The Christmas Memories I Have From My Childhood


A saying that I keep hearing now that I’m older is that ‘Christmas is only for children’. I’m on the fence with this. It is mainly focused towards kids since they’re the most excited to hear from Santa. Though bloggers love it too! You don’t realise how special a time Christmas is when you’re young, only when it changes. I do wish I had made more of an effort with my parents to make it special, but we had our own way of celebrating.

I have some fun little memories of Christmas as a kid.

Some of them may not seem special to people hearing from the outside, but to us, it made us happy and content.

Memories of teeny Daisy

My family tended to make this time of year a bit more special when I was really young because I was born 3 months premature and almost died. I even had one grandma who wouldn’t visit until she heard that I survived. Lovely of her, right? Another reason was that I was an only child so kind of got a little spoiled.

I remember being that typical child who woke up at the crack of dawn to wake her parents. I was super excited to open presents! Before actual Christmas Day, they actually had a letter from ‘Santa’ that arrived in the mail. I was beyond happy to have a letter addressed to me and even took it into school for show-and-tell. That and letters from the tooth fairy (secretly my Mum writing with her left hand). Deception…haha!

Something that I’ve discovered (and I think my friends with kids will agree) is that I didn’t always play with the present. I played with the box! If it was big enough, I could use it for all sorts and added bonus if it had bubble wrap! I still play with that to this day.

Some of the presents I do remember getting is a nurse’s uniform and kit, jelly shoes, a green play computer that sang and some plastic blue and yellow skates! Got to love 90s toys!

memories of pre-teen/teen daisy

I don’t envy my parents of buying for me at these ages! I wasn’t overly spoilt when it came to wanting presents but I still have ideas of things I’d like. They did incredible with the amount they bought for me especially when my dad had to retire due to ill health. They did warn me I wouldn’t get everything I mentioned but that they’d do their best.

What kinds of gifts did I get at this age? A few different things and some that weren’t so surprising!


  • Pokemon trading cards
  • Lovable Bears
  • Yo-yo
  • A tamagotchi
  • My Little Ponies
  • Baby Aliens
  • The Lion King VHS
  • Dear Diary gadget


  • Harry Potter book
  • Harry Potter Quidditch game
  • Harry Potter board game quiz
  • DVDs
  • CDs (Boyzone, Westlife, A1, Steps)
  • Clothes/makeup

You can tell how things changed as I got older. A lot of what I got in my teens is what I got right up to my late 20s. I was perfectly fine with that! I will admit to being disappointed if tops came from my local market but I regret feeling that now.

The final Christmas I spent with my mum was one she forgot. By this point in her cancer, she didn’t really have a great short-term memory. I had to remind her of things and ended up buying my own gifts for Christmas and my 30th birthday.

It made her happy and that was all that mattered.

The meals we had every Christmas (before my dad died) I don’t remember as well. I know we used to go visit family in Birmingham and had a Christmas lunch a week or so before, but not much more. After, I took up cooking the lunch as cooking hurt my Mum’s back. I’m proud of myself for managing to help an Irish farmer’s daughter become vegetarian. We would set up a table in the living room with a table cloth, crackers, cutlery, glases of Shloer and a picture of my dad with a candle next to it.

It was fun and I’ll never forget watching Call The Midwife with Mum!

Do you have any fun Christmas memories from childhood?


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