What I Would’ve Done Different As A Beginner Blogger

Next month (March 18th) marks two years since I started this blog and that’s crazy to me. It only feels like yesterday that I came back to blogging from a two year break! If you put that break aside, I’ve been blogging for over 5 years. So much has changed since I started as a beginner blogger and, even though my style hasn’t really changed that much, I think I’ve gotten better in certain aspects.

With my little anniversary coming up, I’ve had a think back to what I would’ve done differently.

beginner bloggerPhoto by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Posted when I felt I could

Something that seems to come hand in hand with being a blogger is that you have to post often to get any results. I do believe that you have to post something to keep readers interested. They want to know that you’re active enough for them to subscribe/comment!

Back then I would post every day.

I did that for a whole year!

That’s something that blows my mind to this day. How the heck did I come up with posts for every day?! I wish I could go back in time to ask past me to teach me. Haha!

With everything that has happened over the last few years, I have chosen to give myself a break. Instead of forcing myself to write a post that I’m not enjoying to get views, I write when I feel I can. Even with this post I didn’t post it on the day I wrote it. I’d had a rubbish anxiety day so typed to distract and that was it.

Don’t compare don’t compare don’t compare!

I should write a whole paragraph with those two words because they never seem to stick!!

I constantly include this tip on every blogger tip post. It’s difficult not to compare yourself to other bloggers when there are so many of us. Way more than we first started! A lot of people feel like they have to do the same as others to get any traction with brands and that’s not the case. Being a blogger may make it seem like we’re similar but we all have our own voice and niche, even when we’re in the same category.

Though I still compare my blog to the success of others, I’ve made it a rule to be proud of whatever I create and know that I’m unique in my own way.

Been wary of my photography

Like a lot of us who were once a beginner blogger, our photography was pretty shocking. I cringe every time I look back at what mine used to look like.

I cringe at the teeny size of the picture and the low quality. No-one is expecting someone starting off their blog to have all the latest equipment and know-how because that’s just silly. That said it is good to do a bit of reading for tips on how to improve.

I’ve been using tips from JennyInNeverland, various posts on Pinterest and Grow&Glow and I’ve loved learning new things!

Been more confident of what I posted

This kind of goes with the comparing problem.

I always thought that no-one would like my posts and that any comment I did get was one out of pity. I didn’t have much confidence in what I wrote because they were different. No-one else at the time was writing about theatre unless they wrote for The Stage or created posts on fandom unless they worked for Mugglenet.

I’m still not confident in my posts but I’m accepting them for what they are: different. They may not get hundreds of views but that’s okay. People seem to enjoy what I write from the comments I get so yay!

What do you wish you could have done differently as a beginner blogger?

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