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‘You Can’t Be Sia-rious’ – Reflecting On Sia’s Upcoming Film

If you were on Twitter a few days ago, you may have seen me reacting to a trailer. This trailer was for the singer Sia’s debut film Music. When I first saw the picture for it, I was pretty impressed. It looked bright and colourful and I did like some of Sia’s music. However, when I discovered what the film was about and saw the trailer, my thoughts quickly changed.


Zu (Kate Hudson), a newly sober drug dealer and self-saboteur finds herself the sole guardian of her teenaged, autistic half-sister, Music (Maddie Ziegler). Zu is a free spirit barely able to take care of herself, let alone her sister; Zu struggles with this new responsibility, but soon learns that life’s obstacles are made easier with a little help from a friend, Ebo (Leslie Odom Jr.), a neighbor whose own family story makes him someone Zu can learn from and rely upon.

As someone on the autistic spectrum, I’m always a little on the fence when it comes to media featuring it.

There have been a bunch of TV shows/films that have featured autistic characters. There have been some that have been incredible such as The A Word and a CBeebies show called Pablo. Yet there have been others that were sometimes questionable like The Good Doctor and Atypical.

Something that nearly all these things have in common are that the ‘autistic’ character is usually played by a neurotypical actor.

Personally I’m kind of on the fence about this.

If it’s evident that the actor has done their research about autism and shows an understanding, then I don’t normally mind it. However, if an actor has been shown purely for the name or laziness, then that’s when I struggle. This is where I’m standing with Music.

1. Not everyone on the spectrum are non-verbal.


Okay…every time I see something with an autistic character, they are always shown to be either non-verbal or over-the-top. It’s great that they’re showing one element of the spectrum! That’s a great start! However, we’re not all like this. It’s such a wide spectrum.

2. There are more autistic actors out there they could’ve cast!

Regardless of the controversy over casting Maddie Ziegler as Music, I do think she’s an amazing up-and-coming actor. The problem is that there are actually autistic actors that could have portrayed this character. Yes, they may not be non-verbal but at least they would be on the spectrum.

Apparently Sia tweeted that she did look into casting a non-verbal young girl but…

“I actually tried working with a beautiful young girl non-verbal on the spectrum and she found it unpleasant and stressful.”

While I appreciate that she tried, this could have been an incredible opportunity to learn more about autism. She could have helped introduced practices on sets to make Hollywood more accessible. However, she went for Maddie. Sia could have approached: Kayla Cromer, Dan Aykroyd or even Susan Boyle!

There are also a number of undiscovered autistic actors out there! I’m not saying that non-autistic people can’t play these characters. Look at Freddie Highmore and Jim Parsons. They did such a great job! There’s just certain roles like this that should be considered more carefully.

3. Sia’s responses to tweets

There are many ways you could respond to criticism. Believe me, my acting tutor told me that 99% of us would never get an acting job…on our first day! You’re upset by it and may spiral, but you eventually learn from your mistakes. You don’t lash out at the public for their views!

“Maybe you’re just a bad actor.”

“F**king bullsh*t. You have no f**king idea because you weren’t there and haven’t seen the movie.”

“I cast thirteen neuroatypical people, three trans folk, and not as f**king prostitutes or drug addicts but as doctors, nurses and singers.”

These responses are horrendous!!

They do not help at all. I understand it’s probably devastating that people are negative about something Sia has worked on. Yet, she should at least try to understand it from the perspective of the autism community. She’s not just talking to someone in her family. She’s talking to the worldwide public and has to be more professional than this, not just cuss everyone out.

She also consulted with a controversial ‘charity’ called Autism Speaks. Just google them and you’ll see why people are face-palming.

4. It is one big sensory nightmare!

We all know that Sia is a little out there. She dresses different, has a persona of hiding her face and more. I love that she looked at the focus of music. I personally use music a lot to ground me, to escape from the world and sometimes to understand people.

Unfortunately someone didn’t do their research!!

The trailer itself is a sensory nightmare! The music is too loud, the colours super bright and people just dancing all over the place. Maybe this would be incredible for a typical person but an autistic viewer could have a sensory overload!

Sia – If you do ever find this post, please learn from our community. We’re not trolls, we’re not attacking you. We’re simply wanting our world to be understood.

If you want to learn more about autism, please head over to the National Autistic Society‘s website. It has so much information!

What are your thoughts on Sia’s film trailer for Music? I’d love to know especially if you’re on the spectrum or have an autistic loved one!



What’s On My Christmas Jumper Wishlist for 2020?

Who else has been contemplating putting up their Christmas decorations early? A few people on my street have already done it and I’m so tempted. I think we all deserve to celebrate earlier and one of the ways I want to do it is getting some Christmas jumpers. I have none tucked away and it’s good to have some options.

Have I been looking into getting some for a couple of months? Yes.

Have I made myself a little wishlist of jumpers that I love? Of course!

jumperPhoto by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Eru Christmas Elf Hoodie (£32)

Before anyone says ‘Daisy, this isn’t a jumper!’, it was classed as one on the Next website and that’s enough for me! Haha! One of the things I loved about this option was that it was ELF-related. Anything to do with that film wins. Buddy just makes everything instantly Christmas!

I’m not sure how long the hoodie itself is but still looks amazing!

Threadbear Christmas Dog Jumper (£24)

You can’t have a Christmas jumper wishlist without one that has a festive animal on it! I wish I could find one with a cat, but this dog one is adorable too! Look at it! It has little fairy lights on it and a pair of teeny boots!

If we’re going to go into other details, I also love the grey and red combo! It makes this look less cheesy and more something you wouldn’t be embarrassed in seeing yourself in.

Perfect choice for dog lovers out there!

Sparkle Tree Christmas Jumper (£15)

If Christmas isn’t the perfect time to wear a sparkly jumper, then I don’t know when is. I’m not usually a massive fan of sparkle but it tends to make me think 80s, but I do love what Matalan has done with this. It doesn’t look like it’s overkill and the sparkle does remind me of my tinsel!

The tree on the front is something that really made me love this. I can’t deal with decoration on the front of a top that sticks out. It always manages to catch on something and made wearing it a nightmare. While this does have little baubles and candy canes that stick out, it’s only slightly.

Cute yet functionable!

‘Fa LaLaLaLa’ Black Jumper (£22)

If you’re someone that does like all the bright colours and sparkle, then you might enjoy this minimal black and white jumper from Tu Clothing at Sainsbury’s.

It still has the festive edge with the ‘Fa Lalalala’ on the front, but it isn’t as much in your face as the others. I reckon this would be great for everyday wear during this month and December and carry on until Christmas 2021. Black and white can never go out of fashion!

At least I hope not! Haha.

Disney Minnie Mouse Jumper (£16)

You can’t have a post on my blog without some fandom-related jumpers!

Of course I had to find myself a Disney one to include and I thought this Minnie Mouse sweatshirt was adorable! It’s as simple as it sounds. It has Minnie looking up at some mistletoe and I’m sure that special someone will give you a kiss under it!

It’s also white so you really could wear this throughout the year. I doubt anyone else would care that it’s technically something festive.

How To Train Your Dragon | Elsa From Frozen | Baby Yoda (£55.99)

If you’re looking for some more alternative jumpers that are pretty expensive but super detailed, then EMP has so many options from you to choose from! I can’t vouch on how thick they are, but look at these designs I saw! They’re really unique and lots of nerds would flock to these!

First up, we have Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon! It’s super rare to find any clothing with Toothless on it and I gave a little internal squeal when I saw that he had a Christmas jumper. I love it! It’s in his usual clothes and has tiny designs of dragon and viking helmets. You even get a design on the back too!

I’m in love with the Elsa jumper!! It comes in different shades of blue, a gorgeous silohette of Elsa, snowflakes and mini dancing Olafs! You don’t have to be a child to love a Disney princess. Just let it go, okay?! *wink*

Finally we have the cutest little child in the universe! You can watch all the latest Mandalorian episodes on Disney Plus while wearing this! I bet The Child would be the perfect little space elf. The jumper has ‘This is my good side’ on the front and ‘Merry Forth Be With You’ on the back!

Which Christmas jumper will you be wearing this year?

Books Fandom

Review | RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant by E.C Myers

Happy Volume 8 release day, fellow RWBY fans! I’ve mentioned this particular show a fair few times on my blog and I’ve been sitting on this review for a few weeks! I wanted to make sure that I posted it when I thought people might be interested. When better to chat about the most recent book than today!

Right now I’m a jumble of nervous excitement!

To try and distract myself for the next hour or so, I’ve been re-reading RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant. It’s been written by E.C Myers and illustrated by Violet Tobacco. The franchise is based loosely on the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales so it isn’t a surprise that we finally have this book!

The main character, Ruby Rose, is even based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood!

RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant

RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant was released back in September but can be picked up at any time! You don’t even have to have watched the show first. It helps though. I’ll let the creators Rooster Teeth explain what the book is all about.


Fans of Rooster Teeth’s hit animated series RWBY will want to pore over every page of this gorgeously illustrated collection of twelve short fairy tales. In addition to classic tales from the show, such as “The Story of the Seasons” and “The Tale of the Two Brothers,” readers can immerse themselves in eight never-before-told stories from RWBY’s show writers. Vibrant artwork throughout completes the collection, offering new insights into the strange, beautiful, and dangerous world of Remnant.

This deluxe edition also happens to be the personal copy of Professor Ozpin, complete with a foreword from the former Beacon headmaster himself. Fans won’t want to miss this must-have collection, sure to reveal more secrets about RWBY and the stunning world of the show!


The book is exactly as it is described! It has 12 fairy tales from within the World of Remnant. Some the fans have heard of and others that are completely new to us. What I have discovered from being a fan is that there are always hidden meanings within these tales. Something that might seem small could end up being vital to a future plot. Rooster Teeth really likes to keep us on our toes.

  • The Warrior in the Woods
  • The Man Who Stared at the Sun
  • The Shallow Sea
  • The Hunter’s Children
  • The Indecisive King (a.k.a. The King, the Crown, and the Widow)
  • The Grimm Child
  • The Judgment of Faunus
  • The Infinite Man
  • The Two Brothers
  • The Story of the Seasons
  • The Girl in the Tower
  • The Gift of the Moon

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter then you might be getting Tales of Beedle the Bard vibes. Both books are similar in that they are stories from within their respective world. However I feel like there is more depth within this book! You can feel how ancient they are and it helps that you get some additional wisdom from Professor Ozpin. He’s one of my favourite characters so I may be a little bias! Haha!

RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant

RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant

My favourite fairy tales from the book have to be ‘The Warrior in the Woods’, ‘The Hunter’s Children, ‘The Judgment of Faunus’ and ‘The Infinite Man’. They are just so well written and, if you’re a fan of the show, then you may be able to make connections with characters.

The Warrior seems to really lean towards Ruby and the past silver-eyed warriors! The line at the end of the tale is just beautiful: ‘I fell in love with her the moment I saw her silver eyes’. Now I’m going to pop on my shipping hat for a second but AHHH! The first thing Oscar Pine said to Ruby when he saw her was that she has silver eyes. It’s probably wishful thinking from a fan but he seems to have a crush on her!

Could this be happening in the future?

I literally could go on forever chatting about this book and might do this on my Tumblr! If you’re a fan of alternative stories, check out RWBY Fairy Tales of Remnant! You won’t regret it!

What is your favourite fairy tale?