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“May The Fourth Be With You” Bullet Journal Flipthrough

Ever since I started creating my 2021 bullet journal I’ve been wanting to be more nerdy with it. I’ve done episode reviews with anime and did a Beauty and the Beast themed spread back in March. Now we have entered May, I knew exactly what theme I was going to do: Star Wars!!

Today is Star Wars Day so May the Fourth Be With You, fellow Jedi!!

I’m hopeless when it comes to drawing/doodling so excuse the horrendous attempts at Chewbacca and BB-8! I couldn’t do this kind of spread without including a few little doodles. You can probably tell in the first picture that I don’t use anything to draw circles so my ferris wheel looks like a deformed orange but it still looks cute! This month’s quote and design was inspired by Julietta at thatsmybujoaccount. The only difference is that I added BB-8!

Star Wars

Every time I see a ferris wheel, it instantly makes me think of the fair scene in Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens! If you’ve read the book or seen the film, then you will know exactly what I’m talking about!

I chose this design and quote because life is definitely a crazy ride. Sometimes it’s a rollercoaster that takes you on massive highs and intense lows. Other times you can just relax and enjoy the ride! I’m still stuck on the rollercoaster but hopefully I’ll find myself on the ferris wheel by the end of the year. I mean…I’m not getting younger!

While my monthly overview isn’t the most gorgeous thing to look at, I think it’s a really nice layout. I wanted to do something a little different and jotted down the days of the week and did black and white numbers. This seems like it will be much easier to read and less of a chore to figure out when my brain is broke.

Of course I added a teeny light-saber as a header and doodles of R2-D2, Chewbacca and BB-8 on the side. Poor BB-8 looks like he’s had a rough night but I tried!

Star Wars Bullet Journal

Star Wars Mood Tracker

You guys know by now that I love a good ol’ mood tracker. It helps that I need to keep track of it since it’s crazy. Look at how the start of May has gone so far. Got to love mental health taking charge. Meeeeh. Ah well, I thought I’d try and cheer myself up by having light-sabers to keep track of what my mood is doing. Oh and I had to have The Child going after a butterfly to make me smile.

I love how the light-sabers look and you can’t go wrong with a rainbow Star Wars page!

To celebrate May the Fourth I’ve been living my best fan life and watching the films in order. I’ve been meaning to do it for years but now I have an excuse and time to kill. Not only have I got films to watch, there are even TV shows. You have The Mandalorian, Star Wars: Rebels, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Resistance! So much content for fans and Disney+ is just making my life so much easier!

Star Wars Memories

On the other pages that I haven’t shown are my blog schedule, anime reviews and that’s it. It always depends on what happens on the day whether I make a page about it. Last month was a lot of new pages because stuff happened! It’s amazing how creative I can be when I want to be.

Let’s see whether Star Wars continues to inspire me to make pages for May! Hopefully I at least learn how to make a better circle. Haha!

Are you a Star Wars fan? How have you been celebrating the day?

Disney Fandom

New In Disney | Spring/Summer 2021

Ooof, can you believe that it’s been eight months since I last wrote a ‘New in Fandom‘ post? I guess our long-overdue guest kept me from fangirling as much as I had prior! You might notice that this post is focused on one fandom in particular: Disney! I’ve been wanting to check what is new in Disney products for so long and I finally allowed myself to look around different sites to see what’s available right now and in the future.

There is so much and it makes me wish I was rich enough to buy all of the stuff that’s out there.

From Funko Pops to pins to clothes and even the odd doll, it has never been a better time to be a grown-up Disney fan. Hopefully you’ll get an idea of what’s out there from this post. Alright, let’s get into what exactly is new in

New In Disney

Lilo with Pudge (£9.99) | Marvel’s Wandavision Collector’s Special (£12.99) | Lilo with Scrump (£9.99) |
Loki: Glorious Purpose T-Shirt (£18.99) | Xavier Institute Hoodie (£35) | Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters T-Shirt (£12) | Scarlet Witch Special Edition Doll (£40) | The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Pin (£12) | Minnie Mouse Castle Ears (£24) | Eeyore Rainbow Mug (£11) | It’s A Small World 55th Anniversary Opening Ceremony Key Pin (£10) | Minnie Mouse Poppies Ears (£24) |

Lilo with Scrump

First up I’m starting with one of the two Lilo funko pops that I discovered on my search. There are Stitch ones also but, to be honest, those pops actually make Stitch look freaky. Not a fan! Whereas Lilo looks adorable and definitely need to be on my shelf.

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen Lilo and Stitch, Scrump is a homemade doll that Lilo made. It’s super cute and often needs some surgery whenever it gets torn. Part of me wishes the Scrump doll was still in stock on the Disney store but this funko will work too!

Lilo and Pudge

Up next we have Lilo with the weird tropical fish Pudge.

Pudge is a fish that Lilo seems to have adopted and, according to Lilo’, ‘…Every Thursday I give Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich’. Only in a Disney film would you get to see a fish being fed a sandwich for food. The only reason he gets it is because Lilo thinks he controls the weather.

There is a bit of sad reason why she keeps feeding him but I’ll let you discover that for yourself! I love that this funko has the sandwich in his mouth!!

Minnie Mouse Poppies Ears

You can’t have a Disney post without mentioning the Mickey/Minnie ears!

I’ll admit that I’ve never owned a pair of ears to wear to a Disney park but I’m hoping to buy a couple for the future! I love how each pair of ears have their own unique character. Since it’s Spring I reckon these Minnie ears with poppies will be perfect! They give me total Snow White vibes as well!

Perfect for any Disney Princess or Prince!

Minnie Mouse Castle Ears

Another pair of ears that I need to own!

These particular pair look incredible and could fit any Disney outfit you wanted to wear. Between the silver sequins and the golden bow, it will match everything! I adore the teeny rhinestone castle in between the ears. It really adds to the special magic that each of the parks hold.

What outfit do you own that would match these perfectly?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Pin 

I couldn’t chat about what’s new in Disney without including something from Marvel’s most recent Disney+ show ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’. Anyone else who is addicted to the Avengers franchise will know of Sam and Bucky! It still gives me shivers whenever I see Sam with Steve’s shield but it’s perfect at the same time.

Since the moment I knew that this show was going to be a thing, I had my eyes out for pins! Pins are basically like currency for Disney fans! This pin looks so pretty. It’s like you’re seeing both Sam and Bucky threw X-Ray and it suits them perfectly!

Loki ‘Glorious Purpose’ T-Shirt

Did everyone see the new Loki news?! He’s going to be bisexual and have both male and female romantic interests! This is so exciting!! I can’t believe we’re only a couple of months away from the start of the series and I’m already getting ready for the merch!

What fan would not throw money at having Tom Hiddleston on their t-shirt?! Loki looks amazing on this!

Are you guys excited for the new Loki series?

Xavier School Hoodie and T-Shirt

Before I thought about going to Hogwarts, I wanted to go to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. It had the same premise as all the other places I wanted to attend: kids were different, they were judged for being different and they thought for what they thought was right.

I guess that’s why I need to own something like the hoodie and the t-shirt! It helps that I love the colour yellow and, unless someone knows Marvel and the X-Men, then people will only see both of these as another school/college look. I mean…there are loads of them out there!

It might be Spring and getting close to Summer, but I still like the idea of having long-sleeved tops to wear when I’m not feeling confident.

Wandavision Book and Doll

Back when Wanda first appeared in Marvel I wasn’t a big fan of her. I didn’t really understand her character and she just seemed way too over-powered. When Pietro died and we saw her coming into her own with the Avengers and Vision, that’s when I started to like what Elizabeth Olsen was creating. I still don’t understand Wanda since she’s a complicated character but Wandavision was a masterpiece!

I love when shows make me think!

You see one thing happen and discover later on that something else entirely was happening. Love it when screenwriters keep you on the edge of your seat! Now we have a gorgeous collector’s edition book chatting about Wandavision with interviews and photography and then a stunningly detailed doll!

Eeyore Rainbow Mug

Do I need another mug for my cupboard? No…yes.

Will I still get this mug because it’s super cute and I love Eeyore? Definitely!!

This design is really sweet and, with everything going on in the world right, we all need to be looking for rainbows.

It’s A Small World Opening Ceremony Pin

The final item on what’s new in Disney and, of course, it has to end with a pin! I love collecting pins and really need to add some Disney pins to my collection. I’ve seen a few special keys on the Disney Store website and it’s safe to say that It’s A Small World is stuck in my head!

What magical things are you into from Disney?



My Top 5 Anime Recommendations For Anime Day

Unless you’re a bit of a nerd like me, you might not have ever watched a Japanese anime! There’s something so other-worldly about watching a show in a different language. Japan have definitely become the best at creating shows like this that make you laugh, cry, scared and all of the above!

Since I’m a coward and can’t deal with scary anime, I tend to stick to genres like fantasy, school life and a bunch of others. I’ve been watching anime since the 90s and, before you ask: yes, Pokemon is considered an anime! I’ve watched so much that I thought I’d do some recommendations.


It’s Anime Day! (I know…there’s a day for everything but I love it!). I don’t mind watching anime either sub (with subtiles) or dub (in your language). Though I do love hearing my favourite voice actors! Here are my Top 10 anime recommendations that hopefully you’ll love and go and read/watch.


My Hero Academia

If you follow me on either Twitter or TikTok, then it is no surprise that I’ve included My Hero Academia (or Boku No Hero Academia) at the top of my list. It is one of the best shows out there and is literally loved by all ages who watch it!

It follow a normal middle school student called Izuku Midoriya. He lives in a world where people with super powers called Quirks is the norm. A lot of kids develop their Quirk either by birth or around four years old. Can you imagine a group of toddlers floating or exploding something? Yikes! Izuku is the main character and just so happens to be…quirkless. No powers! That chances nothing for Izuku. He only has one goal in mind, quirk or not: to become the Number One Hero.

There is so much more to the story than that! It has over 30 volumes (295 chapters!) and is currently on its fifth TV series! The series is actually on at the minute!! You can watch it either on the Funimation website, CrunchyRoll and even on Amazon Prime. It even has two major films: Two Heroes and Heroes Rising.

If you love following a main character you can relate to emotionally, definitely check out this show!

Demon Slayer

You know how I said that there would be anime shows that make you cry?

For me, Demon Slayer is one of those animes. Shows like this affect people in so many ways and mine was to cry like a baby…on the first episode!! Oof. Don’t let that put you off though. Demon Slayer is one of the most gorgeous animes on right now. The designs and the cinematopgraphy leave you in awe!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba is actually set in Taishō-era (between 1912-1926) Japan and follows a guy called Tanjiro Kamado and his sister, Nezuko, on a journey of discovery and to save Nezuko from a demon curse.

I really killed that synopsis but I really don’t spoil this series for anyone! Trust me, it’s worth sitting down to watch. I will warn you though: it’s a bit graphic at times so, if you don’t like gore, maybe watch my other recommendations. If you’re in the UK, you can actually watch all the episodes of Demon Slayer on Netflix!

Ouran High School Host Club

Alright, this anime is a bit of an oldie but a goodie!

As you can probably guess from the title, the show is based at Ouran High School. This school is for the children of the ultra-rich. Think of the poshest school out there and you would be thinking about Ouran. Oh, and a host club in this sense is a club of good-looking school boys that do events, parties and chats with school girls for money. It sounds wrong but it’s Japan!

We have a scholarship student called Haruhi who is actually poor compared to everyone else and gets in with her brain. What I love about Haruhi is that everyone thinks she’s a guy when she’s actually a girl who doesn’t care about gender. She can be girly and she can be boyish. I guess you might call her non-binary these days.

My favourite characters have to be Honey, Hikaru and Kaoru! They make the anime so much fun! It does have some serious moments so I swear it’s not all romantic fan-service!

Sword Art Online

This anime is definitely a draw for the top spot with My Hero Academia! I literally have some of the music on my Spotify playlist.

Imagine that you’re playing a virtual reality video game when you’re suddenly transported to a town square and told that you’re trapped. If someone tries to take off your headset, you die. Scary, right? That’s what happens to Kirito, Asuna and thousands of others. They literally get trapped in an virtual world for two years!!

This anime literally ticks off all the boxes you could ever want:

  • Fantasy? Check!
  • Romance? Check!
  • Adventure? Check!
  • Comedy? Check!
  • Crippling scenes that make you an emotional wreck? All the checks!

There is so much to watch with this series! You have multiple series, a few films and even a couple of games! That’s how successful it has been worldwide!

Snow White With The Red Hair

To finish off my anime recommendations, I had to choose Snow White With The Red Hair.

I’m beginning to realise that I have a type of anime that I love watching over and over again! I decided to watch this show since I’m a Disney nerd and saw Snow White in the title. Don’t let it fool you though. This may be in a gorgeous land with princes, Shirayuki is far from a princess who serves seven dwarves! She’s actually a herbalist that helps the people in her town with injuries and sickness.

She’s also a strong female lead!! YES!

If she doesn’t agree with how something is done or with what is said, she lets people know. She stands up for herself and others and does what she feels is right, even if it puts her at risk. The storyline of this anime is utterly stunning and I will happily watch it if it was the only show on TV.

Have you ever watched anime? If not, would you after reading this?

Books Fandom

Review | RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant by E.C Myers

Happy Volume 8 release day, fellow RWBY fans! I’ve mentioned this particular show a fair few times on my blog and I’ve been sitting on this review for a few weeks! I wanted to make sure that I posted it when I thought people might be interested. When better to chat about the most recent book than today!

Right now I’m a jumble of nervous excitement!

To try and distract myself for the next hour or so, I’ve been re-reading RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant. It’s been written by E.C Myers and illustrated by Violet Tobacco. The franchise is based loosely on the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales so it isn’t a surprise that we finally have this book!

The main character, Ruby Rose, is even based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood!

RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant

RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant was released back in September but can be picked up at any time! You don’t even have to have watched the show first. It helps though. I’ll let the creators Rooster Teeth explain what the book is all about.


Fans of Rooster Teeth’s hit animated series RWBY will want to pore over every page of this gorgeously illustrated collection of twelve short fairy tales. In addition to classic tales from the show, such as “The Story of the Seasons” and “The Tale of the Two Brothers,” readers can immerse themselves in eight never-before-told stories from RWBY’s show writers. Vibrant artwork throughout completes the collection, offering new insights into the strange, beautiful, and dangerous world of Remnant.

This deluxe edition also happens to be the personal copy of Professor Ozpin, complete with a foreword from the former Beacon headmaster himself. Fans won’t want to miss this must-have collection, sure to reveal more secrets about RWBY and the stunning world of the show!


The book is exactly as it is described! It has 12 fairy tales from within the World of Remnant. Some the fans have heard of and others that are completely new to us. What I have discovered from being a fan is that there are always hidden meanings within these tales. Something that might seem small could end up being vital to a future plot. Rooster Teeth really likes to keep us on our toes.

  • The Warrior in the Woods
  • The Man Who Stared at the Sun
  • The Shallow Sea
  • The Hunter’s Children
  • The Indecisive King (a.k.a. The King, the Crown, and the Widow)
  • The Grimm Child
  • The Judgment of Faunus
  • The Infinite Man
  • The Two Brothers
  • The Story of the Seasons
  • The Girl in the Tower
  • The Gift of the Moon

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter then you might be getting Tales of Beedle the Bard vibes. Both books are similar in that they are stories from within their respective world. However I feel like there is more depth within this book! You can feel how ancient they are and it helps that you get some additional wisdom from Professor Ozpin. He’s one of my favourite characters so I may be a little bias! Haha!

RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant

RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant

My favourite fairy tales from the book have to be ‘The Warrior in the Woods’, ‘The Hunter’s Children, ‘The Judgment of Faunus’ and ‘The Infinite Man’. They are just so well written and, if you’re a fan of the show, then you may be able to make connections with characters.

The Warrior seems to really lean towards Ruby and the past silver-eyed warriors! The line at the end of the tale is just beautiful: ‘I fell in love with her the moment I saw her silver eyes’. Now I’m going to pop on my shipping hat for a second but AHHH! The first thing Oscar Pine said to Ruby when he saw her was that she has silver eyes. It’s probably wishful thinking from a fan but he seems to have a crush on her!

Could this be happening in the future?

I literally could go on forever chatting about this book and might do this on my Tumblr! If you’re a fan of alternative stories, check out RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant! You won’t regret it!

What is your favourite fairy tale?


10 Horror Video Games To Scare Your Friends

Remember how I said in my last post that I didn’t like watching horror films/games? That was a bit of a lie. I definitely can’t deal with horror films but, for some reason, I can play scary video games! Don’t ask me how because I’ve never understood my brain! Haha!

There’s something about jump scares while playing that gets your heart pumping.

Maybe it’s because you’re the one in charge of what happens, especially with ‘you decide’ games. We might be stuck indoors during this scary years, but we’re still able to play with friends. What’s the best thing you can do during October? Freak out your friends!

horror gamesPhoto by Mélanie THESE on Unsplash

Outlast: Whistleblower

THIS GAME!! This game gave me nightmares for ages! It has everything that a horror game should have: unsuspecting jump scares, terrifying characters, close calls and…gore. I personally can’t stand gore but you kind of expect it in a game like this. I missed out on playing the first Outlast so wanted to see what DLC would be like.

I don’t know how the developers came up with some of the things that happened, but I still question whether they’re all okay! Haha!

If you’ve ever worried about being hopeless with a weapn, don’t worry! You don’t use any at all! All you have is a camera, your legs and your timing skills. Your camera helps you see some nasties and you have plenty of places to hide and squeeze through.

Until Dawn

Before winning his Oscar in Bohemian Rhapstody, I knew Rami Malek from Mr Robot and this game Until Dawn. It is one of the freakiest games around and not for the usual reasons. It has its gruesome deaths and jump scares but you also get to take part in therapy sessions! The therapist guy is the scariest thing in the game for me! He looks both realistic and completely distorted.

Beware of Dr Hill!

It’s an interactive game where the term ‘butterfly effect’ really makes something. Your decisions really affect each of the characters and sometimes determine who lives and who dies.

Little Nightmares

Before I played this, I thought it had looked rather cute. You’re a teeny figure in a raincoat running around and avoiding traps. What I didn’t realise was that I’d have to see and hear giant, bloated people eating food and who end up chasing after you at certain points!


Like a lot of horror video games, there is an unnerving real-life edge to it that makes you really uncomfortable. Here’s a description of it to give you an idea:

Confront your childhood fears in this darkly whimsical tale, set in an immersive world of great sensibility, interactive storytelling and outstanding sound design. Discover the foul secrets of The Maw and survive the attentions of its monstrous residents as you bid to help Six escape to the world outside. (Bandai Namco)

Resident Evil 2

You don’t have to love horror to have heard of Resident Evil. I hadn’t heard too much of it until I saw trailers for the first film! Haven’t watched it either. Haha!

The only reason I know of the video games are through watching Youtubers play them. The most recent one I saw was last year for the Resident Evil 2 remake! It’s a must-play for anyone who loves playing games with zombies and amazing graphics.

I’m not selling it well but I promise it’s really good! Resident Evil 3 came out this year and there’s another game scheduled for 2021 too!

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Even though we don’t have them over in the UK, Five Nights At Freddy’s involves freaky animatronics that want to murder you. You’re playing as a new nighttime security guard and you’re in charge of guarding Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza through security cameras and phone call instructions! As you can probably guess, you have to survive five nights while holding off the deadly characters. You have:

  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Bonnie the Bunny
  • Chica the Chicken
  • Foxy the Pirate Fox

You only get so much electrical power to keep the security doors closed from attacks. Once that is gone, you’re doomed.


This is the newest horror game that everyone seems to be playing and isn’t Among Us! It’s a 4-player game where you’re a team of paranormal investigators! You get sent to different haunted places to try and figure out what kind of ghost they are.

You get a bunch of items to help you document evidence such as EMF readers, thermometers and a spirit box. The creepiest element of this is that the game listens to you. Any time you mention the spirit’s name, ask for a sound, then the game tends to make things happen.

Anger the spirit and you might be joining it in the afterlife.

The Last Of Us

One of the most gorgeous horror games out there has to be The Last of Us series. It’s just as scary and disturbing as the others, but it has such an incredible story that goes along with it and I love! It follows Joel and Ellie as they’re trekking across a zombie-invested country to get Ellie to a hospital.

Both of these characters make you fall for them with Joel’s dad humour and bravery and Ellie’s absolute sass! Did I mention that she’s also gay?! The scenery is breath-taking and you sometimes forget that there are creatures out there wanting to kill you.

Hello Neighbour

I honestly thought I was playing an IRL game of this with my crazy neighbours, but mine are nothing like this neighbour. You’re playing a guy called Nicky who was once kidnapped as a child by their next-door neighbour and locked in the basement. You manage to escape and, after moving away and things going wrong, you find yourself back in your old house.

After hearing a child scream, it’s your job to sneak back into the house to find the child and help them escape too. The story surrounding the neighbour is a bit more complex but the game is perfect for anyone who likes to be stealthy!

Dead By Daylight

Another multiplayer game where you can either play as a victim trying to escape or the killer wanting to sacrifice them. You and two other people have to sneak around a scary map to fix generators that open the final exit. It takes patience and some skill to fix these because, if you aren’t careful, the generator makes a loud bang and signals where you are to the killer.

You can get attacked by them, trapped by a bear trap and even hung up on a large hook as a sacrifice. Your friends can help you get down and heal you, but you have to make sure you aren’t seen!

Doki Doki Literature Club

The last horror video game on my recommendations is one that might trick your friends before scaring them. At first glance, this game is like an adorable anime! You join a friend with other girls in the school’s literature club where you can talk about books and poems. Everything is lovely and the characters are normal…until they’re not.

The reason this is a horror game is because of how disturbing it becomes. You think you’re playing a dating simulator until poems start to turn morbid, blood appears and gruesome things start happening to them. I’ll be honest and say that this is triggering for anyone with mental health so thought I’d warn you before you all played.

Have you ever played any horror games?

horror video game

Fandom Lifestyle

What’s On My Non-Spooky Watch List For Halloween?

Hi, I’m Daisy and I can’t watch horror films! Not only am I a coward but I just don’t like them. That said I still love Halloween. I can watching spooky things like Ghost Adventures or Buzzfeed Unsolved so I’m not a complete lost cause. I mean…I scare myself looking in the mirror every day.

If only that was a joke! Haha!

To get myself into the season of a new month, I’m sharing some of the TV shows/films that I’m planning on watching during October. So many new things to watch and fangirl over!

HalloweenPhoto by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash


The Addams Family

There have been so many versions of this awesome family! I’ve watched a teeny bit of the original, the musical and some of the new film. One of my favourites though has to be the 1991 film. It did freak me out as a kid because of the woman Debbie and her ending in a grave.

It’s definitely something I appreciate more now I’m older. I have a bit of a dark sense of humour (blame my parents and Jeff Dunham) so giggle at all the ‘wrong’ jokes. Wednesday is just an amazing character! That and Cousin Nit! It’s a staple for my Halloween viewing!

October Kiss

A free-spirited woman takes a temp job as a nanny to a workaholic widower. As Halloween approaches, she shows the family there’s a fun side to life.

I’m surprised that I haven’t watched this film yet since it came out in 2015. I usually jump on sweet, thought-provoking films like this. I guess I’ll just have to watch it this month! You can’t not watch a film called October Kiss in October.

This reminds me a little of Mrs Doubtfire meets Hook!

If there’s anything we need in 2020, it’s a film that makes you feel good.

The Corpse Bride

Erm…is this a bad time to admit that I’ve never watched The Corpse Bride? *hides*

I’ve heard a lot about it and know what everything looks like but I’ve never sat down and watched it. It sounds interesting and I love the style of the characters so I’ll let you guys know what I thought. After you’ve stopped silently judging me…

Hotel Transylvania 1, 2 & 3

Another kids film that I’m not ashamed to admit I enjoy watching!!

I first watched because Selena Gomez was voicing a character but then fell in love with the rest of the characters. It obviously has that silly humour kids all seem to love, but it does have some serious moments too. I missed out watching the last film so, with the weather being bad this week, I think I’m just going to sit down and watch all three.

The Worst Witch

Having grown up with the 90s version of the TV show and the books written by Jill Murphy, I had to give the recent CBBC series. It has Bella Ramsey playing Mildred so you know it’s going to be good! I’ll admit that it doesn’t have that sparkle the original had, but I still love the show!

Everyone is super cute and it really does bring back memories!

You can either watch the show on Netflix or on the CBBC iPlayer.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Of course…you can’t have Halloween without this freaky retelling of Sabrina!!

It’s one of the best shows on Netflix and gets better every time I watch it. I didn’t think I would like because it was so much darker, but I did! Kiernan Shipka makes an incredible Sabrina and I can’t help but love the characters especially Theo (played by Lachlan Watson) and Aunt Hilda (Lucy Davies).

I haven’t watched the most recent season so I’ll be sitting in the darkness watching this!



What I’m starting to realise in the process of writing this post is just how many things I love but haven’t watched. I swear I haven’t done it on purpose! Life has usually gotten in the way when they’ve come out and I’ve forgotten to watch. One of those films is Coco.

I know what it looks like and have heard a couple of the songs, but I don’t exactly know what it’s about. It looks like something about the Day of the Dead but I could be wrong. I think the timing of the film was just wrong for me since it was when Mum died.

Oh and check the interview with the amazing woman who inspired Mama!

Maleficent 1 & 2

I’ve not connected much with the films Angelina Jolie has performed in, but I did fall for how she brought Maleficent to life! It has all the magic, the darkness that transforms her and the re-awakening of her light because of Aurora! Elle Fanning makes the perfect Disney princess and I wish we could have more films in this universe!

I purposely made sure not to watch the sequel as I wanted to watch it during October. I’m always nervous of sequels because they’re not normally as good as the first. I’ve heard some great things about this though so we’ll see.

Zombies 1 & 2

Something that modern Disney is known for is their musical films, whether it’s High School Musical, The Descendants or more. Since it’ll soon be Halloween, I decided to share Zombies! Another film with a sequel I haven’t watched yet. I’ve seen the trailer and heard about it but all I know is that it has werewolves involved this time.

It’ll be cheesy and squeaky, but sometimes it’s good not to think too much when watching.

If you’ve watched it, let me know what you thought of it!

Gravity Falls

This series is on my list of Top 10 shows I’ve loved! I’ve watched lots of different animated shows throughout my life, but only a handful keep me interested. Gravity Falls is still brilliant even though it finished in 2016. I keep hoping they’ll bring it back!

The show follows twins Dipper and Mabel as they spend the summer with their great-uncle Grunkle Stan. Something they didn’t realise was all the mysterious and spooky things happened in Gravity Falls. Dipper finds a mysterious journal in the forest one day and starts to learn that the town was weirder than he first imagined.

I wish I could adopt Mabel! She’s so vibrant, fun and all so crazy!! She isn’t stupid though and is very close to her family!

Star Vs The Forces of Evil

If you wanted to know which show had the catchiest theme tune, it would be a tie between Gravity Falls and Star Vs The Forces of Evil! This show is just like the title suggests. It’s about a princess called Star who uses her magic to protect the world from the forces of evil.

However she isn’t the best at performing spells and tends to put herself into a lot of danger. Enter her best friend Marco! He is very safety-conscious and doesn’t like to take many risks! When he asked to look after Star when she transfers to his school, his world gets turned upside down!

Look, if you can be witches for Halloween, then you can also watch a magical princess from another dimension!

What are you planning on watching this Halloween?



Review | Domino: Strays by Tristan Palmgren


I received an advance copy of this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Release Date: 12th November 2020

You guys know that I’m a massive Marvel fan! You can’t not love heroic ladies like Black Widow, Captain Marvel and more. When I discovered that I would be reading ‘Domino: Strays‘ about one of these ladies, I may have squealed a little.

I’ll be honest that I didn’t know who Domino was at first, but after learning about Domino from ‘Deadpool 2’ , I knew that I needed to learn more about Neena aka Domino. She seemed so sassy, sarcastic and I honestly wanted to know why. I never thought that she had had such a difficult life growing up. I know that most Marvel characters have traumatic childhoods but this really was something.

Not only was she experimented on for Project Armageddon to become the perfect soldier, but she was emotionally/physically tortured. The idea of this happening to even a fictional child was difficult to read! Domino developed a mutant power where luck was on her side. The way she explained it was that she could survive life-and-death situations but that her power had a sense of humour. She could jump from high up without serious injury and yet sprain both of her ankles.

The time-line skips took me a while to get into. One minute you were in present day, then during her captivity and then when she’d escaped. I was trying to keep track of everything that was going on! Once I got the hang of it, I really appreciated how well-written everything was from the action-packed fights (a staple in the Marvel Universe), the dramatic moments when she discovered who was in charge of Project Armageddon and then how she tackled present day.

She was hired by a distraught mother whose twins had gone missing. She believed that they had been enticed into a dangerous cult and she needed Domino to find them. What I loved about Domino was that she was brutally honest about a situation. If it didn’t meet her expectations, she flat-out denied. It wasn’t until she learned more about the cult leader from her friends that she took the job.

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe, then you will love the mentions of familiar characters! You have Deadpool (of course!), Charles Xavier, The Avengers and Black Widow. The latter actually joins in with the rescue mission!

The only thing that I didn’t like about this book were the footnotes. I appreciated them explained a little of Domino’s thought process but they were always at the end of a chapter. You literally had to look for each number and skip to the end to see what she was saying. Other than that, a book for every mutant to adore!!

Who is your favourite Marvel heroine and why?

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New In Fandom | August & September 2020

LEGO Room of Requirements (£18.99 – 30th August) | Fierce Heroines (£12.99 – 24th September) | Torchwood Institute T-Shirt (£15.99 – 30th September) | Time of the Daleks Boardgame (£34.50 – 30th September) | Wonder Woman: Breast Cancer Awareness (£9.99 – 30th August) | Himiko Toga Funko (£9.99 – 4th September) | The Child Loungefly Mini Backpack (£70) | RWBY: Fairytales of Remnant (£7.99 – 1st September) | Marvel’s Avengers (£49.99 – 4th September) | Midoriya Izuku Funko (£12.99 – 18th September) | Trollhunters iPhone Case (£24.56 – 9th September) | Minnie Mouse: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (£27.50 – 18th September)

Wow, this is a bit of a throwback post! I can’t remember the last time I sat down to write one of these posts and I’ve missed it! I promised myself that I would slowly to embrace the fandom side of my blog and this is the start. These are never my popular posts but, as long as I still love, I don’t mind.

If you’re new to my blog and haven’t seen this little series of mine, let me introduce it to you.

As the title suggests, this is me looking at some of the new nerdy things that are either recently released or coming soon. I literally could spend hours picking out items from each fandom. There’s just so many! I mainly choose the ones that I love the most and focus on those.

LEGO Room of Requirements

Out of all the Harry Potter films, Order of the Phoenix has to be one of my favourites!

Not only do we get more scenes of Fred and George, but we’re introduced to Luna Lovegood! She’s literally the best character in the whole series and pretty similar to me. The LEGO sets are always amazing so I’m loving the look of what they have included with this set: Harry, Hermione and Luna with patronuses!

Patronuses are definitely the in-thing right now! Have you seen the Patronus funko pops?!

Fierce Heroines: Inspiring Female Characters in Pop Culture (Rosie Knight)

The clue to what this is in the name! It’s a 160-page book chatting about some of the top fictional heroines that we love! There’s around 75 females that Rosie chats about from Becky Jackson (Glee) to Toph Beifong (Avatar: The Last Air-Bender)!

This is already on my pre-order list because it has everything I adore in a nerdy book.

  • Strong females
  • Comic-book illustrations
  • Origins
  • Fun Facts

Torchwood Institute t-shirt

Hands up, Whovians. Who else wished that they could have joined Torchwood to work alongside Captain Jack, Gwen (love Eve Myles) and the Doctor of course!

I know I did!!

It’s been a while since I’ve watched the whole series so I might have to have a marathon of the show. This t-shirt is so minimalistic that it can go with a lovely pair of jeans! The Torchwood fandom is still alive, everyone! We’re just waiting for a phone-call…

Minnie Collectible (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad)

I’ve only recently discovered that there are collectible Mickey and Minnie plushies and, after seeing the Series 9 collection for next month, I may have found a new collectible!!

Look at Minnie in that gorgeous dress! I also love the ears too!

Marvel’s Avengers

Just when you think we’ve said goodbye to the Avengers, they come back!! I refuse to let them go and I’m happy to let Marvel do their thing! After seeing the trailer for it last year, I’ve been excited to see if it can top Spider-Man! I mean…this has Ms. Marvel!!

Time of the Daleks board-game

Another hands-up for you, Whovians! Who has secretly wished that they could be a time-lord and go on adventures through space and time.

Again: me!

According to the description, this is going to be a semi-cooperative game. I have zero clue what they mean by that but it sounds intriguing either way!

…you become one of four regenerations of the Doctor, travelling through time and space to stop the Daleks from erasing the Doctor from time and taking over the universe.

Wonder-Woman Breast Cancer Awareness

You know I love a good funko pop! I have quite the little collection of them in my office, but I love when these collectibles support an amazing course. DC seem to have released some rather special pink versions of Batman, Wonder-Woman, Harley Quinn and Superman to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

If you’ve heard of Girls Aloud, then you may have heard the news that Sarah Harding has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s such an awful disease to hit both men and women. I actually lost my grandma to it so this is personal!

Himiko Toga & Midoriya Izuko

Something you might not know about me is that I’m a big anime nerd. Okay…so maybe it’s not surprising that the girl who runs a fandom blog loves another kind of fandom. There are so many animes that I adore watching such as Sword Art Online, Snow White with the Red Hair and Cardcaptor Sakura.

One of my favourite series has to be My Hero Academia!

It follows a young boy called Midoriya Izuko who lives in a world where there are heroes and villains. These people have super-powers/quirks that allow them to protect people or take lives. Midoriya always wanted to be a hero but, as he didn’t have a quirk, he was told that it wouldn’t happen. That was until he met the world’s number 1: All-Might! He gave him the chance to have a quirk and attend the best hero school around…U.A High.

Midoriya’s (or Deku as he gets called) funko pop shows him before joining high-school and has him carrying a notebook where he analyses heroes like the adorable little nerd he is. The other funko is of a villain girl called Toga. She’s insane!! She adores blood (not a vampire) and actually can transform into anyone if she drinks a cup of their blood. She may be mad but she’s awesome! Haha.

LoungeFly ‘The Child’ Back-Pack

No touchy the child!

Star Wars fans and the world fell in love with Baby Yoda/The Child when The Mandalorian came out and I adore! He’s such a little sass-pot who is just like a human toddler. He can’t stop touching things that he’s not supposed to and looks adorable. The only difference is that The Child has crazy powers…just like Yoda.

Love how cute this mini back-pack is and the teeny frog charm on the zip!

RWBY: Fairytales of Remnant (E.C Meyers)

2020 may be hell-on-earth but I have to admit that it’s brought a lot of different RWBY content. We’ve had the sequel to ‘After The Fall’, lots of merchandise from Rooster Teeth, Volume 8 on the horizon and now some fairytales from the world of Remnant!

Fans of Rooster Teeth’s hit animated series RWBY will want to pore over every page of this gorgeously illustrated collection of twelve short fairy tales! In addition to classic tales from the show, such as The Story of the Seasons and The Tale of the Two Brothers, readers can immerse themselves in eight never-before-told stories from RWBY’s show writers. Vibrant artwork throughout completes the collection, offering new insights into the strange, beautiful and dangerous world of Remnant. This deluxe edition also happens to be the personal copy of Professor Ozpin, complete with a foreword from the former Beacon headmaster himself. Fans won’t want to miss this must-have collection, sure to reveal more secrets about RWBY and the stunning world of the show!

I’m so excited to get the physical copy of this book since it’s going to be illustrated, but also to get the audiobook which will be read by Professor Ozpin’s voice actor Shannon McCormick!

Wizards (Tales of Arcadia) iPhone Case

It was only a matter of time before I showed more of my kiddy side. For the last few years I’ve loved watching the different worlds involving the town of Arcadia: Trollhunters, 3Below and now Wizards. This final series follows Merlin’s apprendice Douxie as he tries to protect the world from the powers of darkness with some familiar faces from the other two shows.

I’ve never bought anything from Redbubble but I just fell in love with this iPhone case with Douxie, Jim and Krel! The main boys!! It was designed by the talented Kasuouh!

What fandom things are you waiting to be released?


Spiderman vs Spiderman: Which Versions Are Better?

SpidermanPhoto by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Did you know that August 1st is not only the beginning of a new month but also Spiderman Day? It’s true! Today is when we celebrate our favourite neighbourhood spiderman! Why do we celebrate him today? Well, Stan Lee first created Peter Parker back in August 1962 and he first appears in a comic as a supporting character.

Since this web-slinger is one of my favourite characters in the Marvel Universe, I wanted to decide once and for all who the best Spiderman was. These will only be my opinions and everyone will have different faves! Let’s start a Number 10, shall we?

Number 10: Spider-Man (1994)

This version of him was my first ever glimpse of Peter Parker! I had never heard of him before this but 7-year-old Daisy was hooked! There was something super cool about his adventures and learning all about his struggles. I didn’t always understand what the heck was going on but I still enjoyed it! The reason why the 1994 version is at the bottom is because he traumatised me!!

If you’ve seen the series, then you’ll remember the time when Peter was turned into an actual spider. It was so gross and I still can’t watch clips of it to this day!

Number 9: Josh Keaton (Spectacular Spider-Man)

I’ll be honest that I didn’t really remember Josh’s version before this post, but I did go and rewatch a few clips to jog my memory.

He was cool, though his voice was pretty darn deep!

Number 8: Tobey Maguire

Our first ever movie Peter!!

It was beyond exciting to see him on the big screen and I couldn’t wait to see a real person portraying him! I’d only seen him in animation so yeah!!

Don’t get me wrong…there was so many great scenes when Tobey really showed a depth to Petter, but…I just didn’t really connect. I think it was to do with some of the facial expressions he gave sometimes and because he was a little too old to be a teenager!

Be gentle!

Number 7: Peter Parker (Into The Spider-Verse)

Awww…this Peter gave me feels!! Jake Johnson really brought something new to the universe and that was Peter had a lot of flaws. He may have been a superhero but he was still human to a degree.

He made mistakes.

What I adored about the version was he really taught anyone who watched that you can learn from your mistakes and change. He was overweight and grieving the loss of M.J but he still sacrificed himself for Miles and it was beautiful! *sob*

Number 6: Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-Man)

Okay…so technically he wasn’t so much a Spiderman lead in this show, but he still stuck out to me!

I hadn’t heard about Miles before this. Not much was ever shown of his character and that bugged me. I feel like I connected a little more with him because he was struggling with his identity and his place in the world.

Every teenager knows what this is like!

Ogie Banks just made him memorable! I think I’m going to have to re-watch the series to see all of Miles’ scenes! That little sass-pot!

Photo by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan on Unsplash

Number 5: Robbie Daymond (Marvel’s Spiderman)

Okay…I may be a little bias with this pick because I was already a fan of Robbie’s work before I saw him as Spiderman! You guys already know that I’m a part of many fandoms and anime is one of them! He’s been in so many of those and video games like Persona 5!

Why is he in my top 5?

He’s here because he made Peter a teen! Oh my days! I actually believed that Peter was still at school trying to get through his life there while being a superhero. He was sweet!

Number 4: Yuri Lowenthal (Spider-Man PS4)

Another voice actor who I adored!! This guy is basically a voice actor legend! He has been in everything you can think of such as Sasuke in Naruto, Ben in Ben 10, Mercury in RWBY and more!

I hadn’t seen Spiderman in a video game before. I know there had been a bunch all ready but this one seemed special. It was so detailed and his Peter made me cry!! If you’ve played the game, then you will know the moment! *sniff*

He might not have felt like a teenager but he still had those human flaws with MJ.

Number 3: Andrew Garfield

Our next movie Spiderman and he was British!!

I remember there was a lot of buzz over the fact that they’d chosen a British actor to play him. It just made me happy! Before he was Peter, he was in Doctor Who!! Who else remembers him as the guy who was turned into a pig-man! At least he had the accent down!!

Never realised he was actually born in LA! Haha!

His Peter felt real. He wasn’t a superhero. He was just a teenager playing what he thought a superhero was. Some of my favourite moments with him were when he took down the car thief! I loved that he was super sarcastic with him and played with the thief! He was like a cat playing with its prey! The other was when he saved a kid in a falling car. He was so sweet with Jack who was so scared!

He let him put on the mask and everything! Even though he was exposing his identity, he still saved him.

Tied for Number 1: Tom Holland & Shameik Moore

I couldn’t seperate these guys!! I just couldn’t put either of them at Number 2! They’re just too good for so many different reasons!!

Let’s start with Tom! Tom is Peter Parker!! He felt like a true kid in Spiderman: Homecoming! He was doing classes at school with his friends, taking part in a debate team and even building Lego with his friend Ned!! He was the youngest out of all the Spidermen to date and that really added to his role! You could feel how awkward he was with life and how he just wanted to be a hero like the Avengers.

I loved the moments when he was honestly being a ‘neighbourhood Spiderman’. Helping people with their shopping and stopping someone stealing a bike. Everything he has done with Peter has felt true. That heart-breaking moment when he is stuck under rubble and crying out for help. MY HEART!!! That poor boy! It was then he realised that Spiderman was him! Let’s not talk about ‘I don’t feel so good, Mr Stark!’.

As for Shameik as Miles Morales….again, perfect!! He’s only a year older than Tom and that helped too! He knew what it was like to be a kid! Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse was just an overall masterpiece! The designs, the music and the cast…*chef kiss*

He was taking over the Spiderman mantle from Peter and making it his own! He had the same uncertainity that Peter had at the beginning and obviously had a tragic moment happen to him! All heroes have to have tragedy!! Haha! I can’t wait to see what Miles does next in the sequel in 2022!

Who is your favourite Spiderman?


Why I’m Saying Goodbye To J.K Rowling

j.k rowling

I’ve mentioned both on social media and on a recent blog post about my feelings on J.K Rowling. I thought I’d sit down and actually chat about why I’m going to be saying goodbye to her after 20+ years. Some of my views might be obvious but this is sort of therapy for me too.

Hopefully this post will make sense so bear with me.

Why am I saying goodbye to her in the first place?

That’s a loaded question and the picture above should give you a vague idea. For years I had a rose-tinted outlook on her due to Harry Potter. I could only see the boy wizard in front of her and the odd charity she associated herself with. My mum was one of the first people to realise that something was wrong with J.K Rowling’s views and ideals. It wasn’t as obvious back then but it did get me thinking.

It wasn’t until I saw the first of her transphobic tweets that I realised how bigoted my ex-hero really was.

I do understand that people have a right to believe what they want to…inside their head. What I don’t understand is why they think it’s okay to use those views to hurt and damage those around them. I’m still utterly baffled when it comes to any sort of hate crime. Whether it be racial, gender-orientated or religious, no-one should have to harden themselves against attacks.

It isn’t right and shouldn’t happen.

I’m so proud of the friends I have surrounded myself with over the years.

They are the strongest people I have ever known and I have so much admiration for them. They are different, they are determined and they are powerful. I didn’t even know that I was making friends with unique sort of people until the last few years.

I don’t see disability or other things people might percieve as ‘not the norm’. I see people who love Doctor Who, write amazing fanfiction and love the same things I do. Do I judge them because they’re transgender? No, I don’t. Do I question them about it? No because it isn’t my place to question them. If they know deep-down that they’re meant to be a girl/boy, then that’s perfectly with me.

I’m more than happy to use the proverbs that they want me to use.


It’s their life and they shouldn’t have to have someone else’s view shoved down their throats.

I won’t lie and say that I didn’t cry when I saw how utterly wrong J.K Rowling’s views are. One of the things about being autistic is that we have something that we’re a little obsessed with. It could be Disney, Lego, trains or, in my case, Harry Potter. Harry Potter has been my life for decades. It’s how I met the majority of my friends, it’s how I got the confidence to take up acting and it’s why I loved to collect anything Potter.

That’s been tainted.

I won’t be leaving the Wizarding World because, as soon as she wrote the final word in Deathly Hallows, that world was no longer hers. It was ours. She created it but we brought it to life and we’re not going to allow her to destroy it. She is nothing more than our Dolores Umbridge and I refuse to let her win.

Here are some transgender charities that deserve all the support. Instead of buying any of her books, donate that money to them.

Goodbye J.K Rowling. I hope you learn from the mistakes you’ve made and the hurt you’ve inflicted.

What are your thoughts on the whole J.K situation?