How I Started A Bullet Journal (+Page Inspiration For You)

You wouldn’t believe that I’ve been keeping a bullet journal since 2018 but it’s true!

Even though I’m creatively challenged, I still really enjoy the process of doing my bullet journal. How did I discover that this was a thing? I discovered it through one of our fellow bloggers, Sarah’s Chapter! One of her bullet journal pins had gone pretty viral and, since I loved doing lists, I wanted to give it a go.

I’m a child so any excuse to be colourful was great in my books!

bullet journal

I’ve been trying to get a little more creative with my page designs every few months.

If you’ve ever seen videos or pictures of what other people have done, then you know how crazy talented they are! From the beautiful brush-lettering, drawings and fun ways to bring across what they have been loving! I have so many cool ideas in my head but tell that to my hands. I just don’t have any of that artistic skill to bring it to life. That said, I am pretty proud of my badly-done lettering!

Do you see that first ‘h’ on my quote page?! Haha!

I would show you my first ever bullet page but I’m literally so embarrassed at sharing it. It has little effort into it because I still wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. There were so many page ideas you could do over a month and a bunch of trackers you could follow.

What do I use my journal for?

Good question!

I literally use it for being a place for me to dump the contents of my brain, write different lists because LISTS ARE LIFE and just whatever I’m loving right then.

You know what I’m like?! I’m a fangirl of my many things so I’m even tempted to start a fandom journal. I came across journals created by K-Pop fans and they are so fun/interesting!

Click here and you’ll see what I mean!

One day I will find a way to do such beautiful lettering but this decade is not that day! Maybe when I find out what patience means I’ll have a chance. I really do need to listen to korean pop because I already watch the dramas and they’re all so beautiful! It would be amazing if I could understand what they’re saying too!

I might have to pop Fii to teach me since she’s been living in Seoul for goodness knows how long!

Do you think I should try doing a fandom journal? I do have way too many notebooks so I would probably be able to make a journal for each of my favourite ones! *snicker*

What page that you’ve created are you most proud of?

Considering that I have eternal self-loathing, I very rarely like what I say or do or look.

I did manage to have one of those rare occasions last month when I created a little page-spread decided to Heartstopper: Volume 3.


It may be mostly a cut and glue job of Heartstopper pictures but Alice has made so many incredible drawings of her characters! It was almost impossible to choose some of my favourites. Since this had been done for February, a lot of what I chose were to do with love. We had Nick and Charlie being little cuties and the ladies being amazing! I added some teeny hearts and some of my favourite quotes from the latest volume.

I also love how these pages turned out especially my Oscars page! The little Oscar award didn’t turn into a stickman so that’s always a positive, right? I’d been watching the awards show while I was making this and wanted to remember who won what! I couldn’t get everyone down but I do have the full list in my diary. Still fuming that Greta Gerwig didn’t get anything but it will happen!

I’ve been trying to find a habits tracker style that I like the look of and the ones I tried this month seem to be working okay. Obviously doing amazing on the actual habits themselves(!). The Sleep/Exercise/Read Tracker is also okay but I think I’ll find another way to track my steps in April. I’m not overly liking the way I’ve been monitoring my step count.

Oh and really trying to figure out this whole meal-prepping thing. Sophie from GlowSteady keeps making me feel like I need to try at least once!

We’re getting closer to 2 weeks into March so I have plenty of time to try out other page ideas in my bullet journal!

What pages would you create in your journal? Who else is creatively challenged?!

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