Tips On Engaging With Your Audience Through Social Media

It doesn’t matter who you talk to but, when you mention social media, they ask what you have and how many followers. It’s like a completely different language so that’s pretty cool, I guess. As bloggers, we are always attached to social media in one way or another. Whether it’s through Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or even Youtube!

social media
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Everyone has a favourite site to visit.

For me, I adore Twitter! It has everything I need to be kept content: my friends, some of my favourite celebs and the ability to mess around with gifs! However, it’s not only for me to go a little crazy on. It’s also a vital place in getting my posts noticed by different people and brands which is brilliant for engagement.

You could be new to blogging and not know what to do next to get people engaging with your posts. Believe me, I still struggle with this sometimes, especially on Instagram.

don’t treat your followers as numbers

This is a big one for me.

I’ve read so many stories of bloggers who only care about getting their follower numbers to go up and don’t bother to connect with them. They are so much more than a number! They are taking a moment out of their time to look at what you’ve posted and possibly even leave a like and comment.

Chat with them! Say thank you!

Return the favour

If you’re on Twitter, then you may have seen that there are accounts that have comment swaps! This is basically exactly as it suggests. You post your own link in the Twitter thread saying you’ll return comments (return the comment!), then you check out some of the other posts! You can say your piece and let the person know you’ve commented!

You don’t have to do all of the posts but it’s a great way to get engagement.

use appropriate hashtags

social mediaPhoto by Jealous Weekends on Unsplash

It doesn’t matter which social media you’re on, hashtags/keywords are super important!

These are what direct your post or image to the people who will be most interested! For example: if I’m posting a Harry Potter picture, I’ll always add #harrypotter or #harrypotterfandom. That way fellow fans will hopefully see my image and engage with it. Obviously Instagram is a toughie to get noticed but keep trying and you never know what may happen.

write an interesting caption

I love doing this on both Instagram and Twitter! I get to write a mini blog about my post and normally end up throwing my feels at everyone. It’s an interesting way of getting the attention! It doesn’t always work with everyone but, if you ask questions, people may reply.

You’re giving them a reason to chat with you!

How do you engage with people on social media?

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