Favourite TV Shows Of All Time (From A 30+ Fangirl)

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You know what I love to do when I’m bored? I go on Youtube/Netflix and search for all the old TV shows I used to watch and love. I still love them to this day, even if I look on some differently! I’m going to start with a few from my childhood to this day.

Let’s see who else remembers these!



To this day I still find this show relaxing to watch! What other shows can you remember that was all about an elephant royal family and their subjects, subtly teaching you about the species! I didn’t realise as a kid that Babar lost his mother to a hunter!

It’s crazy what you find out when you’re older!

The art style is gorgeous, along with the music. There aren’t many programmes these days that have super detailed designs and thought-provoking plots! I saw a quick glimpse of the updated version and nope…just nope.

Animals of Farthing Wood:

I blame this incredible show for making me stop meat and traumatising me every week. You couldn’t help but loving it though! It was like Babar in the fact that it had talking animals, gorgeous art/music and taught you some super important lessons about looking after nature.

I still don’t forget the ‘crossing the busy road’ episode.


PB & J Otter:

Is anyone sensing a pattern of my favourite TV shows as a kid? Yep, another one all about talking animals! This was one of the first ever cartoons I watched on Disney Channel and I find myself humming the theme song every now and again.

The 90s made some super catchy intros.

It definitely wasn’t as serious as the first two shows but it still had some lessons that kids could learn. Being kind, being nice to siblings, not listening to strangers.


This is a classic show that I only discovered when it came on the channel ‘Challenge’! I’d heard of the theme before but had been too young to understand what was going on. It wasn’t until repeat episodes that I started to love! If you’re super young, then here’s a little Dee run-down:

You get a team of youngsters who enter Knightmare Castle and have to successfully make it through challenges without dying! You have a ‘Dungeoneer’ who wears the Helmet of Justice. The helmet is basically a blindfold that prevents them seeing their surroundings. That’s when their team-mates/advisers come in. They have to guide the Dungeoneer away from danger, answer riddles, cast spells and find items to replenish their life-force.

You lose that, you die and lose!

Youtube actually did a small remake with some Youtubers a few years and it was awesome!! Anything with Dan&Phil is awesome!

Animal Ark:

We might as well carry on with the animal loving shows! I didn’t automatically love this from watching the TV show. I’d actually read the books before it! They were perfect and I was 10 when the show came! It also introduced me to a future Magizoologist!

That’s right: Eddie Redmayne!!

Eddie’s first ever TV role was an episode called Bunnies In Bathroom and I thought he was gorgeous even then! One way to introduce myself to hormones! Haha!


Goodnight Sweetheart:

Okay, who remembers this?! It only finished in 2016 but first started all the way back in 1993!!

Who can’t love being able to go back in time?! A guy called Gary Sparrow is living in London during the 90s when he finds a time portal to the 40s in the same place. He has to pretend that he’s from that time while going back and forth and keeping everything hidden from both women he loves.

Typical cheesy drama but it has such sweet moments!

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates:

You literally cannot deny that anything Patricia Routledge is in is gold! She’s such an incredible actress and loved seeing her in a more serious role after ‘Keeping Up Appearances’.

There’s even a young Hobbit in this show!

If you’ve watched the Lord of the Ring films or Lost, then you’ll know Dominic Monaghan! He’s a baby-faced 20 year old and is super adorable!! Who knew that he would end up going from Lancashire to Middle-Earth in a few short years?! He’s going to be a film this year with Mel Gibson so that should be interesting!

Noel’s House Party:

This has such a special place in my heart because it was something I used to watch with my parents every Saturday night! Back when Saturdays were the best days of the week!

The show was based in a fictional place called Crinkly Bottom and there were celebs that pretended to be residents of the village. You had amazing games such as Grab a Grand, Wait Until I Get You Home and the infamous Grunge Tank!

You can blame this show for the abomination that is Mr Blobby! I still have 0 clue how he was created and why but yeah! Haha!

Animal Hospital:

If you ignore the fact that Rolf Harris was the presenter, I adored this show so much! I’ve always loved animals and that included any shows that had them in it! There was Pet Rescue on Channel 4 and Animal Hospital on BBC 1! It’s a surprise that I didn’t become a vet in the end.

Loved seeing the adorable animals, the vets at work and the theme tune (as always!)

I keep telling you: 90s was the decade of the best themes!

I could be here for ages writing about all the TV shows that I’ve loved but we’d be here for a long time!

What are you favourite TV shows of all time? Has your taste changed over the years?

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    Cora @ Tea Party Princess
    9th July 2020 at 1:20 pm

    Oh my gosh, memories. I used to love Animals of Farthing Wood and Animal Hospital. When I was 7 I wanted to be a vet when I grew up.
    Cora |

    • Reply
      10th July 2020 at 4:33 pm

      YES!! They were so good! I wanted to be a vet/actress too but my teacher said it wasn’t a career I’d be able to handle. Thanks (!) xD

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