40 Ideas To Help With Your Winter Bucket List

Bucket List

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Another Blogmas day, another post focusing on winter stuff! Haha!

This is probably going to be my last post about it since even I’m getting a little tired of chatting about it. However, I’ve been meaning to write about what is on my winter bucket list. There are so many incredible things that happen during this season and a bucket list makes things easier!

I just love lists!

When you have a free day from work or stuck on what to do for an evening, you’re always checking the internet for ideas on what to do. I’ve got some ideas that maybe be able to help you! If you have any ideas that you would add to the list, then let me know! I love chatting with my international friends and hearing what they do.

The Winter Bucket List

  1. Go ice-skating
  2. Make home-made hot chocolate
  3. Bake and make a gingerbread house
  4. Build a snowman
  5. Put a jigsaw puzzle together with a friend/family member
  6. Create small kits to give to the homeless
  7. Try a DIY craft from Pinterest
  8. Send Christmas cards or create a card to share online
  9. Stay in your pyjamas all day
  10. Drive around and check out the different Christmas lights in your neighbourhood
  11. Buy a pair of comfy slippers
  12. Wear something that makes you feel warm
  13. Take a walk in the snow
  14. Make exciting plans for New Year’s Eve
  15. Come up with some realistic New Year Resolutions
  16. Write a handwritten letter to a friend
  17. Go to a local Christmas market
  18. Make an ornament for your tree
  19. Go to a wreath-making class
  20. Buy presents for a child who needs help
  21. Take part in ‘Ugly Christmas Jumper Day’
  22. Kiss a special someone under the mistletoe
  23. Read a book somewhere comfortable
  24. Light a Christmas-scented candle
  25. Have a snowball fight
  26. Create a Christmas Eve box for children
  27. Wrap some presents
  28. Take family pictures
  29. Attend a party
  30. Perform a random act of kindness
  31. Go on a scavenger hunt
  32. Buy a snow globe
  33. Do a Secret Santa
  34. Learn how to say Merry Christmas/Happy New Year in 3 different languages
  35. Create your own Christmas song
  36. Go skiing
  37. Participate in a chuch service
  38. Take a picture with your Christmas tree
  39. Give someone a surprise gift
  40. Donate items you don’t use anymore to charity

There are only a handful ideas here that help you out but you can find more information through Pinterest or even looking into your local newspaper. I just need to learn to listen to my inner voice!

What would be your bucket list?

bucket list

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