What’s Inside My Handbag During The Winter

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Are you bored of all my winter posts yet? Are you secretly hoping that I’ll stop talking about winter or making every lifestyle post about it? Well, I apologise if you’re bored but since it’s that time of year, I’m going to chat a lot about it! I don’t regret making these either! They’re fun!

Like a lot of people, I love watching Youtube videos.

There are obviously questionable ones but I know what I love and who I love to watch. One type of video that I always seem to enjoy is seeing what is in someone’s bag. I’m so nosy! The amount of stuff a person can cram in there is incredible. You don’t just get handbags either! You can get bags of celebrities, fashion school bags, bags for auditions and even pet bags!

I would have taken a picture of my own bag but it’s an absolute state so I’ll just describe it to you.

For the last few years I’ve had a Harry Potter satchel from Primark! It’s just like an old school satchel and I still love it (even though it’s slowly falling apart). I’ve gotten so many comments about how cute it is and how they’re surprised it’s from Primark.

I REPRESENT YOU, PRIMARK! (Work with me please…)

Let’s see what I’ve got in my bag, shall we?


I’m going to start off with a little TMI but does anyone else’s nose run just because it’s cold? Mine does ALL the time! I don’t even have to be sick and it runs like a tap. So annoying! That means I have to make sure I have a pack of tissues with me at all time.

I tend to use The Cheeky Panda tissues from Boots! They’re made out of bamboo and are vegan too! I figured that I may as well do a little for the environment even if it’s only for my nose. It’s one of my big things to try and be more eco-friendly over the next year so wish me luck!

What tissues do you use?

Lip Balm

Yikes, do my lips get extra dry during the winter!

I didn’t always use to carry a lip balm in my bag but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered that my lips have become a little less…moist. I don’t know how to describe it! Haha! Just like my skin, my lips really react to extreme temperatures. They can get pretty sore if I don’t keep on top of them.

In the past I used Vaseline and Burt’s Bees (which I do love! I just need to find a new flavour I like). These days I’ve been using Dr Organic with Manuka Honey and it’s so good!! It not only keeps lips feeling alive but it also has SPF 15. Yes, we have to use SPF in winter too! Have you not heard of snow blindness?! The sun is crazy during this time of year. When we get any, that is…

Extra pair of gloves

Fellow ezcema sufferers, high five!

What one word would I use to describe my hands right now? Ow. They’re ow because they’re dry and I’m trying to figure out what I can use to help them. I’ve got a combination of two different creams so sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

To try and help my hands a bit when it’s bitterly cold, I wear my Next gloves which are lovely and keep an extra pair in my bag. I like to occasionally double-up my gloves to keep my hands extra warm! It’s so nice and my skin doesn’t flare up as much.

Hand Sanitiser

It’s times like these when I wish the UK had a Bath & Body Works! I’ve heard so many incredible things about their selection of hand sanitisers! Though I did just now (literally as I’m writing this post) discover that you can buy some of them and their candles on Amazon!

This makes me a very happy blogger!

Since we don’t right now, I’ve just been grabbing whatever one smells okay. I haven’t managed to find one particular that both smells great, doesn’t dry out my hands

What kind of stuff do you keep in your bag?

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