My Hopes For Blogging In 2020 (inspired by Amie)

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I recently read a fascinating post by the beautiful Amie (TheCurvaceousVegan) where she spoke about what her hopes for blogging are in 2020. So many wonderful things happened in terms of blogging this year, but there have also been a few big things that haven’t.

With 2020 only a handful of days away, I wanted to come up with some of my hopes for blogging next year and maybe they will start to happen.

More diversity in the blogging world

There are so many diverse bloggers out there. It could be your race, your religion, your sexuality or your disability that makes you different from others. I honestly want to see more bloggers in these brackets getting the same opportunities as other bloggers. Brands have started taking steps in the right direction but we need bigger strides. If there are press events, disabilities need to be considered. Let everyone get the chance to go on that press trip, do that photo shoot…

Stop the drama

I am so tired of seeing drama in our community.

It doesn’t matter how nice you are or how much you have done for people. It always seems to happen. If someone gets the wrong idea about something, rumours spread like wild fire and everyone comes with their pitchforks! If it’s totally obvious the person has done wrong, I tend to just keep myself to myself. I can’t get involved with drama if I don’t get involved in the first place. If a person has been unfairly targeted, then I just unfollow the people targeting.

I don’t like confrontation even when I’m interally screaming at the bullies. It has broken my heart this week that one of my best blogger friends was targeted so much this week that she has deleted her Twitter. No person should ever be made to feel as if they need to delete their social media to escape. Opinions are fine but I just prefer if people kept them to DMs. You never know what a targeted person could be going through offline.

More natural, less editing

One of my big blogging triggers for Instagram is that I’m too scared to post the pictures I do have because they don’t look as edited as others. We live in a blogging culture where you feel like you have to edit your pictures or make what you post seem ‘perfect’. I find it rather sad that a lot of big bloggers seem to spend a fortune to get the on-trend looks/accessories, use certain angles and go to different places for views. I love seeing how other people live but I wish we could just post pictures.

Nothing crazy done to it.

I think next year I want to post pictures of what I want. I’ll edit them a teeny bit because I like a bit more colour but stop trying to be like others. It makes Instagram a very difficult place to be and I do love photography!

Stop comparing

THIS! THIS RIGHT HERE!! Out of my hopes for blogging, I want this to be one for both myself and my friends. Why do we do this to ourselves? It’s probably to do with my point above where celebs have made their lives so perfect that we feel like we need to show the same. It’s not physically possible! No-one’s life is perfect even those who are super rich. It might seem like it in the pictures we see but we won’t see the publicists working behind the scenes to set out that moment or the 100s of photos taken to get the right one.

Pay bloggers

A goal I’m hoping all brands will take under their belt is to both pay bloggers and to pay us on time. I’ve seen a lot of tweets from friends who either haven’t been paid at all or have to wait months. I never quite understand why some big brands choose to send a product to be reviewed and not to pay. It’s important for a blogger to know what they’re worth (even though I have no clue!) and not allow themselves to taken advantage of.

You are all worth it.

What are your hopes for blogging in 2020?

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