7 Goals I’m Going To Achieve In 2020


Welcome to 2020 on my blog! We made it! I hope you all had a brilliant night however you decided to celebrate it. I was happily in my PJs, in bed, and going in between watching Graham Norton and Netflix. Before it hit midnight, I did try to watch the fireworks on BBC One but I thought they were pretty rubbish. Craig David was really good though so was glad his music brought in 2020.

Now that we’ve started a new decade, I’m in the mindset of setting myself goals. There are a couple of quotes that I’ve fallen in love with to describe how I want this year to go:

“Don’t call them dreams. Call them plans.”

“Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your results.”

The reason why I’ve been sharing resolutions on my blog is to have proof online that I’ve set myself goals/targets/whatever you want to call them for all to see. If people see that I’ve created these, I’m more likely to do them. Though that didn’t exactly work out last year but it will this year! I’ve tried to simplfy my 2020 goals so that I don’t confuse myself and can get to work.

Reduce my antidepressants down to 100mg

This is a big, big thing for me and will only work if I dedicate myself. I’m going to be starting therapy sometime this year and I’m wanting to lower my dose by the end of the year. What some people don’t know about antidepressants is that you can’t just stop and start your medication. They can give you some nasty withdrawal symptoms and could be damaging to your body if not taken seriously.

I’m currently on 200mg (the highest dose) so I see 100mg a realistic goal to aim for. It’s giving me plenty of time to take my time and keep my body happy.

Start volunteering

While I’m sorting out my mental health I want to be able to start doing something meaningful. I’ve been doing a Work and Disability programme to help prepare me for applying for work. The general consensus is that I won’t be able to handle a full-time job right now (which is true) and that volunteering will help me get recent experience and references.

I’ve applied for a call-line called Elderfriends where you get to chat with anyone elderly who is lonely. I figured this might work since I could do this from home and it’s flexible. We’ll see if they contact me back!

Read 50 books

If you love books and go on GoodReads, then you will know that the site holds a reading challenge. You decide how many books you want to try and read during the year and you get to document all the books you do. Last year I managed to read 30 books which I’m very proud of. This year I’m aiming for 50!

You never know what the year will throw at you so any book I read is a win! If you’re doing the challenge, good luck and have fun!

Visit a relative

The only time I’ve seen a relative in the last decade has been at funerals. So morbid!

Most of my Mum’s side of the family live in Northern Ireland whereas my dad’s side live in Birmingham. I don’t have too many left down South but I do have an aunt who I chat to every month on the phone! She’s 80 so there is no chance of her travelling to see me. I really want to go and visit her in case the inevitable happens. I’m just worried that I’ll be super awkward chatting face-to-face!

As for my other aunts, I do plan on seeing them. It’s just a little trickier. I have to try and save up some airfare to fly over and it wouldn’t be the happiest of circumstances. I want to scatter some of Mum’s ashes where she was born. I’ve got the documentation to fly over with her ‘remains’ so it’s just a case of saving. My chats with them are less frequent since I definitely feel awkward around them! Maybe 2020 will finally push me out of my comfort zone and get me chatting. Family is family at the end of the day.

How do you guys handle visiting relatives you don’t see often?

Watch 2 plays (Local/London)

Before you say it, I know that seeing 2 plays doesn’t sound like a lot but it is for me. I haven’t seen a play in over 2 years (it was Cursed Child!) and I really miss seeing theatre. The actress in me wants to be on the stage along with the cast and there are so many amazing plays to see! I have my eyes on The Ocean At The End of the Road but it’s sold out! Fingers crossed that some return tickets come back so I can see Sam Blenkin on stage again! He was the last guy I saw playing Scorpius! 2020 is the year of theatre for me! Emmie, you better be reading this post!

Other plays I’m loving the sound of are:

  • Endgame (with Daniel Radcliffe and Alan Cumming)
  • The Play That Goes Wrong
  • Dragons and Mythical Beasts
  • Peter Pan Goes Wrong (Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield)
  • My Cousin Rachel (Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield)
  • Trojan Horse (Derby Theatre)
  • W*nk Buddies (Derby Theatre)

I reckon I’ll be able to see at least 2 this year especially the ones in Derby! Those sound really interesting!

Decorate part of my flat

My dad may have been a painter/decorator but I did not inherit any of his skills! I attempted to paint in my old house and it looked so bad! I literally cringed every time I had walk down the corridor to the front door. Part of me wonders whether I should try again and take my time or get someone else to do it.

Getting a pro to do it still counts as achieving my goal, right? I really want to get at least one room done this year so it looks like someone capable lives in my flat!

Write in my diary every day

For the last decade I’ve written a diary.

Have I written in it every day? Heck no! I’ve literally had months upon months of nothing. I can usually do a couple of months and then I stop. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy writing it but sometimes you just don’t want to read about your bad days. I’ve managed to do write every day since last September! The fact that I’ve lasted this long could mean this goal might actually happen for the first time ever!

Have you got any goals set for 2020 or are you just going with the flow?

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