8 New Year’s Eve Ideas To Celebrate 2020

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The day is almost here! Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and the final day of 2019! This decade feels like it’s lasted a lifetime compared to the one before and I’m so glad to be saying goodbye to this one. Something that I see all over Pinterest at this time are all the pins of party/celebration ideas for New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re having people round to yours to celebrate or just staying home, it doesn’t matter.

Everyone celebrates differently! As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

It’s never too late to look up ideas for tonight. I always see people rushing around shops buying balloons, confetti and alcohol right up till late. Hopefully some of these ideas help you decide what you want to do if you were still unsure. I’ll be in my PJs and relaxing if you wanted to know! Haha!

1. Create a balloon clock

If you’ve got kids, then you can help get them excited for the New Year by making a balloon clock. It’s exactly as it sounds. You blow up 12 balloons, add numbers to them and, as each hour gets closer to midnight, you pop a balloon. I only heard about this recently but it would even get me excited!

2. Create a time capsule

Since it’s the end of the 2010s, this is the perfect time to make a time capsule!

Grab little items that you feel described this decade and then, when you hit the 2020s, we’ll be able to see what we loved this decade. It can be songs, words, styles…you name it, pop it in there!

3. Have a scavenger hunt

This can be for any age! I got this idea from Pinterest and it kind of makes me wish that I had a group of people to do this with! You get to choose specific times to go and look for something. For example you could say ‘It’s 7:45pm! Go to the room that has all the yummy food!’. Depending where you are, you can decide what to pop on the clues!

4. Create New Year drinks

This idea can be used for one person, a couple or a group of people. It works! Create yourself some New Year drinks. You could either make some fruity mocktails if you don’t drink (this is what I’m planning) or some champagne jello-shots. Never had a jello-shot since they kind of sound a bit gross but have fun either way!

5. Play some games

I know I’ve mentioned a couple of games you can do but these are some more! One of my US friends told me her family play something called ‘Don’t Look Back’. It involves 2 people: 1 person stands behind with either a big party hat or a bucket and the other person has a ball. They have to try and get the ball into the hat/bucket without looking behind them.

I love the idea of only looking forward and not back to the past!

6. Have a 1920s-themed party

This idea is a little late for tonight (unless you’re a miracle worker or own a party shop!), but it can work for the other years! We’re technically entering the ’20s again which is awesome and that means you can dress up! It sounds like so much fun to wear a flapper dress, do my hair into a bob and try the Charleston! If you know ‘The Great Gatsby’, then why not try a mini version of that! There is a character called Daisy so I think it would be perfect for me! Haha!

7. Create a wishing tree

If you can’t come up with some resolutions, come up with some wishes for 2020! You can use one of those fancy white trees or even from some painted branches from outside to hang little wishes from. If you can’t have a tree, then use a jar. Write a wish, put in the jar and you can then revisit the jar on the last day of 2020 to see if your wish came true.

8. Have a Noon Year’s Eve Party

Let’s face it: kids get grumpy when they’re tired. Heck, I get grumpy if I get sleepy! Trying to stay awake until midnight is no easy feat so, instead of partying until then, why not have your family party at midday? Everyone will be awake! You can still have all the fun of a night party and then you can just chill out and enjoy any fireworks in peace. I might do that for next year!

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?


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