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You guys know that I love my books and could literally have the biggest bookcase, but there are some popular YA novels that I haven’t read yet. That could be for many reasons: I’ve been waiting for my library to get or I’m not fussed on the genre. I do believe in giving a book a chance to impress me but there are just some things that I can’t get myself excited for.

I’m going to look at some of the more popular YA on the Goodreads site and give some reasons for why I’ve not read these.


You’d think that I’d be all on this! Dystopian and all that but nope. By the time that this came out, I think my mind was just set on Hunger Games. It had similiar vibes to that and seeing the film first put me off from reading the series. Maybe I’ll pop it on my TBR list to try.

City of Bones

Okay, don’t hate me!

Another fantasy book that I’d normally be on; however, no luck yet.

I’ve actually gone to pick up this book a handful of times at the library and did read a chapter, but I couldn’t get hooked. I’ve heard so many good things about this series as a whole and that it gets better with every book. It’s funny that even thought I haven’t read this, I still managed to fall for a ship!

Long live Malec!!

Lord of the Flies

This is a classic on most lists and it does sound like a good plot, but…it seems pretty boring.

The fact that it is from 1954 makes the language used in it a bit hard to understand (at least from the page I looked at) and the idea of boys being stuck on an island and then seem to go a bit crazy…okaaaay.

I did have the option of reading this for my English Literature course at GCSE and I’m kind of glad I chose Shakespeare!

The Perks of a Wallflower


Emma Watson and Ezra Miller?! Yes please!

However, I haven’t read the book to it. I do have a valid reason why I haven’t read this yet. It touches on some pretty triggering mental health issues with one of the characters and, right now, I’m worried that it would trigger me. I want to be able to read this with a clear head and without fear so I’ll get to this eventually.

Pride and Prejudice

I’m going to be yelled at by Lucy Powrie for not reading this!

Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely adore Elizabeth Bennett being a strong, independant woman. Unfortunately this is another book trapped in the ‘language is old so difficult to read’. I do want to give Jane a chance to tell me the story in her own words. Maybe I’ll take the book and read a bit at Chatsworth House.

Who knows? I might bump into Mr Darcy while I read.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Oof…I’m actually annoyed at myself for not reading this.

It sounds like such an incredible book, especially since it touches on the topic of autism. I guess I haven’t looked at this yet since I’m not usually a fan of mystery novels. I loved that the author said that this book is one about ‘difference’ and about seeing the world in a new way.

If there is anything I’ve discovered since my diagnosis, it’s that we do seem to see the world in a different light to others. We notice it in more detail and spot all the little things that others miss.

Should I add that as a talent on my CV? Haha!

Watership Down


I will never read this book and you can blame the original film!

What an utter mind mess this is!! I love the idea of rabbits and learning more about them but this book just has gore, crazy visions and way too much death! Not my kind of book and it can stay tucked away in a library somewhere.

That said, I do love hearing Stephen Gateley singing ‘Bright Eyes‘. *sighs dreamily*

There are so many books out there that other people love and I haven’t gotten round to reading yet. Some of them I will happily post on my to-be-read list and others…they’ll just have to stay a mystery!

Throne of Glass

I’m really not showing that I love fantasy with all these ‘haven’t read’ mentions but I swear I do love it!

You know when you hear a book that sounds amazing, it becomes super popular and then it puts you off it? That’s what happened to me with Throne of Glass. The plot sounds really captivating and I have my friend Katie that is already pushing me to read it.

I don’t think it’s a book I’ll be able to read physically so I might look into the audiobook instead to see if that keeps my attention! Not that it’ll be boring! I just know that my concentration dies after a while.

Lord of the Rings

Technically I have read this and yet I haven’t as well.

Anyone is seen the utter cinderblock that is the whole Lord of the Rings will know that it is massive!! I used to own the whole series with illustrations and all sorts! I adored it and then it disappeared when a friend came to visit. Safe to say that I sent some elves after them.

Next year I really want to sit and dedicate some time to read this.

It’s such a powerful and intense world that deserves all of my attention.

What popular YA books haven’t you read yet?


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