Looking Back At My Favourite Books of 2019

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It’s Christmas next week, everyone!! What are you hoping to get from Santa? I actually have gifts under the tree this time and I’m super excited! In past years I’ve done wishlists, but there’s kind of no point when you know what you’re getting! I will be doing one for my birthday because it’s fun! Haha! There have been so many incredible books I’ve read for the first time this year, some old and some new. I wanted to take the time to look back at some of my favourite books of 2019!

Jemima Small Versus The Universe (Tamsin Winter)

I actually finished reading this book yesterday but I loved it so much!

Jemima Small just wants to be like other girls. She hates being called “Jemima Big”, being forced to join the school health group – aka Fat Club – and that she can’t apply for her favourite TV show without worrying everyone will laugh. But she also knows that the biggest stars in the universe are the brightest. So maybe it’s her time to shine.

Jemima is such a fun character who has to put up with so much! People can’t see past her size and see the amazing person she is. I loved how strong she was against the others and how, even though she struggled, she fought! I won’t spoil what happens but it’s so good!

She reminds me of so many of my friends who may be judged for what they look on the outside, but who should be looked at from the inside. They’re smart, beautiful, strong, determined and so much more! Tamsin, if you ever read this teeny review, please bring Jemima back for a sequel!! I will be doing a proper review in the next few days but I just had to chat about this!


Heartstopper: Volume 2 (Alice Oseman)

I’ve been a fan of Alice for a little while after falling in love with her Heartstopper comic on Tumblr. When it was published last year and I knew how much everyone would fall for Nick and Charlie, I was so happy! I continued to be estactic when she announced the she was coming out with Volume 2. You never know what goes on inside Alice’s head. Some people are surprised that you can love drawn characters but the expressions and the story make it hard not to.

REVIEW | Heartstopper: Volume 2

The Paper & Hearts Society (Lucy Powrie)

You wouldn’t think that this book was Lucy’s debut into being an author! She has been such a vital voice for books on Youtube where she spoke a lot about classics! You can tell how much love and attention she put into each of her characters. I think Lucy knows how much I loved her first book and how excited for her sequel: Read With Pride! If you haven’t pre-ordered, do it!!

You won’t regret it!

REVIEW | The Paper & Hearts Society

Calling All Witches

Calling All Witches (Laurie Calkhoven)

Something that I adore about Harry Potter is the amount of strong women that we have! Yes, even Bellatrix Lestrange! There are so many witches that deserve some love and, even though half of these women are mentioned in passing, they are still awesome. My favourites have to be Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, Queenie Goldstein and Nymphadora Tonks.

They know what it’s like to be different and do their very best to make their way through the Wizarding World. In times like today, it’s important that everyone is loved! All women are women.

REVIEW | Calling All Witches

Five Feet Apart (Rachel Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry & Tobias Iaconis)

It must have been a crazy 2019 for Rachel, Mikki and Tobias! The fact that their book was released in the UK in January and then the film (with Cole Sprouse!) came out in the March! Insane, right?! I absolutely loved this book and Stella’s journey through it. I may not suffer from Cystic Fibrosis but I know what it’s like to have to follow a list and stress when it’s not completed just right. That and I have a bunch of medication that I have to remember.

If you haven’t read or watched Five Feet Apart, please check it out!

There are so many books in 2019 that I’ve loved but we’d literally be here for ages! I discovered yesterday that I had reached my goals for books on Goodreads and I’m pretty proud of myself. For someone who spends a lot of her time battling her mental health, 30 is awesome. Go me!

What have been your favourite books of 2019?
Did you do the Goodreads Reading Challenge?



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