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The Ultimate Harry Potter Christmas Gift Guide (Part 1)

Harry Potter gift guide

It’s never too early for Christmas content, is it? Of course not! I’ve been seeing gift guides popping up on Youtube since last month! There is one particular guide I’ve seen much of yet and that is a Harry Potter gift guide! I need to see what magical items are being sold so this kind of me getting ideas for what I want as well as helping you!

See? I’m helping you by helping me! Haha!

Why is this an ultimate Harry Potter guide guide, I hear you ask? I’m including as many things as I can! That means individual Houses, babies, pets…as much as I can fit here! It will be in 2 parts because lots to share and throw at you!

I’m kicking off with babies because we have to look out for teeny witches and wizards!


Hedwig Romper (Boden – From £26 to £28)

Ever wanted a little owl of your own? Thanks to Boden, now you can! They have this super adorable little romper with a teeny Hedwig on the front! Since it’s mostly cotton, it’s super soft and perfect for chilly winter days!

This romper goes from 0-3 months all the way to 18-24 months!

Harry Potter Sleepsuit with Hat (SAINSBURY’S – £4.50)

Usually this sleepsuit would go up to 18-24 months, but Sainsburys have this on sale!! The only size they have left is up to 1 month so runnnn!

This is perfect for your teeny little Gryffindor! It’ll be like your baby is wearing a Hogwarts uniform and they can pretend to be Harry Potter since the hat has glasses and a scar!

Aden + Anais Harry Potter Musys – 3 pack (Natural Baby Shower – £21.95)

I’m going to be honest…I have zero clue what these are used for and never heard of Musys. Maybe my parent friends can let me know! I thought they would be a cute addition to this gift guide since they have a combination of snitches, stars and Hedwig!

They sound soft and there are 3 so yayy!

Harry Potter Play Suits (Boden – From £35)

For the next baby product, I’ve chosen some play suits from Boden!

Every baby loves to play as they get older so I thought these would be a brilliant little gift for Christmas! The design on these are stunning!! There is a blue striped suit and then there is a patterned ivory suit with teeny designs of the stag and doe patronuses, Hogwarts, a snitch, a key and Crookshanks!

Hufflepuff Babygrow & Bib (Warner Bros Studio Tour – £25)

This discovery was one of my reasons for including babies in my Harry Potter gift guide! Excuse the caps for a second but IT’S A HUFFLEPUFF BABY OUTFIT!!! I swear…if I had a baby, I would definitely dress it in this! It’s grey with a yellow trim and has the cutest little badger on the front! The bib has Hufflepuff and Helga’s cup on the front!

Don’t worry, other Houses…they have one for you too!!
Gryffindor | Slytherin | Ravenclaw

Toddler Vans x Harry Potter Slip-On Shoes (Vans -£40)

This is venturing into toddler territory but, as soon as I saw these teeny Vans, I knew I had to show you! They are pricey at £40 but they go from 1 – 4 and you can’t mess around with shoes. If there is anything I learned from my friend who worked at Clarks, their feet are always growing and you don’t want to do damage at any early age!

Plus they’re Harry Potter and they’re going to be running around!

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash


Toy Wand (Warner Bros Studio Tour – £19.95)

The one thing that every young witch or wizard will want before Hogwarts is a wand! Obviously they can’t get a real wand until they’re 11, but this is the next best thing! This one lights up, doesn’t get damaged too easily and won’t let them accidentally Curse their sibling when upset.

Though look out for any teddy bears turning into spiders!

Flying Snitch Toy (Warner Bros Studio Tour – £19.95

Every future Quidditch star will need one of these especially if they’re going to be a Seeker!

Maybe they’re a little young for a drone so this will be just right for them. You can attach to their ceiling and the snitch will flap its way and fly! Just like magic, huh?

Wingardium Leviosa Kit (Hawkin’s Bazaar – £15)

Another flying gift is this amazing Wingardium Leviosa kit!

It’s one of the first spells that Harry and everyone learns in their first year! If you don’t mind being a muggle for a second, the magic happens because of an nearly invisible but strong thread. Not going to spoil how that works but that’s a small glimpse!

Just remember to tell them that it’s Levi-O-sa, not Levio-SAH!

Luna Sequin Sweatshirt (Boden – From £25)

It was literally so hard to decide on certain Potter clothes for kids because there are so many out there! This post would literally go on for weeks if I let it! We’re back again to Boden with this fun Luna Lovegood sweatshirt!

I love Luna so much and I think kids love her because she is basically a big child at heart! You have her Spectospecs on the front with sequins on the glasses part. If you move those, they go from blue and pink to silver! I’d have way too much fun with that! The ages on this go from 3-4 years all the way to 15-16 years!!

Lumos Glow-In-The-Dark PJs (Boden – From £26)

When I was a kid, I always wanted to own a pair of PJs that would glow in the dark! I was obsessed with the stickers and even had a Halloween one on my bathroom window for  over a decade! What I love about these are that they fulfill that wish!

You can choose from 3 pairs of PJs! You have a Patronus pair, a Marauders Map pair and a Knight Bus pair.

I wish I could get myself some! Does anyone have a time-turner I can borrow?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Snowglobe (Very – £32.50)

You can’t have Christmas without a snowglobe, especially when it has Hogwarts and Hagrid’s hut in it!! This is such an awesome present! This one would be more focused towards older kids but I think it would be a special thing to receive under the tree. You can shake and the glitter inside the water makes it look like it’s snowing!

Very has actually reduced this from £64.99 down to £32.50 as a Black Friday deal so, again, RUN!!

Like I said, I literally could be here for ages with everything Harry Potter that is out there right now. These are just some of the things I thought were a little different and a little fun.

Tomorrow I’ll be bringing you the next part of my Ultimate Harry Potter gift guide so stay tuned to my blog (and maybe subscribe?).

What Potter gift would you give to childhood you for Christmas?


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