What Would Be My Perfect Morning Routine?

One thing that I’ve discovered in my 32 years of life is that the perfect morning routine doesn’t exist. Every morning is different and so many things can happen. You could be ill, you might not have slept, your cat/child may wake you up.

You get the idea.

It’s even more non-existent when your mental health declares war.

That said, I still wanted to create my own perfect morning routine. Obviously not all of this would happen right now, but I guess they might in future.

morning routinePhoto by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

getting a full night’s sleep

This sounds such a simple thing that everyone has but that isn’t the case. There are so many reasons why someone hasn’t had a great night’s sleep. Usually the same reasons for not having a decent morning routine in the first place! Mine tend to be a combination of:

  • Noisy neighbours
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Low mood

You’d think that my medication would help me sleep but nope. I actually think one of them has the side effect of keeping you awake!

On my perfect morning, I will have had 8 hours of totally rested sleep. No waking up, no nightmares and gently. Nothing I hate more than being jolted out of my sleep! I would wake up to my Lumie Bodyclock slowly waking me up. If I only I had one of those clocks!

change into extra comfy slippers & robe

Another obvious one but I don’t own any comfy slippers or robe to put on!

It isn’t that I haven’t looked but I’m pretty picky with fabrics and how they feel on my skin. Hands up who else hates both itchy fabrics and the tags that stick in! I need my sleepwear and comfies to be extra snuggly and, if my mental health is low, I can hide in.

I haven’t worn a dressing gown in ages but I would something with a massive hood, long enough to maybe reach the back of my knees and very snug!

Do exercise and yoga before breakfast

This is something in a routine that I would love to do!

I did manage the exercise for a month or so but my anxiety kicked in with the gym and it fell to the side. I think I need to be able to get better workout clothes! To make this perfect, I would put on a Sweaty Betty outfit:

TOP: Colour Block Sweatshirt (£75) 
LEGGINGS: Super Sculpt High-Waisted Yoga Leggings (£95)
JACKET: North Pole Short Primaloft (£275) 

In a perfect morning, I’d be able to do the exercises at the gym with no worries or at home! A few vloggers I watch have been using an exercise bike called Peloton so I’d use that! You get an actual class to work with through wifi and that would make my social anxiety happy!

Eat a healthy breakfast

I already seem to be doing okay with my breakfast but I wish I could do more! If I could, I would be able to go to a local Wholefoods to grab a juice to enjoy! I do actually enjoy juices so maybe I should focus on getting a NutriBullet (£99.99) to make my own at home. It would be cheaper and much easier!

Though knowing me, I’d make something horrific! Haha!

If we’re going to go crazy and into fantasy terrortory, I would have my morning routine at a luxury hotel! It’s been nearly 4 years since I last stayed in a hotel like that! I’d probably choose to stay at either the Beverly Wilshire in West Hollywood or at Claridges in London!

morning routine

I can say from experience that the Beverley Wilshire makes an incredible breakfast!

treat my skin with a beauty routine

If there is anything I need, it’s looking after this skin of mine!

I don’t have too many products I use because I’ve been trying to figure out what my skin won’t react to! I have heard of some great products though that I could use such as the Morning Expert Vitamin C Mask (This Works), Daily Reviving Concentrate Serum (Kiehls) and L’Or De Vie La crème contour yeux et lèvres (Dior).

If I could afford the Dior product, I don’t think I’d have dark circles for days like now!

This is only an inkling of what would make my morning perfect! I could add also having a cat to snuggle up to while I’m waking up and maybe next year will let me get one!

Would would be in your perfect morning routine?


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