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The thing about winter is that it’s…well…cold!

Unless you live in a really hot country or Florida (as Thomas Sanders keeps ranting about), but most countries have really cold winters and I’m not afraid to admit that it sucks. If you haven’t read my other winter-related posts, I complain a lot about the weather. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, my body hates temperature!

It’s all true though!!

If you’re like me, I feel for you too!

cold dayPhoto by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

I’ve recently started seeing snow mentioned on my weather app and I’m low-key panicking about snow coming. I have talked about my fear of ice in past posts but it’s just debilitating when you have stuff to get done. Other than that, the last thing you want to do on a day off or during time off Christmas is stand in the cold. It makes you want to stay curled up under a blanket and forget that the world exists for the day.

That’s why I’ve been coming up with ways to make the most of a cold day.

Accept it

This is like some sort of therapy class but it’s true.

You have to learn to accept that winter is going to be with us for a good few months and could possibly sneak into spring too. The UK takes no prisoners when it comes to weather! As much as we would all prefer to stay out the cold (unless you have super thick ski gear or secretly a penguin), we just have to put up with it.

This has been my mini Ted Talk! Haha!

Do some put-off chores

Forget spring cleaning…winter cleaning happens!

You wouldn’t believe how messy things get when you’re preparing for Christmas! You’re pulling out all the boxes you tucked away at the start of the year, dusting them off and trying to decide whether you even love the decorations anymore. I’m always a little indecisive when it comes to what I pop on my tree! Sometimes I want to be minimalistic and the next I want to explode tinsel and baubles all over it!

Life gets busy as well and we all have chores that we don’t like.

Mine have to be polishing (the smell is so strong!) and taking the rubbish out (I have to carry bags a long way!). When I have no-where to go, this is when I pop on music and finally start the chores I’ve delayed.

Try baking

This is something I really want to do this month!

I really want to try making some Christmas cookies because I always see them being mentioned in films or on family vlogs. The problem is that I’m not a great baker and will probably burn a lot of them. I’m still going to try so let’s hope my life insurance covers death by cooking! Haha!

My kitchen is quite small but so cosy when the oven is on and that makes it the perfect place to be when it’s a cold day! I would happily grab a chair and park myself there if I had room.

Watch films

December is a great time to watch films, whether tucked in at home with Netflix and Christmas or whether you hide from the cold at the cinema. That’s what I’m planning to do this week when it’s super cold! The ironic thing is that I’m going to see Frozen 2 again!

I love my irony sometimes!

If I’m at home, I’ll close my curtains, grab all my blankets or even my duvet and watch the films that had been on my watch list! You’d be surprised I have many put aside for days like this!

Read blogs and write comments

Another idea from when you can stay at home or it’s a cold evening is to read posts from your favourite bloggers and leave them comments. If my mental health isn’t letting me write my own posts, then I make sure to leave love from people I love reading.

We may be only 3 days into December but I’m already loving posts from:

These ladies know how to make me forget about the weather for a bit! Love them!

Have a spa day

Just like you put off your chores, you’ve probably put off looking after yourself.

It’s so easily done with how busy lives can get sometimes especially during this time of year. I’ve never been to a spa before but I have been trying to have a day a week when I do look after me. I don’t always feel like I deserve it so it’s a bit of an effort.

You can take this time to put on some relaxing music and do whatever you need to. You could put on face/foot masks, paint your nails, have a bath with some extra nice scents or even just read with your favourite candle on.

Use it an excuse

You know you want to!!

Do you have a favourite cafe or place that you want to visit on a cold day and it’s freezing out? You are completely justified to use the cold as an excuse to go there. I have my eyes on my local cat cafe to go and enjoy myself. There is nothing more warming than a cat sleeping on your lap. It’s so comforting and I miss Jewel doing that with me at home.

Let me adopt all your cats please!

What do you do to make the most of a cold day?

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