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6 Fun Tasks To Enjoy Harry Potter At Home

harry potter at home

No matter what age you are, being at home can quickly get boring if you have things to do. Recently the people at Wizarding World came up with Harry Potter At Home! It’s a site full of things to keep people occupied with a touch of magic. You can never have too much Potter in your life and adults will admit to sometimes having an inner kid! I know I do!

What exactly do they have the website?

Well, lots of different things:

  • Magical games such as Wizard’s Hangman, Harry Potter Bingo and Snitches & Lightning Bolts
  • Harry Potter digital scrapbook
  • Discover your Potter best friend!
  • How to read the Harry Potter books all cosy! (Wizardy hygge!)
  • Make your own Howler (don’t make it yell too loud!)

Seeing all of these things made me think…how else could you have Harry Potter at home?

A person on TikTok I follow called Cassie Mae came up with the idea of bringing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando into her home. She did a bunch of things to make it seem like she was there and I thought I might try and do the same. Since we’re in the UK, we can try and bring the Warner Bros Studio Tour to life too!

Let’s see if we can use some of the kiddy imagination!

Make your own Butterbeer

Whether you’ve been to Universal or visited Watford, both places allow us to try the yummy Butterbeer from the books/films! I’d never tried it before I went to the Studio Tour and it was super yummy! You wouldn’t want more than one glass since your teeth would probably hate you afterwards! Haha!

I found this recipe on the Delish website that has a great recipe and looks easy to follow!

Extra House points to you if you have an official Butterbeer glass to drink it from!

Walk into the Hogwarts Hall

Okay, this is where you’ll really have to use your imagination a little.

You’re going to sit as close as you can get to the TV, have someone cover your eyes and when it’s time to ‘open the doors’, pretend as if you’re pushing them open and have your eyes uncovered!

If you’re extra fancy and have virtual reality, you can pop those on! I know that the Tour’s Youtube has a 360o video so it makes looking around the Hall a lot easier! Plus you can put on the ‘Great Hall’ track from the Philosopher’s Stone soundtrack!

Have your wand choose you

This is something I’m desperate to experience for whenever I get to go to Florida or California!

I know it must be luck of the draw on whether you get chosen but it still looks like so much fun! Obviously we haven’t got an Ollivander to help us. We do, however, have a trick up our sleeves!

Decide what kind of wand you have from wood type, wand core and length! You can now either have your robes on or not for this part…get a hairdryer and a friend to turn it on and, when the wand chooses you, you can have your hair blowing around you like Harry!

Eat a pumpkin pasty or a chocolate frog

Something brilliant about having Harry Potter at home is that you get to make some wizarding treats to snack on! You have the Chocolate Frog Cafe (which I still need to visit!) that all kinds of yummy food. You also have both The Three Broomsticks and The Leaky Cauldron at Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Finding British food to make shouldn’t be too difficult! Haha!

If you’re wanting a great Chocolate Frog recipe, then Tessa Netting did a fun video a few years ago with one! You get to watch Tessa AND make gorgeous chocolate! The best recipe for Pumpkin Pasties I could find is this one by DelightfulAdventures! I’ve never tried pumpkin before so that would be something new to try this year!

Cast a spell

The great thing about living in an age of technology is that we have fun gizmos to use! The gizmo I’m thinking of is a colour-changing bulb!

I’ve heard that you can be interactive with certain parts at Wizarding World so I thought these bulbs could count! You have to grab your wand (don’t forget to swish and flick) and point at the bulb! If you’ve cast it right, then the colour should change!

Wow! You’re a wizard/witch!!

Go on a ride

Remember how I spoke about the themepark POV videos on Youtube?

It’s time to get back in front of that TV and go on some rides!! Though it might be frowned-upon to bring a camera on the rides, I’ve never been so glad for these people! You get to really feel as if you’re flying around on Forbidden Journey or taking a ride with Hagrid!

Lean with the corners, feel the drops and don’t forget to put your hands in the air!

How would you celebrate Harry Potter at home?

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  • Reply
    3rd January 2021 at 8:11 pm

    Ah man, this post made me wanna go back to Orlando and go on the rides all over again!

    Kate ♥️ | https://asimplesliceofkate.com/

    • Reply
      6th January 2021 at 5:42 pm

      I miss Orlando!! I haven’t been there since 2002 so haven’t seen any of the new stuff there at Disney and Universal! One day I’ll have enough to visit again! xD

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