5 Exciting YA Summer Releases You Have To Preorder

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Sometimes you have to look towards the future when you want to ignore the present. Reading has become a lifeline in recent weeks and I’m already looking to Summer for book releases that I can preorder!

I haven’t done as many book posts as I’d prefer, but that happens. I can read a bunch of different books but I always forget to write reviews about them. I love reading other blogs such as A Rambling Reviewer to see what they think about their books. Once a blog reader, always a blog reader! This is probably why my Netgalley percentage is down in my boots! Haha!

Promise I’m going to try to be better, publishers!

With so many books released every season, these are some of the YA novels that I’m super excited to check out this summer.

The Lost Soul Atlas (Zana Fraillon – 23rd July)

A boy awakens in the Afterlife, with a pocketful of vague memories, a key, a raven, and a mysterious atlas to guide him as he sets out to piece together what happened, and try to find his way home…

I love the sound of this book so much! It reminds me of a similar book called Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin. It looks at death, life and everything in between. It’s an amazing book and a definite must-read. The Lost Soul Atlas caught my eye because of the plot. The fact that this boy wakes up and doesn’t remember how he died and has to figure it all out is interesting!

Got to love a book that makes you think!

The Heartstopper Colouring Book (Alice Oseman – 11th June)

Another book post mentioning Heartstopper! I’m officially recognising that I’m just a total Alice Oseman fangirl. I saw Alice’s publisher Team BKMRK mentioning that a Heartstopper colouring book was being released in June and I squealed!

Talk about an immediate pre-order!

I won’t do a perfect colouring job because I’m not artistic, but I’ll still have fun regardless.

The Falling in Love Montage (Ciara Smyth – 4th June)

Seventeen-year-old Saoirse has finished with exams and is facing a long hot summer before uni. She plans to party, get drunk, watch horror movies and forget all her troubles by kissing girls. Ever since the breakupocalypse with her ex Hannah, she’s been alone and angry, dealing with the hole left in her family by her sick mother’s absence. Worse, Dad drops a bombshell: he’s remarrying at the end of the summer.

Enter the scene: Ruby, who might just be the prettiest girl Saoirse’s ever seen. A romcom fan and a believer in true love, Ruby challenges cynical Saoirse to try a summer romance with the serious parts left out, just like in the movies. But what happens when the falling in love montage ends?

What better way to enjoy summer than by reading a LGBTQ+ rom-com! I’m slowly building up my little Pride bookshelf and this particular book sounds so adorable! I mean…why wouldn’t you read about an ‘breakupcalypse’ and two girls falling in love!

Saoirse already sounds amazing. Though I may be biased because Saoirse Ronan is one of my favourite actresses. Hands-up in the comments if you also know how to pronounce her name! Haha! I may be tempted to read this while listening to the Love Actually soundtrack!

The Switch Up: L.A Exchange (Katy Cannon – 25th June)

Alice can’t wait to visit Willa in LA – home of Hollywood, where dreams come true. Their plan is to explore the city and see the sights, but then Willa gets the opportunity to work on the film project of her dreams and she can’t say no!

The only problem is she is absolutely 100% supposed to be taking part in a beach clean-up. Which, now she thinks of it, sounds pretty perfect for Alice… Can the girls really swap lives again? Cue plotting, outfit swapping and award-winning performances. But everyone knows that real life is nothing like the movies…

As someone that loved the first book, I was super happy to see that Katy had written a sequel!

This already sounds like it will be just as fun as ‘The Switch Up’. Alice is such an awesome character due to the fact that she’s an Eco warrior and knows her own mind. She just seems to end up in these weird situations because of Willa! If you love the sounds of Prince & The Pauper meets The Parent Trap, then maybe think about popping this on your preorder list!

Love on the Main Stage (S.A. Domingo – 25th June)

16-year-old songwriter Nova is having the best summer of her life. Helping out with her parents’ food truck, she gets to attend not one, but FIVE different music festivals! Things get even better when she meets cute American boy, Sam, an aspiring musician like her. After sharing a magical evening dancing under the stars, Nova never expects to see Sam again. But to her surprise they keep meeting up at music festivals…

Nova begins to hope that their romance could become more than just a festival fling. So why is Sam so reluctant to talk about himself? And why does he have access to the VIP backstage area?

Look…this lockdown is clearly making me preorder romantic YA books! I guess that’s what happens when you’re on your own. *sob*

I’ve never been to a music festival so I have to live vicariously through books like this. There’s something super sweet about this plot. Two teens crushing on each other, dancing under the stars, and one hiding a big secret. What do you think Sam could be hiding?

Is he a secret Hannah Montana?! Haha.

What YA novels have you got on your preorder list this summer?

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    9th August 2020 at 11:05 am

    Two of these are already on my shelves, but this post has spurred me on to pick them up soon!

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