Tips On How To Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

When you ride in a bus, there are a few things you wish you didn’t have to put up with. Late buses, buses going past you, getting hit by someone’s bag. One of the more things I wish I could avoid is being coughed on. It doesn’t matter where you sit! You can hear multiple sick people coughing and sneezing! They then touch the bell and the poles!

Though I’m not the most healthy person, I still wanted to see if I could share some tips on how I’m avoiding getting sick this winter.

winterPhoto by Rex Pickar on Unsplash

Some of these tips have come from me seeing it on Twitter and others are just what comes up in my weird head.Hopefully they help at least one of you avoid feeling sick and gross.

Have a winter kit

A few of my friends have little homemade kits that they carry in their bag, including a winter kit.

The contents of the kit can be personal to you but most carry the same things. In my own I have:

  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cough sweets
  • More tissues
  • Paracetomol

It’s all up to you what you want to include and it can change every so often depend on what you’re feeling like. The hand sanitizer is really important when you’ve been touching the same stuff as people with colds. It’s more than likely that they will have sneezed into their hands so protect yourself! If you are on public transport, try wearing your gloves.

Try taking vitamins

I’ll be honest and say that I hadn’t been taking any vitamins up until a couple of months ago. I had tried some earlier this year but ironically they made me feel sick. That put me off them for a bit but Sophie’s (Glow Steady) blog has made me seriously think about my body. I’m not getting any younger so I need to start looking after myself a bit more.

What I’ve discovered by one of the people at Holland & Barratt are there are 3 different vitamins that help strengthen your immune system ready for winter! He told me that Vitamin C is the biggest one (no surprise there!) followed by Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E (helps fight off infection).

Anything that can stop me being a sneezing, sniffly mess is more than welcomed!

Dress up warm

I’m going to sound like such an old lady but girls need to wrap up more!! I’ve seen so many teens out in minus temperatures wearing nothing more than a thin shirt and a skirt! No coat, no scarf/gloves! I’m pretty much a wuss when it comes to the cold and wrap myself up all warm and toasty. You then see the same girl coughing the next week and know it’s because she was trying to be fashionable!

You can still look nice wearing a coat and knitwear!

Try not to be hardcore with your friends. If you know it’s going to be freezing out, wrap up warm and keep any sickness at bay. I’ve heard keeping a scarf around your throat in the cold helps protect it from getting hoarse.

Have a tidy-around

This is going to a boring tip but wipe things you touch.

You don’t have to go all over all the time. Just parts such as door handles, kitchen surfaces and taps. I know my aunt tends to do this since she has quite a big family and more than one person tends to be sick during winter. Anything they touched she wiped! It was her way of keeping the illness at bay and maybe prevent her other kids from becoming ill.

Even if you do all of these tips, you’ll probably still get sick. It’s just one of those things that happen and I guess you have to deal with it. If you’re ill right now, get well soon!

Have you got any tips to avoid getting ill this winter?

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