13 Things To Do Before The End Of The Year

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Everyone to your panic stations!! There is only a little over 2 weeks to go until the end of the year. We officially say goodbye to the 2010s and say hello to the 2020s! That is barely any time! Though I’m strangely not over-panicking about this. Maybe because the New Year means a fresh start, especially if the previous year had been awful.

I’ve already done a post or two about starting 2020 so feel free to read!

One of my favourite things about December is that I can to start to prepare for the upcoming year. I don’t mean plan out my entire year from start to finish! That would make even more insane! I mean…sorting out the bits and bobs that need doing to make sure you wake up on January 1st feeling less stressed.

You know my blog is pretty much consisted of list posts so let’s add another one to the pile!

19 Things To Do Before The End of 2019

Donate old clothes to charity:

So many people are doing this these days which is awesome so let’s continue! By Christmas you’ll probably have gained some new clothes and/or seen the state of your closet. That’s one thing I don’t have to worry about…I have NO wardrobe! Got to love when movers break the door to the one you had. A pro to this problem is that it made me see what I had and what I didn’t love.

Clothes are a very touchy subject for me so I don’t own that much.

I’m planning to donate any remaining items that don’t make me happy and force myself to buy something that does.

Decide on a new morning/night routine:

This is at the top of my to-do list for the start of 2020!

I usually get up okay in the morning (when my depression doesn’t hit), but my night time routine? Oof! That is a whole other story. I really want to sit down and look at what I can do to make it better. What am I possibly doing that keeps me awake?

As for the morning, I just want to work out a flexible routine. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m currently out of work so don’t have a set routine. This really triggers me for some reason and 9 times out of 10 the reason why my mood slips. On the days where I’m not looking for work or at medical appointments, I need to sort out a timetable. A bit like you had at school! Obviously I need to make it flexible as not every day/week is going to be the same.

If I plan for changes, I won’t be blind-sided!

Work on that reading list:

A lot of my friends are book lovers so have a set amount of books on Goodreads that they want to read by the end of the year. I haven’t actually updated mine in months so may end up doing this after I publish this! Haha! These next couple of weeks are perfect for taking a minute to read 20 pages a day (if/when you can) and hit your target! If you don’t reach it, there is always next year!

Congrats on reading even one book!

Clean out your emails:

Everyone hates glancing at their emails in case they see a negative one, see how many are unread or just wanting to avoid work. I actually have 3 email accounts! Before you cart me off to my therapist, I have reasons!

1 is my personal one where family and other personal people can email me. It has my real name and seems a little more professional. 1 is my blog account where I get all the notifications of comments, brands can contact and more. The last one is my fangirl account! This is where I get pokes for Friday Forty (Cursed Child!), new chapter alerts for my favourite fanfic writers and all that nerdy stuff.

It works but wow…lots of spam to cope with!

Celebrate the past year:

As hard as it probably is to do this, try to celebrate everything you have done over the last year. It makes the end of the year feel more positive!

If you’ve kept a gratitude journal, then flick through and read everything good that has happened to you. I haven’t had the chance to do that this year but I’m definitely planning to do it next! I have been writing a journal so will just check that back!

Clean your phone:

Just like your emails, go through your phone! I have seen some horror pictures with people having over 20k email messages, 1k texts to read from the year. Seeing as I rarely text, that’s fine with me! The only reason I keep some texts is because a few are from my Mum and others are memories that I want to hold onto.

I go through all my pictures to see what I want to save or delete! I have McAfee Security on my phone that helps keep any viruses at bay and also comes with a media vault! A safe place to keep any pictures/videos I want to keep away from snooping eyes!

How crowded is your phone? Haha!

Send thank you notes:

This is something new that I want to do for the end of the year.

There are so many people who have helped me with my personal and mental health this year and I want to physically say thank you. I do thank them every time online but there is something special about writing it. I wish I could send them to everyone but I’ll do my best!

Celebrate yourself:

You’ve celebrated your year (or at least a day!) so the end of the year is the perfect time to celebrate yourself. Book yourself a facial, a nail appointment or even a massage! Spoil yourself and use this time to remind yourself that you are important and are deserving.

I love how I give this advice and hardly ever follow it! May treat myself to a facial!

Add dates to your calendar:

This is a good thing to do after Christmas and is something I’ve done since 2010! I love keeping a list of dates that will be important to me the following year and then adding them to my diary and calendar. I tend to add birthdays, films I want to watch, any fandom/book releases, conventions and more! It seems to make me more proactive if I see when something is happening in the future.

Do you do this too?

Sort out any finances:

This is a boring grown-up thing to do, but sometimes needs must. Go through your account to see how your bills are looking along with any debt. If, like me, you have debt from university then plot around all the payments you will be making so you can keep on track.

We’ll be old and wrinkly before the debt goes away. It’ll be worth it though!

Visit friends or neighbours:

We’re at an age in time where we no longer physically connect with people. Of course we chat online or on our phones but we hardly take the time to meet up and chat! I’m actually meeting up with my ‘twin’ Ali this weekend for the first time in a year!! I’m so excited! We’ve been meaning to do this all year and I’m so glad it is finally happening.

As I live near old neighbours, I’m planning to go and visit a couple to catch up. They’re so nice and have made living in my cul-de-sac a lot easier. We’ll just ignore my bad neighbours.

Declutter an area of your life:

If you have a moment in your day or week, use it to declutter something in your life that is causing you stress. It could be your bookshelves overflowing or your makeup bag. I bet you’ll feel so much better seeing it less cluttered and organised. I really need to sort out my kitchen cupboards so pray for me! The end of the year is when I start to feel antsy that things are untidy or triggered!

Write some targets for the next year:

I’m using the word ‘targets’ instead of goals because we’re more likely to achieve a target. I’ve been learning a lot about SMART goals in my work classes and they are really handy. Basically you can choose something you want to achieve like losing weight and you make it specific. You could say ‘I’m going to lose 1b a week’ and set a date you want to achieve your goal on. It’s best to only have a few targets to work so you feel more accomplished!

What things are you hoping to achieve by the end of the year?

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