super boring because they never bothered to dress up and even scolded a few people who dressed up. These days I’ve seen so many incredible pictures of teachers who have dressed up for World Book Day as the teachers from Harry Potter. There are so many you can choose from too!

There have even been some that went as more creative characters such as Moaning Myrtle (toilet seat and all), Fred and George and one of the House mascots! I never thought of going as a badger but I might do that for a convention one day. That’s if I can figure out how!

Never be afraid to think outside the box!

Roald Dahl

I’ve literally seen so many people chatting about doing Roald Dahl characters. He’s never been as popular and I’m loving it!

He wrote legendary characters that both adults and kids alike adore. We’ve all read at least one of his book at some point in our lives. Since there are so many characters to choose, their costumes can be as easy as you want them to be.

Some amazing adult characters to try could be:

  • Miss Trunchball
  • Miss Honey
  • Miss Spider/Mrs Ladybug
  • Grandpa Joe
  • Mr Fox

Lord of The Rings

Depending on where you work, I think more people should dress up as characters from J.R.R Tolkien’s books.

You can’t go wrong with either being a badass elf like Arwen or Lady Galadriel or being one of the Hobbits such as Samwise Gamgee. The costumes are a little bit more tricky to do but I reckon it would be a great challenge for anyone who is up to trying.

If you do, let me know so I can fangirl over you!!


I’ve seen a few who say that people shouldn’t dress up as Disney characters because they’re not from books. At the end of the day, a lot of those characters have either ended up in books or did come from them. Look at Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan!

I adore all things Disney! It’s such a magical fandom to be a part of, you get to visit the kingdoms and you can relate to the characters. I grew up during the 90s when films such as The Lion King, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast came out. It was an amazing time to be a kid and experiencing all of these coming to life. I think I still have The Lion King soundtrack on cassette tape! Haha!

Who could you be? Well…take your pick!

  • Jessie (Toy Story)
  • Jane (Tarzan)
  • Phillip (the guy Robin Williams plays in Flubber)
  • Rapunzel (Tangled)
  • Tiana (Princess and the Frog)

There is nothing wrong with dressing up for World Book Day regardless of the fact that we aren’t kids anymore. We read books too and love the characters so embrace your bookish love!

Who would you dress up as for World Book Day?

World Book Day

Books Fandom

Review | Heartstopper Volume 3 by Alice Oseman

I’m not embarrassed in the slightest that I have been fangirling over Heartstopper! There is something so special about Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper series and people need to read! This is my call to any friends, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community, get Volume 1 and feel all the rainbow feels!

I may have jumped ahead of myself a little.

Kind of saw Alice in person this week at her event for Heartstopper Volume 3 in Nottingham. Yeah…still kind of on a high from that and proud of it.

Heartstopper Volume 3

Since this is a review of the latest volume, I might as well calm myself down a little and give you my honest opinions. This is a continuation following Nick and Charlie’s gentle journey into their relationship. They’ve had quite a few bumps in the road in terms of homophobia bullies (I’m looking at you, Harry!) and Nick trying to understand his sexuality.

It doesn’t matter what these boys go through!

They’re just so in love and I literally feel my heart grow every time I read their moments alone together. You forget that you’re reading a graphic novel and truly feel immersed into their world. It’s so interesting how your brain adds colour to the pictures even when they’re black and white! Alice clearly paints the world with her words!

I can be good with words too, y’know! Haha!

This difference between Heartstopper Volume 3 and the last book is how many different topics are covered! We have depression, sexuality, homophobia, eating disorders and more! I adored how much Alice had me thinking even when the moments got rather dark. I will be honest and say that there were a couple of moments during this where I was triggered and had to step away. It wasn’t that they were super horrifying or anything. I loved them so much! I guess the character going through those moments reminded me of myself and I cried for them.

Just when you think you know what is going to happen, a curveball is thrown at you and you literally can’t turn the page fast enough.

Heartstopper Volume 3

Even though we only get the odd glimpse of her, one of my favourite characters has to be Charlie’s sister Tori. There is something so cool and sassy about her. She says what’s on her mind, doesn’t really if it embarrasses her brother (only sibling banter) and I just love her! I really hope that we get to see more of her in Volume 4 next year because she deserves more paper time!

Other characters I love are Darcy, Tara and Elle. I definitely have to say that Darcy and Tara are just as cute together as Nick and Charlie! They’re always holding hands or sitting in the other’s lap. To see them being so comfortable with who they are after everything is amazing! Plus Darcy is just a big Nick x Charlie shipper!

heartstopper volume 3

This above moment had me giggling for a few minutes!

I’d probably say something along the same lines if I knew two of my gay friends had been caught kissing. Nick and Charlie are still super new to being boyfriends and testing the waters. The fact that they’re having a quick snogging session while on a school trip to Paris (the romance capital of the world!) makes me proud of them. They still have a long way to go until they feel more comfortable being open but they’re taking great steps.

Moments that you have to look out for when you read:

  • Charlie’s reaction to Nick speaking another language
  • A medical emergency
  • Two characters finally getting together
  • Nick and Charlie posting on Instagram (and their comments!)

Oh!! Before I forget: Alice actually has two new books coming out this year which is incredible! They are Nick and Charlie (3rd September) and Loveless (9th July). I can’t wait to preorder my copies next week! We even have the TV show of Heartstopper happening at some point in the future!! Not sure when but I’m already casting people in my mind!

What are your thoughts on Heartstopper Volume 3?
Have you read any of the other Heartstopper books?



Books Fandom

My Top 8 Favourite YA Book Covers

Before we even read a book, we see book covers.

Sometimes you get a simple version to announce that the book will be published. Sometimes you get the gorgeous cover straight away (Alice Oseman is amazing for this!). Other times you’ll get a book that gets a new cover for their hardback or an update for the paperback! The amount of book covers that Harry Potter has had is crazy but I still adore all of them!

This post has been inspired by one of my favourite booktubers, HaileyInBookland. She spoke about being a book collector in her last vlog and you should see her Alice In Wonderland collection!

I have to admit that book covers are one of the big reasons for me to pick up a book and look at the synopsis. I’m a visual kind of person so colour, illustrations and gorgeous font always gets my attention. You’ll be surprised to see that I don’t have any of the Potter books on my list. It isn’t that I don’t love all of the covers but these ones really had me captivated!

book covers


If you’ve been a follower of my blog for a while then you won’t be surprised to see a couple of LGBTQ+ choices! The pride colours are some of my favourite to see on a cover! They’re just so vibrant and speak volumes on behalf of people who can’t!

What I loved about this particular design, other than the colours, is the fist in the air! It

That to me signifies a person who is celebrating who they are, determined to get their voice across and just has a strong personality! I could be wrong but that’s how it makes me feel!

The Places I’ve Cried In Public (Holly Bourne)

This book is one that definitely was picked because of the cover!

I mean…look at the design!! It looks so wistful! A person sitting on a bench by themselves and a tree with fallen leaves. It’s only when you see the smudge stain from a tear falling onto ink that you get the connection to the story. I know I related to the title when I saw it mentioned on Holly Bourne’s Twitter. I can think of quite a few times when I’ve publically cried about something.

Whether it be from bullying (crying in the school corridor), losing my mum (crying in the nursing home) or being told bad news (crying on the back seat of a bus).

Chasing the Stars (Malorie Blackman)

I’ve been a big fan of Malorie’s ever since I discovered her through ‘Pig Heart Boy’. We were taught about people with differences and bullying through this book and I was always really excited to hear another chapter. After that, I tried to follow a bunch of her other books especially Noughts & Crosses and Chasing the Stars.

Even though I was overly sold on this particular book, I still loved its cover!

The gorgeous pastel colours all blurred, the gold background for the title that reminds me of a supernova and the lines going in circle that also remind me of when you need shooting stars! There is probably a better description of the cover (where are my astrophysicists?) but that’s as much as my mind stretches!

The Raven King (Maggie Stiefvater)

I’ll be honest and admit that I’d never heard of Maggie and her books before today. It wasn’t until I spotted her book covers on the Waterstones website that my interest was piqued.

The reason why this cover is on my list out of the ones I could have chosen should be pretty obvious.

Any guesses?

It looks like Harry’s stag patronus!! The stunning illustration of a stag with blue paintstrokes within it surrounded by ravens is something I would for certain put on my wall. It’s simple yet full of so much detail! I really wish I knew who created this cover so I can fangirl over them! I’ve now got the Raven Cycle on my TBR list to check out so I’ll let you know if I love!

Girl Hearts Girl (Lucy Sutcliffe)

LGBTQ+ cover number 2!

Believe me, my whole list would have been full of books with these covers but I had to kind of draw a line. Don’t worry…I’ll be allowing my little heart to run free for Valentine’s Day! If you have any other books in their genre, I’d love to hear some recommendations! I always want to read more!

This book, like Proud, is based on the personal experiences of someone in the community and that is Lucy. She writes about her experiences of discovering she was gay at 14, trying to figure out where to go next and then meeting her girlfriend Kaelyn. This broke and then glued my heart together when I read!

I already said that I loved the rainbow colours but I also love that blocks of colour are plane tickets! They have little hearts, the London skyline, two girl icons and are just adorable!! It’s amazing when little details are added to the cover and tell you the visual story.

The Paper & Hearts Society (Lucy Powrie)

If you haven’t read Lucy’s debut novel, then it’s a must!! It has such an amazing group of characters and, if you read it now, then you’ll be ready for its sequel ‘Read with Pride’ coming out in May!!

Does it have a Pride link to it?

*shuffles* Maybe.

Okay, yes!! I like what I like and proud of that! Haha!

What I love about Paper & Hearts Society is the sheer vibrance of the cover!! As well as being a brilliant bright yellow (my Hufflepuff side was so happy!), it also had little stars and hearts and a young girl sitting on a bench with a pile of books next to her.

This is me in book cover form!!

Autoboyography (Christina Lauren)

Okay, this list should really be titled ‘My Top 8 Favourite LGBTQ+ Book Covers’ because here is another one!

The main character, Tanner, is bisexual so wooo for the bi community!!

Unless you knew what colour were on the bi flag (they’re pink, purple and blue), then you might see some of the cleverness of the cover. It’s obviously upside down but I see the colours there as well as the gorgeous night’s sky! It’s a gorge blending of the colours and the two characters seemingly seem to be standing on a book and a mountain! That’s how it looks to me!

Utah has a lot of snowy mountains, right? I watch ThisIsHowWeBingham and they show lots of snowy mountains on their vlogs!

Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)

I had to finish this post with Pride and Prejudice!

I might be bias about this cover since I don’t live all that far away from Chatsworth House and there it is on here, but I do have other reasons for loving this version. It catches the romance of the story with the night’s sky and Elizabeth Bennet with Mr Darcy, but it also shows her sass!

She has her back to him and is too busy with her book! That is the fiesty Lizzy we know!

Puffin always seems to make the most beautiful designs so I’m not surprised that I added one of their classics!

What book covers have you fallen in love with?