How I Use Blogging Tools To Help Run Things Smoothly

As bloggers, we use lots of different blogging tools to make sure our blog runs as smooth as possible.

They could be tools for editing, plug-ins, documents and more. Even though I don’t use many blogging tools, I still thought it might be interesting for newer bloggers to see. Okay…maybe it won’t be more interesting but this seemed like a good post idea at the time! Haha!

Adobe Photoshop 2020

Contrary to belief I’ve been using Photoshop on and off for 6 years.

I used to join graphics forums to learn how to make fandom icons and banners for roleplaying. Yep, you heard that right. This fangirl started her internet journey roleplaying! You’ve not lived unless you’ve dabbled in the worlds of Harry Potter (present, marauders era, future and founders era).

Back to the post!

I attempt to use this to help me edit my blog pictures or at least make them look brighter. I’m terrible at using it but it does make my life a little easier. It is expensive to buy but it’s so worth it! If you haven’t got the funds, then PicMonkey is just as great!


Before this year I had never heard of Canva before but I love it!! If you are graphically challenged like me, this place will make all of your Pinterest pin dreams come true!

It has really taken some of the struggle off my shoulders a little. You can use some premade designs to help you create your pin and then edit it to make it yours. I tend to change the photo and put my blog details there. It makes creating pins for each post fun again, especially when you want to keep engagement up.


Okay, hands up if you’ve been struggling to take any decent blog photos this winter?

Other than the fact that I always struggle with my photography (look at today’s!), the awful weather has made it even harder. You have the post idea in your head and have written it up but have no photo to put with it. It wasn’t until I discovered a site through some friends that made it easier (again).

The site is called Unsplash and it’s the handiest out of my blogging tools. It’s basically a place with free pictures that can use on your blog. There are so many to choose from! You can type a word into the search engine and brings up images that might fit your post. It isn’t perfect but it is brilliant!

In terms of crediting, you don’t have to but I prefer to. It’s only fair to credit when the person’s photography is awesome!

Google Drive

One of my favourite things in life is being organised!

I either have my notebooks, my bullet journal for lists or Google Drive. It has come in handy so much over the last year and a bit. If I ever receive responses from a brand, I can file them away. It’s kind of like the online version of a in and out tray.

You can make lots of little folders, give them a colour and it’s fun! I use Google Docs and Sheets the most!

Yoast SEO Plugin (WordPress)

I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never found SEO to be the easiest thing. You have to look at each post as a product and the only way people can find on search engines is through SEO. I do check up posts from other bloggers to help me understand, but I also use Yoast SEO. It’s one of the more popular blogging tools in the community and really works.

At the bottom of my post you see:

  • Focus Keyphrase (search phrase)
  • Google Preview (how it’ll look on Google)
  • SEO analysis (you have traffic light system of red, orange and green)

What blogging tools do you use on your blog?

blogging tools

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