My Favourite Book-To-Screen Adaptations


I can’t be the only one who can easily name a handful of book-to-screen adaptations. They’ve become more and more common which is both a great and a bad thing. If the director knows the book and stays true to it, the adaptation will be awesome. However there are some horrific ones out there that you can tell the person had zero clue about the book or the characters.

I’m going to look at some of my favourite book-to-screen shows/films and then maybe share a couple that I didn’t like. Some may surprise you!!

Harry Potter

I had to start with this because I have two particular favourites! They have to be Philosopher’s Stone and Prisoner of Azkaban. I didn’t use to like POA because it was such a different film style compared to the others and because Ron’s lines were stolen. That has changed over the years. The first one was just so faithful to the book! It had the lines I could read word for word. Chris Columbus was just so brilliant directing it and Chamber of Secrets and you could tell that he truly read the books.

Part of me wishes he would have stayed on longer but the other directors did great too!

Five Feet Apart

I only saw and read Five Feet Apart this year and I adored it!! It was such a brilliant book and I immediately fell in love with Stella and Will as characters. Hearing their voices going through such a unique situation of dealing with Cystic Fibrosis was interesting. It also helped that Cole Sprouse was cast as Will and I adored his take on him! Plus he has been incredible dedicating any wins to Claire Wineland who passed from the disease last year.

I think the world needs more YA books looking at people with certain illnesses so that people feel connected. For me I wish I could see more books looking at autism so it can teach people that we’re different yet the same.

Pride and Prejudice

I had a reason for using the book in my picture! This is automatically my mum’s fault! We used to watch the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice and it was what got me into classic books and period dramas. It had the elegance and the drama and Colin Firth coming out of a lake!

Ever since watching this show I’ve loved Mansfield Park, Emma and so many others! You have to admit that the BBC does a pretty decent job casting the right people for these dramas!

Hunger Games

Two words: Jennifer Lawrence!!

I’ll admit a faux-pas that this was one of those moments where I watched the film before I read the book. In my defence, I wasn’t a massive fan of dystopian books since they were always the same. Hunger Games was something completely different and it had my attention straight away. I loved how strong Katniss was and how dedicated she was to fighting to keep her family safe and bring honour to her District. I hadn’t seen much of Jennifer Lawrence before this and this was how I developed a girl crush on her!! She’s just so pretty and sassy! I was never overly fond of Josh Hutchinson as Peeta but he definitely got better.

Bridge to Terebithia

My heart!! This book and film broke me so much!! If you haven’t read the book, then you need to either order it now or run to your local library tomorrow! It’s such a heart-wrenching novel that had you on a rollercoaster and seeing through the eyes of a child differently. This was the film that I loved Josh in and made me fangirl Anna-Sophia Robb as an actress. Those two were just so perfect as Leslie and Jesse! Even to this day I cry when I read or watch this.

I also have Bailee Madison (the baby sister of Jesse) following me on Twitter so score! Haha!

The Princess Diaries

I’d never read a 1st person book before this but loved the style in which Meg Cabot wrote. You really felt as if you were reading someone’s diary and Mia was everything I wanted to be and more! Is it bad that I wish I could have had her cat Fat Louie? The film adaptation of this was Anne Hathaway’s first ever film!! It’s crazy to think of that and where she is these days! She was brilliant as a gawky Mia who just wanted to get through high school and who wouldn’t want to discover that Julie Andrews was your grandmother!

I’m still hoping I’ll find a connection in my family tree one day!

Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda

Love. this. book!!

Becky Albertalli has quickly become one of my favourite YA authors behind JK Rowling. She really writes relatable characters that you wish you were friends with and/or could possibly see in your therapy group. I haven’t read too many LGBTQ+ books (something I’m aiming to change!) but this was beautiful. It’s all about a young guy called Simon who is secretly gay but hasn’t told his friends or family yet. He comes out to a stranger called Blue and stuff happens. It helps that this character is a Hufflepuff and has an awesome friend called Leah!

The film version was so good! Nick Robinson was made to be Simon and I wish we could see more of him in other roles! Did you know another one of Becky’s books ‘What If It’s Us‘ is being made into a film?!

The Babysitter’s Club

Okay…this one is an oldie but a cheesy goodie! Please tell me someone else has read and watched The Babysitter’s Club! This was one of the first book-to-screens that I ever watched! I was 8 when it first came out and seeing these ‘big kids’ doing such cool things really made me want to grow up! I loved making my own little club that only certain people could join. The Lion King was the best club I did! Haha! The books were a little old for me at the time but I definitely read all of them when I could! There were so many to love! They’ve even been made into a graphic novel now!

You’re probably wondering the ones that I didn’t like. Don’t hate me but:

  • Twilight
  • Percy Jackson
  • Paper Towns
  • Divergent

What are your favourite book-to-screen adaptations?

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