10 Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

It’s almost that time of year that you either dread or look forward to and that is Valentine’s Day! I wish life could be as easy for single people since you usually feel a little left out.

Since last year I’ve really found myself thinking. I’ve been reading Greta’s book and it really gets you thinking! There are so many of my favourite bloggers and vloggers who are giving great advice to be more sustainable. My favourite definitely has to be Niomi Smart.

It got me wondering whether I could come up with a gift guide with a difference. It would still be romantic and everything but you would be helping the planet too! I never realised that there were so many easy ways to be sustainable in your life. You could get bamboo straws, glass eco travel cups and more!

Sustainable Valentine's Day

Josephine Thomas Soy Candle | La Aquarelle Eco Sleep Mask | Haoma Organic Perfume | Biodegradable iPhone Case | Kantha Connection Bracelet: Unity, Strength, Hope, Energy, Serenity and Compassion | OneNine5 Wash Bag | Olivia Burton Snowglobe Vegan Watch

You wouldn’t believe that that the pieces in my gift guide were great for the environment! I never realised that big brands such as Olivia Burton had vegan watches so that was a brill find! I hope that these give someone an idea on what to buy their loved one this Valentine’s Day!

I’ll be your eco cupid! Haha!

Josephine Thomas Soy Candle

I first heard about Wearth while reading Vogue and I loved the ethos behind them!

When I think about Valentine’s Day, I immediately think about candles. They’re romantic, right? You see in films a room with lots of candles or a prepared bubble bath. This Josephine Thomas candle caught my eye! It’s rose gold (SO PRETTY!! I kind of have a thing for rose gold items!), it’s a handmade candle with natural soy wax, essential oils and 100% cotton wick!

The fact that it’s made with natural ingredients in the UK and is plastic free make it the perfect candle!

La Aquarelle Organic Sleep Mask

The best gift you can give your wife/girlfriend in 2020?


If it was possible to marry my bed, I would do it in a heartbeat! I might have insomnia but I still love my sleep. Something popular I’ve seen with friends are sleep masks. I’ve heard that they’re great to make everything super dark and relaxing. According to the site, the mask has a choice of 2 natural fabrics: organic cotton jersey or bamboo silk for people with sensitive skin!

Haoma Organic Perfume

Every time I see a woman’s gift guide, there is always a mention of perfume somewhere. Not all the time but there is something special about having a gorgeous perfume. Even the perfume bottle makes a fancy little decoration for your room/bookcase!

The perfume is made from cruelty-free ingredients in a glass bottle (begone plastic!!) and comes in a bunch of fun scents such as:

  • Ylang Ylang
  • Lavender
  • Orange
  • Frankincense & Myrrh

Biodegradable iPhone 11 Pro Case

One thing that we always have in our hands at all times is our phone!

You only have to look around you when you’re out to see someone with their phone. Since that’s the case, some people are a little clumsy and end up breaking the screen. I’ve managed to avoid that (touch wood) but I have to have a case just in case. It protects and also looks fun!

What I find incredible about these particular iPhone cases is that they are not only made of bamboo straw but PBAT bioplastic! That means you’ll be able to compost it at home! Now that’s sustainable at its very best!

You can get different cases depending on what iPhone you have.

Kantha Connection Bracelets

You can blame Jenny (JennyinNeverland) for my interest in these.

She chats a lot about yoga and crystals on her blog and that kind of thinking seemed like an amazing gift to have. I saw these bracelets and the concept behind them is inspiring. The bracelets are sustainably handmade by a group of women in India to improve lives through fair trade.

The beads are made from recycled saris and dhoti scraps. Knowing that you are supporting these women makes my heart feel warm. You can get different bracelets with different attributes so have fun!

OneNine5 Wash Bag

I always saw a washbag as a vintage idea. That could be because I hardly ever travel anywhere so never need to use one. I’ve started looking into getting one though after seeing one of my favourite travel youtubers, FlyWithStella, chatting about hers. It’s amazing how you get influenced by people! I’m doomed! Haha!

The washbag itself is made with an 100% recycled plastic lining. It comes with a detachable airport bag so you don’t have to have single-use plastics! When you’re done with the liquids bag, you can post back to OneNine5 and they’ll recycle it!

Olivia Burton Vegan Watch

The final sustainable gift you could buy for your girlfriend/wife/significant other is this gorgeous Olivia Burton watch. I’ve always wanted one of these watches because they look amazing! All of the designs seem elegant and luxurious. The design on this particular watch is adorable with the deer and it automatically made me think of Snape’s patronus.

Potter on the brain at all times!

The strap on the watch is vegan so score!

What sustainable gifts would you love to get on Valentine’s Day?

sustainable valentines day gift

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