4 Strange Habits That Make Me Question My Sanity


This post was inspired after watching of my favourite art youtubers, Emirichu! If you’ve never heard of her or not subscribed, check her out! She’s hilarious and comes out with some amazing stories! Last year she did a video talking about some of the strange habits she has.

We all know that I’m a quirky little spud so is it really a surprise that I have some odd habits?

Not really.

I’ve chatted about habits that I wanted to cut out of my life so I promise that this won’t be as deep as that. To be honest you’ll probably either relate to these or speed-dial my therapist. I can say that now I have one! Haha! If you enjoy this, let me know in the comments because it’ll make me feel less weird!

Double-checking my oven/front door

I swear that my memory has been getting worse as I’ve been getting old. Maybe I need to start doing brain games to keep it alive!

Anyway, I’ve always to double and triple check that I’ve done something. It isn’t that I always forget and more often I not everything is fine, but I get anxious. Both of these have happened at least twice and that has me freaking out that I’ll forever forget. I can remember last month that I seriously triggered my anxiety after convincing myself that I had left my cooker hob on. I gave myself a pretty nasty attack (breakdown and all) and had to postpone an appointment to check.

A tip that I learnt in Emirichu’s video is to make a silly noise after turning off/locking. That way you remember the noise and that means you don’t have to check. I tend to do ‘boing!’ and it does work!

Having to have the volume on an even number

I bet there is something psychological behind this but yeah…

I can’t even remember when I first started needing to have the volume on anything on an even number. I just know that I used to do it when I turned it up and down on my Mum’s car radio. There is something weird about landing on an odd number for me and I’ll admit to cringing when I turned 33 this year!

I’m not obsessed on making it every time because that would make me stressed out but I do it when I’m on my own. It makes me feel better and means that I won’t think about it. I bet that I heard a negative thing about it when I was younger and it must have subconsciously stuck with me!

Bringing the front of a top to my mouth

Okay, this definitely has to have a childhood thing to it! Psychology friends, let me know!

I can’t believe I’m actually admitting this on the internet. I never had a blanket when I was a kid and tended to seek comfort in either a soft toy or in my mum or dad’s side. Contrary to what people might see with me, I love hugs. Well, I love them from people I trust but really squirm when someone I don’t know well touches my arm or shoulder. Makes me shudder just thinking about it.

I did mention this to my psychologist yesterday and she said it’s just what I think it is: a comfort thing. She says that it’s normal for an adult to have one of these and do it without thinking. Usually when you’re watching TV or focusing on something else. I tend to do it more when I’m watching TV or a film. Since we’re all about honesty here, I think there are a couple of reasons I do it.

  • I usually have some of my Mum’s perfume on and the smell makes me feel safe.
  • I like the way a fabric feels against my mouth (a sensory thing)

Use cold water to wash my hands

Not sure if this is one of those strange habits to have but I’m wondering more and more.

The funny thing is that I hate being cold. I prefer to be wrapped up warm or have a hot shower or even wrap myself up in my duvet. Yes, even in the summer! However I only use cold water to wash my hands. Unless I’m out and only hot water is there.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing for my skin and is probably what makes it so cracked but there you go.

Please tell me one of you guys does this too!

What strange habits do you have?


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  • Reply
    Kayleigh Zara
    15th January 2021 at 5:48 pm

    I always use cold water when washing my hands! And I also have to double/triple check my door / having my keys when I go out and come in, because I’m a bigger for losing them x

  • Reply
    Lisa | Mind and Body Intertwined
    15th January 2021 at 7:09 pm

    I can’t say I get the cold water thing, but the rest I do as well, although I often my face in my blanket, shirt or scarf up to my nose even! It’s so comfortable haha!

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