5 ‘Hug From A Social Distance’ Gift Ideas For Your Personal Heroes

social distancePhoto by Jeremy Cai on Unsplash

It’s May 1st and, like everyone, I’m missing my friends and family. Having to social distance away from them is difficult even for someone with social anxiety. It’s true what they say: you really don’t miss what you have until it’s gone. So many people are having to celebrate important days away from each other: birthdays, anniversaries, births and more.

That’s why showing how you care can be so important.

There are so many ways you can show someone how you feel. By this point we’re pros at showing our key workers how much we appreciate them! There are loads of windows around the UK decorated with rainbows, pictures and we’ve been applauding every Thursday.

We’ve even been sending each other gifts from our Amazon wishlists to make someone’s day a little lighter. We’re literally hugging each other from a social distance. I’ve been trying to buy a few little things from Etsy to help support any small businesses. While on there, I discovered that people have been making cards and little gifts for people.

I had to share some of my favourites from the site! If you love, please feel free to support and buy.

‘Thank You NHS’ card (£2.75)

Have you got someone in your family or a friend who works for the NHS? It doesn’t matter if they’re a doctor, nurse, receptionist or even a new volunteer! They all deserve a massive thanks from us!

I loved this ‘Thank You’ card because it shows them for what they are.

Super heroes!

Nursicorn Mug (£7.95)

If there’s anything I know about nurses, it’s that they have one crazy sense of humour. My mum was one for over 40 years and she had the best humour! It’s really a case of laughing or crying sometimes. When I saw this mug, I got a massive grin on my face.

It’s just so quirky and not what you’re expecting!

Plus it would be great to give to a nurse who has a magical personality! Haha!

Rainbow Pocket Token (£3.99)

Remember how I said how special rainbows are right now?

Here’s one that you can carry in your pocket from a loved one! It has a gorgeous little saying that comes along with it: ‘Keep this rainbow close to get you through the storm.’

So cute, right?!

You can make it personalised and let someone you care about it feel loved.

‘Stand Back You Must’ T-Shirt (£14.70)

You knew I had to have a nerdy pick for a gift idea.

This one is a t-shirt with Baby Yoda wearing a mask saying ‘Stand back you must’. I mean…that’s what we all have to do right now. Stand back from people and keep some sort of social distance.

I’ve been watching The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda is the cutest little thing in the galaxy! Perfect for any Star Wars/Disney fans stuck in lockdown.

‘Saving Mickey & Humanity’ T-Shirt (£20.88)

Another Disney t-shirt for my fellow fangirls/boys!

I’ve never known Disney parks all over the world being closed for anything other than hurricanes, but we now we’ve had all this. It’s something to gift someone who is in the know and wants something to wear in future. Nothing like saying we kept Mickey and everyone safe from the world!

What gifts would you give to anyone from a social distance?

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