4 Habits I Want To Cut Out Of My Life

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I like to think that I don’t have any of the looked-down-upon habits that most people have such as smoking, drinking or biting my nails. My parents did some of these things and, once you’ve been stuck in a car with two people smoking, you’ll never want to try. That said, I do have habits that I wish that I didn’t have.

They’re a little more complicated so will take some explaining.

leaving dishes unwashed

The funny thing is that I get SO annoyed at myself for doing this yet I continue to do it. My dad was a very clean man and everything was spotless. He even popped bleach in cups to take away stains in them. I’m not particularly dirty but I am untidy. That’s why this is one of the habits I need to work on. It doesn’t take much to take my dishes into the kitchen and wash them.

Another funny thing is I actually enjoy washing dishes! I find it relaxing, especially if I have the radio on. Part of the problem is I procrastinate by doing other things that don’t need to be done. I’ll watch Netflix, read a book, go on social media. By the time the thought of washing is in my head, I have to rush out.

What I wouldn’t give for a dishwasher!

Eating too many snacks

The burden of my life and an actual trigger of my mental health.

This habit comes in two parts: eating out of boredom and binge-eating. It was only today (Sunday 17th) that I realised that I snack a lot out of being bored and needing something to enjoy to pass the time. I knew it was a thing that could happen but it’s so frustrating to know I;m doing it. It’s not like I don’t do anything since I try to get myself doing other things, but my worst day has to be Sunday! Everything shuts early or not open at all, the buses are barely running and there is nothing on TV!

Maybe I sound whiny but these are things that go through my head.

My other snack issue is more serious: binge-eating. I’ve been battling this disorder for quite a few years but it didn’t truly spiral until I lost my mum. I think I tend to binge-eat because I have control over it and it’s less chaotic than the rest of my life. That is until the guilt sets in. This habit needs to be controlled before it makes everything much worse. If you have any tips, let me know!

Comparing myself to others

Gahhh! This is definitely one of my biggest habits that I’ve had since school. Seeing people doing better than you even though you did the same work is jarring. It wasn’t that I wanted to be front and centre all the time but I still liked the idea of recognition. To get an amazing grade on my homework, to be complimented on a performance and things like that.

Even in blogging I compare myself and it’s annoying. I don’t purposely look at my favourite bloggers to complain and whine about why I’m not as good as them. I know for certain how much work they do behind the scenes to get their content and how long they’ve been building their platform. Everyone is different and everyone gets recognised at different times in their life!

I’m hoping to work on this habit properly starting next year because I’m tired of it ruining stuff that I enjoy like acting and blogging.

Saying no to opportunities

This is such a varied topic since there are so many different opportunities we can offered in life. They could be an offer to go have tea with an old school friend or to go try something new and scary. It’s worrying how many times I have said no to things or denied myself since I didn’t feel worthy of it.

A few years ago I was giving the opportunity to interview the cast of Fantastic Beasts and got as far as being in my hotel in London when I said no at the last minute. I couldn’t handle the pressure of embarrassing myself in front of Eddie Redmayne or letting the site I was writing for down. Though I suppose I was letting them down in another way. It didn’t help that I was worried about Mum and that she might fall and be stuck for hours again.

What habits would you like to cut out of your life?

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