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Staying Safe During The Winter Season

staying safePhoto by Alex on Unsplash

Ughh! Today was the first day that it reached -1 degrees where I live and I hate it! I don’t do extremes in temperature. If it’s too warm or too cold, then I don’t function. Between dealing with my skin throwing a toddler tantrum and my sense of balance becoming non-existent, winter is dangerous! That’s why I want to look at staying safe during the winter season, especially pedestrians.

A lot of people tend to overlook what winter could throw at us.

I’m honestly not trying to put the fear of God into people. Just trying to make sure that anyone who reads this looks after themselves and others. I guess visiting the elderly with my Mum made me realise how deadly the cold can be. It looks gorgeous and like a picture on the outside but there is always more. I mean…does anyone else in the UK remember 2010 when the temperatures got down to -14?!

It was no fun wading through knee-high snow and hitting my frozen pipes!

It’s even worse for people with disabilities affected by the cold and trapped in their homes.

Wrap up warm

This is a massive one for those of us who walk or drive.

One of the few positives of winter is that you get to wrap up snug. You can throw on as many layers as you feel comfortable with! Hat, gloves, scarf, thermal socks and leggings! There is no reason to freeze just to look good. If you need to, think like a runner. Even though they don’t wear as many layers, they still make sure to protect themselves while they run.

If you drive and it snows, try to make sure to have emergency winter stuff in your boot. I hear this so often in the news when people get trapped in the snow. I might not drive but I did learn a few things from my parents. They always made sure to have extra warm clothes like jumpers and socks packed. Not only clothes but blankets, a sleeping bag, flasks of tea and food.

People forget how freezing cold a car can get when it’s not running!

Be seen

This is another tip I’ve picked up from a runner friend (hi Lisa!).

Now that the nights hit around 4pm and we have to leave work/school in the dark, we’ll be at more risk walking. What she does is wear a reflective armband so that any passing cars will see her. I reckon that’s great advice for anyone who is walking somewhere with less light.

You could attach a flashing light to your bag or even a reflective band. You don’t have to wear it all the time but there is no harm in staying safe just in case.

Don’t pull a Bambi


I, Daisy, have basophobia.

That’s a fear of slipping on ice and it’s real! I am a wuss when it comes to a lot of things, but ice literally has been frozen to the spot. No pun intended. I don’t even know what caused me to become so scared of falling but the fear is there. If I see that it’s icy outside, I refuse to out. I’ll re-schedule everything and stay in.

I’m not the best on my feet anyway because of legs giving out so add that to ice = Bambi!

Something I have learned from getting the odd concussion over the years is that you should never underestimate ice. It’s so tricky! You can see the obvious shine of ice spread over the pavements, but there is also black ice and freezing rain.


Going back to 2010…I saw so many people falling over, cars and buses sliding everywhere! It was like I was watching an episode of Who’s Been Framed! That was the year I slipped over backwards twice and gave myself a severe concussion. That’s why I now refuse to leave my flat until I put on my Yaxtrax! They have me a literal godsend to me. They give me much more confidence walking outside when it’s icy.

If you don’t own something like this or shoes with a decent grip, take it easy! Make sure you have extra time to get to where you need to be. Another piece of advice I’ve picked up: walk like a penguin and use your arms to keep your balance.

Be prepared

Like Scar sings in The Lion King, be prepared!

The weatherperson does tend to be right more often than not so, if they say snow is immient, get ready!

Try to stock up on items that will last such as soups, frozen food and bread. They will help to keep you fed if you’re stuck indoors for a little while. If you take medication, make sure that you’ve gotten everything you need. Pharmacists are usually nice and will help you out if you’re worried.

If you have furry babies, they need help staying safe too! Get their food all sorted and, if you have a dog, time to get them dressed up! You can pop on a cute little coat and, depending on where you live, some boots. I’ve heard that grid and salt can really hurt their paws so let’s keep our babies safe!

Keep an eye out

Winter may be a nightmare for us but it can be horrendous for the disabled and the elderly.

I’ve heard so many stories from fellow disabled friends who dread the idea of heading out. Some of them are in wheelchairs and know that their chairs would stand a chance. I hate seeing ambulances being called out to the streets near me because an old dear has slipped. I live near a residential home and that always happens!

It can really strip the little independence they have away.

If it’s possible, check on any elderly neighbours to see if they need any help getting shopping. If they don’t, then just stay and chat. Loneliness can be even more deadly in the winter. I’ve recently started volunteering at a helpline where I talk to some elderly folks about whatever they want to. It’s amazing how much of a difference someone caring makes! It helps me too!

Listen to your body

If there is anything that winter is known for, it’s getting everybody sick.

People sneezing, coughing and slowly feeling like they’re dying on the way to work. I’ve already chatted in a post about how to try avoiding getting sick but it’s not always possible. You can be ill both physically and mentally. While it’s great that you’re pushing yourself to getting out of the house when you’re struggling, but your body is sobbing.

Don’t let life dictate what you should be doing winter.

Yes, there are probably a lot of getting their Christmas shopping done at the shops or going on winter breaks. That doesn’t mean everyone is. Comparison is so easy to fall into! Believe me, I know. Do what you feel you can right now and know that there are people there to help.

How do you usually stay safe during winter?


Looking Back At My Old School Reports

school reportsPhoto by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

One of the interesting things about tidying is some of the random things that you find. What I found tidying my bedroom was one of my old school reports. I have around 3 over all: one from pre-school, another from primary school and the other from secondary. Ever since my diagnosis, it got me wondering whether my teachers noticed how quirky I was.

Let’s take a look at the last of my secondary school reports and see what they had to say in each of my subjects. You know I like to be real on my blog so I can’t wait to see what you think!


Daisy continues to work to the best of her ability and is a pleasure to teach. She has produced some interesting creative writing this year and indeed this is what increased her examination score.


Daisy continues to work hard in class and at home, well done Daisy. She has made much improvement since Year 10 and now understands much more of what she does. Although I am sure she understands the maths she does not always interpret the question properly. (Mood, past me! I still don’t! Haha!)


Daisy is now starting to reap the rewards of all the hard work she has done during her GCSE Science course. Not only is she now achieving above her target grade in science, but she is doing so in both the written and the practical parts.

I am sure that Daisy will not disappoint any of us!

I thought I’d pop the Top 3 subjects on here since the majority of the teachers said the same thing over and over. What I’ve noticed from nearly all my school reports over the years is that I tend to put a lot of hard work into my stuff but don’t get what is explained to me.

I love how this hasn’t changed at all!

It wasn’t that I didn’t get what I was told (because my grades showed I did) but they told me so much information at once that my brain imploded.

The same things mentioned in my 3 reports are that:

  • I try to get on well with others in class but struggle outside.
  • I gained confidence (eventually).
  • I enjoyed the practical work but struggled with the written.

Again, these haven’t changed!!

I’m still socially awkward and prefer practical work to written. The one thing that I guessed has changed a little is the confidence. That is pretty much non-existent and I think my teachers just saw what I wanted them to see!

I feel sorry for my teacher friends now who have to put up with students like me. I’m sure I had mine pulling out their hair in the staff room!

Part of me wishes that I could go back and tell past me what I know now. Here are some of the things I would say to me:

  • Don’t say no to hanging out with your friends at break.
  • There is nothing wrong with being in the library most of the time.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for extra help when you’re stuck.
  • Don’t pretend that you know what you’re doing.
  • Enjoy school! It might feel like the worst time of your life because of the bullies but work hard!

It’s true what my Mum used to say that you miss school when you have to grow up. I remember staring out the window at the cars and wanting to be out there living. Now that I’m out here, I’m all like ‘Let me back in! Let me back in!’. My school was pretty different compared to most because it was opened in 1592 and we sang in Latin.

Now do you see why I love Harry Potter?!

I practically went to Hogwarts! We even called ourselves ‘Mini Hogwarts’. We were in Houses, had an old school with etchings in the wood of the walls and I even sang with my choir during a ceremony with a Boar’s head. Maybe that’s why I’m vegeterian. Haha!

What did your school reports used to say about you?



Popular YA Books I Haven’t Read

popular ya

You guys know that I love my books and could literally have the biggest bookcase, but there are some popular YA novels that I haven’t read yet. That could be for many reasons: I’ve been waiting for my library to get or I’m not fussed on the genre. I do believe in giving a book a chance to impress me but there are just some things that I can’t get myself excited for.

I’m going to look at some of the more popular YA on the Goodreads site and give some reasons for why I’ve not read these.


You’d think that I’d be all on this! Dystopian and all that but nope. By the time that this came out, I think my mind was just set on Hunger Games. It had similiar vibes to that and seeing the film first put me off from reading the series. Maybe I’ll pop it on my TBR list to try.

City of Bones

Okay, don’t hate me!

Another fantasy book that I’d normally be on; however, no luck yet.

I’ve actually gone to pick up this book a handful of times at the library and did read a chapter, but I couldn’t get hooked. I’ve heard so many good things about this series as a whole and that it gets better with every book. It’s funny that even thought I haven’t read this, I still managed to fall for a ship!

Long live Malec!!

Lord of the Flies

This is a classic on most lists and it does sound like a good plot, but…it seems pretty boring.

The fact that it is from 1954 makes the language used in it a bit hard to understand (at least from the page I looked at) and the idea of boys being stuck on an island and then seem to go a bit crazy…okaaaay.

I did have the option of reading this for my English Literature course at GCSE and I’m kind of glad I chose Shakespeare!

The Perks of a Wallflower


Emma Watson and Ezra Miller?! Yes please!

However, I haven’t read the book to it. I do have a valid reason why I haven’t read this yet. It touches on some pretty triggering mental health issues with one of the characters and, right now, I’m worried that it would trigger me. I want to be able to read this with a clear head and without fear so I’ll get to this eventually.

Pride and Prejudice

I’m going to be yelled at by Lucy Powrie for not reading this!

Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely adore Elizabeth Bennett being a strong, independant woman. Unfortunately this is another book trapped in the ‘language is old so difficult to read’. I do want to give Jane a chance to tell me the story in her own words. Maybe I’ll take the book and read a bit at Chatsworth House.

Who knows? I might bump into Mr Darcy while I read.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Oof…I’m actually annoyed at myself for not reading this.

It sounds like such an incredible book, especially since it touches on the topic of autism. I guess I haven’t looked at this yet since I’m not usually a fan of mystery novels. I loved that the author said that this book is one about ‘difference’ and about seeing the world in a new way.

If there is anything I’ve discovered since my diagnosis, it’s that we do seem to see the world in a different light to others. We notice it in more detail and spot all the little things that others miss.

Should I add that as a talent on my CV? Haha!

Watership Down


I will never read this book and you can blame the original film!

What an utter mind mess this is!! I love the idea of rabbits and learning more about them but this book just has gore, crazy visions and way too much death! Not my kind of book and it can stay tucked away in a library somewhere.

That said, I do love hearing Stephen Gateley singing ‘Bright Eyes‘. *sighs dreamily*

There are so many books out there that other people love and I haven’t gotten round to reading yet. Some of them I will happily post on my to-be-read list and others…they’ll just have to stay a mystery!

Throne of Glass

I’m really not showing that I love fantasy with all these ‘haven’t read’ mentions but I swear I do love it!

You know when you hear a book that sounds amazing, it becomes super popular and then it puts you off it? That’s what happened to me with Throne of Glass. The plot sounds really captivating and I have my friend Katie that is already pushing me to read it.

I don’t think it’s a book I’ll be able to read physically so I might look into the audiobook instead to see if that keeps my attention! Not that it’ll be boring! I just know that my concentration dies after a while.

Lord of the Rings

Technically I have read this and yet I haven’t as well.

Anyone is seen the utter cinderblock that is the whole Lord of the Rings will know that it is massive!! I used to own the whole series with illustrations and all sorts! I adored it and then it disappeared when a friend came to visit. Safe to say that I sent some elves after them.

Next year I really want to sit and dedicate some time to read this.

It’s such a powerful and intense world that deserves all of my attention.

What popular YA books haven’t you read yet?


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What’s Realistically On My Christmas List?

christmas wishlist

Over the years I’ve seen some gift guides that are so unrealistic. They tend to show off Christmas wishlists that either show off or that aren’t physically possible for most people. I love reading and watching people who do showcase luxury items, but I know I’d never be able to afford all of those.

That’s why I wanted to make a realistic Christmas wishlist of items that I know I should be able to get myself this year. I guess this isn’t so much of a wishlist since I’m the only person buying presents for me. That said, life can happen and this time of year is when I allow myself to treat myself to things I’ve been putting off all year.

Chanel No.5

Daisy, you just told us that you wanted to be realistic so why have you started with a super expensive perfume? Believe me, I know that this is expensive but I have my reasons. Chanel was my Mum’s favourite perfume and I’ve really missed the smell of it over the last couple of years. As I know I can’t afford the actual perfume (maybe next year?), I’m planning on getting the deodrant version!

It still smells like the perfume and that is all that matters to me!

2020 Diary

For nearly 10 years I’ve been keeping a journal. I might even do a post about them soon but there is a specific brand of journal that I use and I love it!

I love using ones from WHSmith!

I can’t handle diaries that only have room for a little bit of writing! My writing is like my speech…I don’t know when to shut up. If I have a lot of stuff going on in my head, then I need enough space to chat. It’s the same when I’ve done something really cool and want to remember, I need to add in objects! I really should make a scrapbook…maybe I’ll do that for next year!

What I find with the WHSmith diaries is that some come with the rings so I can fold back the cover and get more room to manoeuvre. That and the front covers are gorgeous!! I’m loving the one I’ve chosen for 2020! It’s very blogger! Haha!


You can blame one of my aunties for this!

She always had a calendar on her wall every time I used to visit to write down birthdays and important dates. Since my brain tends to be a little slow and doesn’t always remember things, I have to write down dates in multiple places to remember. I have my diary, my phone and my calendar.

The ones from the Calendar Club are my favourite because they always stock my favourite fandoms there such as Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Wars and Sherlock!

Which fandom do you think I’ll choose for my Christmas wishlist this year?


Before you think I’ve either regressed back to being a kid or entered grandma status, don’t knock pyjamas!

Every year as a kid, I was bought PJs and I loved them! I could never do the t-shirt and shorts combo because, when you have thunder thighs, they don’t look good. That said, I adore the fluffy PJs from Primark. Again since they’re normally from my favourite fandoms: Harry Potter and Disney.

The ones I have are Harry Potter and they’ll speak for themselves when you see them in my ‘What I Got For Christmas’ haul.

Funko Pop

I very rarely buy myself a Funko pop during the year even though there are so many I want. I could literally have a whole wall of them and I’d be happy but I can’t. I need to have reasons why I’m allowed to buy one and these are usually at Christmas and for my birthday.

Even then I struggle!

It’s hard work being a fangirl of multiple fandoms sometimes. I’ve been going into my local Entertainer store to gaze upon all of their Funko pops because they’re so pretty! They have special edition Marvel ones for Christmas, Lord of the Rings, Disney, Frozen 2 and more. Do you think, if I wish really hard, that maybe I’ll win the lottery so I can give majority to charity and then spend the rest on Funkos? Haha.

I’ve chosen my one for this Christmas and it makes me so happy to own it at last!!

Now if only we could get Cursed Child ones! That would make this Christmas wishlist super special!

Something Harry Potter

This sounds so random but I can never decide what I want until the start of December. I guess the impending countdown is enough to make me choose. It doesn’t help that there is so much Harry Potter merchandise to choose from these days! It makes it difficult, okay?!

Do I get a wand? A jigsaw? A game? A film prop?

So. Much. Stuff!!

Even as I write this, I have zero clue what I should get. Okay, scrap that…I have an inkling of what I want to get but it might be a birthday gift instead.

It’s a choice between either Tonk’s wand or Bunty’s wand!

What I’ve discovered for this Christmas is that I’m actually getting 2 gifts that I don’t know!! I’ve taken part in a special bookish Secret Santa created by Mols with a group of other book fans and I’m so excited! The other gift will be from Ali who is sneaky and already sent mine off! Since we’re basically twins, I already had hers wrapped so take that, Miss Caitrin!

What is your own realistic Christmas wishlist this year?

Mental Health

5 Simple Ways To Manage Anxiety Socially (Alone/With Friends)

manage anxiety

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you’ll know how bad anxiety can be for a sufferer. It can take over someone’s life and ruin a typical day, even if you had stuff to do. Admitting how you’re honestly feeling to someone you care about is difficult but we all need a friend.

Knowing that you have someone who can help a friend when anxiety hits makes you feel very safe. You obviously need someone you can really trust but, once you do, there are 5 simple ways to help manage anxiety socially.

1. Wait before you speak

This may sound condescending but it’s a vital way to help.

Whenever I have my anxiety peaking, I find it difficult to have someone immediately jump towards me and start asking if I’m okay. Obviously if it’s a stranger you can’t really blame them since they don’t know you. However, if you know someone who has anxiety, wait before you speak.

Everyone is different.

Take things slow and wait until you find a moment to say something. Sometimes all a person needs is to know that you’re there when they’re overwhelmed out and about.

 2. Find somewhere quiet

If you and your friend are out shopping, at a party or even out for a meal and something triggers their anxiety, you don’t need to immediately draw attention. If you’re with a group who might not know about anxiety, it can sometimes make it worse due to embarrassment or fear of what they might think.

It’s best to have a quick check of where you’re okay as a precaution.

That doesn’t mean anxiety will always get triggered. I’ve had occasions when mine has been absolutely fine in the noisiest of places which I feel a little crazy, but you know that’s me in a nutshell! However, if lots of things are happening at once like loud music, constant chatter or kids crying, anxiety takes no prisoners!

Find a quiet corner away from everyone or, if it’s not too cold, head outside with your friend for a bit. People may get a little claustraphobic and need some air.

3. Have a plan of action

Some people have an emergency kit for when their car breaks down or a first-aid kit for when someone is hurt. You can use something similiar to manage anxiety socially.

Whenever I’m out, I always carry a small kit of essential items that I know can help.

I have:

  • my anxiety medication (beta blockers to calm me)
  • my tangle (to distract myself)
  • some Bachs Rescue Remedy (to chew and release drops)
  • a small spray of Chanel No. 5 (my mum’s perfume always makes me feel relaxed)
  • headphones (to listen to music whenever things are too loud)

It’s a good idea to have one of these for yourself and to let a couple of close friends know. That way they can know to head for your kit and pull out items that will help ground you. Don’t feel that you’re being over-dramatic. You wouldn’t say the same to someone with diabetes so why say it for your mental health.

4. Avoid busy times

Whenever I’ve been into London to visit Ali (from AliCaitrin), we always say that I should make up an anxiety guide to surviving London. This city is a crazy, crazy place and even worse when it’s peak times on public transport. If you come from somewhere quieter such as the countryside or even a small town, London can be a real shock to the system.

If you live in the city and a friend is visiting you or you’ve been to London before, try to plot out times where everything gets horrendous. Ali taught me a tip of going to the ends of a tube platform as it seems quieter down there. Most people seem to go immediately for the middle so you might have a chance to sit down and breathe. If that isn’t possible, look at the peak times for the stations you’ll be going through. These seem to be around 7-9am and 5-7pm.

If the Underground is just too much (especially for those who can’t handle being crowded), grab a taxi/uber. It might be more expensive but you’ll have your own space together and can take your time.

5. Distraction

Sometimes breathing techniques can actually make someone feel worse so the next possible step to help manage anxiety is distraction.

If you’re on your own, use your kit to start your distraction and then come up with ideas in advance.

Not every distraction that has worked in the past will work every time. I’ve had a couple of occasions where reading or listening to music doesn’t work. It’s super annoying and triggering. Believe me, this happens to me most Sundays! Always have a backup for your backups.

If you’re with a friend, then go for a walk if the weather lets you, give your mind something else to focus on (5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste). That’s a great grounding technique if you’re panicking! Thomas Sanders even used it in his latest video!

What ways have you got created to help manage anxiety socially?


4 Travel Destinations Inspired By Favourite Movies/Shows

travel destinations

No matter where you go in the world, all your favourite travel destinations will have been featured in either movies or TV shows! There are so many to spot and I know some friends who purposely go to seek them out. If you haven’t heard of Fangirl Quest, then you’re missing out! They go around the world with certain fandoms in mind and match the scene with the location! It’s so clever and I can’t imagine how much patience they need!

I’d love to do something similiar with my favourite fandoms like Doctor Who and Harry Potter.

In all honesty, I really want to do more travel posts on my blog next year. I love visiting places around the UK especially when they have a connection to fandom. We’ll see what 2020 has ready for me.

If I did have enough money to visit different countries, I would definitely see through the eyes of a fangirl. Not ashamed to admit that all of my travel destinations would be nerdy and I have 10 particular places in mind.

Photo by Claire Proud on Unsplash

New Zealand

Of all the countries, of all the world, this country had to walk into my life!

I’d always heard of New Zealand because of the rugby and Billy Connolly, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that I truly appreciated it. It is just a majestic land that is literally a fantasy. Those mountains and landscapes are incredible! Is it a wonder  that films such as Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia filmed there.

It is on my ultimate bucket list to travel to New Zealand and visit as many film locations there as I can! The few locations that I have in mind have to be:

  • Catherdral Cove because it was a gorgeous return to Narnia in Prince Caspian.
  • The Hobbiton movie set which is as stunning as it is in Lord of the Rings! You can literally visit the Hobbit holes, the Green Dragon and stay there!!
  • This one isn’t so much a film location, but it is in almost every film! To visit the Weta Workshop would be a dream!

Photo by Hello Lightbulb on Unsplash


Wales may be part of the UK and technically not far but it’s still another country!

So many of my favourite fandoms have filmed in Wales from Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock and even Harry Potter! There is something so special about the studios there and some of the locations surrounding it.

  • Barafundle Bay – This one is for my fellow Benedict Cumberbatch fans who got the chance to watch his film ‘Third Star’. This bay is both stunning and traumatising! If you’ve watched, you’ll know why!
  • Freshwater West beach – Another traumatising place from Harry Potter! Dobby needs your socks, people! *sob* This was used in Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2! I need to pay my respects!
  • Wye Valley – I adored watching Sex Education on Netflix so I may have to have a look for some of the places used!
  • Cathedral Green, Llandaff – The reason I want to visit here? RORY AND AMY!! Llandaff was used for Leadworth where they lived and I need walk in the steps of Matt Smith!
  • Brecon Beacons National Park, Chepstow Castle, Caerphilly Castle and Castell Coch: One word…MERLIN!!! Lindsey, if you’re reading this, can we go?!
  • Cardiff Castle, Saint Woolos Cemetery and Cardiff Bay: So many fandom places have filmed in around these places (maybe not the cementry but Sherlock!!) and who wouldn’t walk to visit when the game is on for Sherlock!

Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

New York

New York, New York!! Forget Hollywood for a second…this old city has seen so many classic and modern films and TV shows within it! From Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Great Gatsby, Friends, Men in Black, Sex in the City to the Marvel films! I swear there isn’t a part of New York hasn’t been taken over by aliens! It even had a time-lord visit on occasion!

This place just makes my fangirl heart beat fast!! Maybe because Cursed Child on Broadway there and I really, really want to go!!

  • New York Public Library – Who wouldn’t want to visit a library as pretty as this?! It’s gorgeous and it was in Ghostbusters!
  • Staten Island Ferry – The fact that Tom Holland filmed on this for Spiderman: Homecoming makes me want to take a ride if I ever visit!! Plus an epic way to see New York!
  • Central Park – This is SO on my list!! Getting a ride around the park (maybe at Christmas), standing on the rock that the Doctor and Amy sat on) and obviously looking for the place where we saw muzzled!Loki!

So many locations to list and chat about but I am definitely coming up with a massive list of places I could visit! I love how I’m planning before I have the money to go! Haha!

Photo by Daniil Vnoutchkov on Unsplash

Los Angeles

The picture at the top was when I visited LA a few years ago and, for a film fan, that was the best place to be! I got the chance to go around Hollywood, see behind the scenes of a massive studio and recognised a bunch of places! Just like New York, there are a lot of locations that nerds like me would recognise!

  • Beverly Wilshire Hotel – I actually stayed in this hotel!! The reason why I was excited about here was, not just because it was right next door to Rodeo Drive, but Pretty Woman was filmed there!! There is even a display next to one of the restaurants showcasing the red dress Julia Roberts wears to the opera and a script!
  • Rodeo Drive – This needed its own little bullet point because it’s so iconic!! It has the most luxury shops in one place but I also recognised it from Clueless! Name a more classic 90s film! Ugh…as if!

Are there any travel destinations that you would love to visit inspired by films or TV shows you’ve watched?


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Preparing For The Black Friday Sales | Wishlist and Sanity

Next Friday is that extra crazy day in the year where people dive into shops to get the best deals. That’s right…Black Friday! Well, it seems crazy in the US whereas over here…not so much. I know my town doesn’t really bother with it so a lot of stuff I do see comes from online. I’ve seen quite a few of my favourite bloggers and vloggers do posts about any codes that they see and wishlists! I definitely won’t be as great as them but I’m going to do my best for you!

black fridayPhoto by redcharlie on Unsplash

Before you panic, Black Friday isn’t tomorrow so don’t worry! It starts on 29th November which is next Friday. Since I’m not going to be able to shop til I drop, I’m just going to look for that one thing that really has my interest.


Did you know that Argos has already kicked off an early sale on their website of Disney/Marvel stuff?! It’s true! If you use the code star20 on this page, you can get 20% off and I really want to buy everything!! All of the new Frozen merch looks incredible and makes me feel like a kid again!

Some of the amazing products are:


If there is one place that I like to check out more affordable beauty and skincare, it has to be Boots. They usually have some great deals too! Their Black Friday actually started today and some of their best products have been knocked down by 50%!!


I’ve seen Very being mentioned on so many posts and in vlogs that I thought I’d check out what they have on there. Heads-up: they have some Harry Potter goodies under their Black Friday deals! Happy days, Very!! From Yule Ball dolls to walkie talkies, you name it and they have it in their deals. I never even thought to look on this site for them because you

This post could literally go on forever with all the deals you’ll be able to get. However, as short as this little post is, I just chose what I would have bought. Either for myself, a friend or one of their children! All small fangirls and fanboys have to start somewhere and when better than now!

If you’d like to see an actual Black Friday wishlist from me, then stay tuned and see the return of my awful graphic making skills!! Haha! Oh and if you want some actual tips from someone who knows what they’re talking about, you need to check out Josie at Fashion Mumblr! She’s come up with some mistakes you should avoid.

What are you hoping to buy (if anything) next Friday?


Tips On How To Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

When you ride in a bus, there are a few things you wish you didn’t have to put up with. Late buses, buses going past you, getting hit by someone’s bag. One of the more things I wish I could avoid is being coughed on. It doesn’t matter where you sit! You can hear multiple sick people coughing and sneezing! They then touch the bell and the poles!

Though I’m not the most healthy person, I still wanted to see if I could share some tips on how I’m avoiding getting sick this winter.

winterPhoto by Rex Pickar on Unsplash

Some of these tips have come from me seeing it on Twitter and others are just what comes up in my weird head.Hopefully they help at least one of you avoid feeling sick and gross.

Have a winter kit

A few of my friends have little homemade kits that they carry in their bag, including a winter kit.

The contents of the kit can be personal to you but most carry the same things. In my own I have:

  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cough sweets
  • More tissues
  • Paracetomol

It’s all up to you what you want to include and it can change every so often depend on what you’re feeling like. The hand sanitizer is really important when you’ve been touching the same stuff as people with colds. It’s more than likely that they will have sneezed into their hands so protect yourself! If you are on public transport, try wearing your gloves.

Try taking vitamins

I’ll be honest and say that I hadn’t been taking any vitamins up until a couple of months ago. I had tried some earlier this year but ironically they made me feel sick. That put me off them for a bit but Sophie’s (Glow Steady) blog has made me seriously think about my body. I’m not getting any younger so I need to start looking after myself a bit more.

What I’ve discovered by one of the people at Holland & Barratt are there are 3 different vitamins that help strengthen your immune system ready for winter! He told me that Vitamin C is the biggest one (no surprise there!) followed by Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E (helps fight off infection).

Anything that can stop me being a sneezing, sniffly mess is more than welcomed!

Dress up warm

I’m going to sound like such an old lady but girls need to wrap up more!! I’ve seen so many teens out in minus temperatures wearing nothing more than a thin shirt and a skirt! No coat, no scarf/gloves! I’m pretty much a wuss when it comes to the cold and wrap myself up all warm and toasty. You then see the same girl coughing the next week and know it’s because she was trying to be fashionable!

You can still look nice wearing a coat and knitwear!

Try not to be hardcore with your friends. If you know it’s going to be freezing out, wrap up warm and keep any sickness at bay. I’ve heard keeping a scarf around your throat in the cold helps protect it from getting hoarse.

Have a tidy-around

This is going to a boring tip but wipe things you touch.

You don’t have to go all over all the time. Just parts such as door handles, kitchen surfaces and taps. I know my aunt tends to do this since she has quite a big family and more than one person tends to be sick during winter. Anything they touched she wiped! It was her way of keeping the illness at bay and maybe prevent her other kids from becoming ill.

Even if you do all of these tips, you’ll probably still get sick. It’s just one of those things that happen and I guess you have to deal with it. If you’re ill right now, get well soon!

Have you got any tips to avoid getting ill this winter?


The Christmas Memories I Have From My Childhood


A saying that I keep hearing now that I’m older is that ‘Christmas is only for children’. I’m on the fence with this. It is mainly focused towards kids since they’re the most excited to hear from Santa. Though bloggers love it too! You don’t realise how special a time Christmas is when you’re young, only when it changes. I do wish I had made more of an effort with my parents to make it special, but we had our own way of celebrating.

I have some fun little memories of Christmas as a kid.

Some of them may not seem special to people hearing from the outside, but to us, it made us happy and content.

Memories of teeny Daisy

My family tended to make this time of year a bit more special when I was really young because I was born 3 months premature and almost died. I even had one grandma who wouldn’t visit until she heard that I survived. Lovely of her, right? Another reason was that I was an only child so kind of got a little spoiled.

I remember being that typical child who woke up at the crack of dawn to wake her parents. I was super excited to open presents! Before actual Christmas Day, they actually had a letter from ‘Santa’ that arrived in the mail. I was beyond happy to have a letter addressed to me and even took it into school for show-and-tell. That and letters from the tooth fairy (secretly my Mum writing with her left hand). Deception…haha!

Something that I’ve discovered (and I think my friends with kids will agree) is that I didn’t always play with the present. I played with the box! If it was big enough, I could use it for all sorts and added bonus if it had bubble wrap! I still play with that to this day.

Some of the presents I do remember getting is a nurse’s uniform and kit, jelly shoes, a green play computer that sang and some plastic blue and yellow skates! Got to love 90s toys!

memories of pre-teen/teen daisy

I don’t envy my parents of buying for me at these ages! I wasn’t overly spoilt when it came to wanting presents but I still have ideas of things I’d like. They did incredible with the amount they bought for me especially when my dad had to retire due to ill health. They did warn me I wouldn’t get everything I mentioned but that they’d do their best.

What kinds of gifts did I get at this age? A few different things and some that weren’t so surprising!


  • Pokemon trading cards
  • Lovable Bears
  • Yo-yo
  • A tamagotchi
  • My Little Ponies
  • Baby Aliens
  • The Lion King VHS
  • Dear Diary gadget


  • Harry Potter book
  • Harry Potter Quidditch game
  • Harry Potter board game quiz
  • DVDs
  • CDs (Boyzone, Westlife, A1, Steps)
  • Clothes/makeup

You can tell how things changed as I got older. A lot of what I got in my teens is what I got right up to my late 20s. I was perfectly fine with that! I will admit to being disappointed if tops came from my local market but I regret feeling that now.

The final Christmas I spent with my mum was one she forgot. By this point in her cancer, she didn’t really have a great short-term memory. I had to remind her of things and ended up buying my own gifts for Christmas and my 30th birthday.

It made her happy and that was all that mattered.

The meals we had every Christmas (before my dad died) I don’t remember as well. I know we used to go visit family in Birmingham and had a Christmas lunch a week or so before, but not much more. After, I took up cooking the lunch as cooking hurt my Mum’s back. I’m proud of myself for managing to help an Irish farmer’s daughter become vegetarian. We would set up a table in the living room with a table cloth, crackers, cutlery, glases of Shloer and a picture of my dad with a candle next to it.

It was fun and I’ll never forget watching Call The Midwife with Mum!

Do you have any fun Christmas memories from childhood?



4 Habits I Want To Cut Out Of My Life

habitsPhoto by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

I like to think that I don’t have any of the looked-down-upon habits that most people have such as smoking, drinking or biting my nails. My parents did some of these things and, once you’ve been stuck in a car with two people smoking, you’ll never want to try. That said, I do have habits that I wish that I didn’t have.

They’re a little more complicated so will take some explaining.

leaving dishes unwashed

The funny thing is that I get SO annoyed at myself for doing this yet I continue to do it. My dad was a very clean man and everything was spotless. He even popped bleach in cups to take away stains in them. I’m not particularly dirty but I am untidy. That’s why this is one of the habits I need to work on. It doesn’t take much to take my dishes into the kitchen and wash them.

Another funny thing is I actually enjoy washing dishes! I find it relaxing, especially if I have the radio on. Part of the problem is I procrastinate by doing other things that don’t need to be done. I’ll watch Netflix, read a book, go on social media. By the time the thought of washing is in my head, I have to rush out.

What I wouldn’t give for a dishwasher!

Eating too many snacks

The burden of my life and an actual trigger of my mental health.

This habit comes in two parts: eating out of boredom and binge-eating. It was only today (Sunday 17th) that I realised that I snack a lot out of being bored and needing something to enjoy to pass the time. I knew it was a thing that could happen but it’s so frustrating to know I;m doing it. It’s not like I don’t do anything since I try to get myself doing other things, but my worst day has to be Sunday! Everything shuts early or not open at all, the buses are barely running and there is nothing on TV!

Maybe I sound whiny but these are things that go through my head.

My other snack issue is more serious: binge-eating. I’ve been battling this disorder for quite a few years but it didn’t truly spiral until I lost my mum. I think I tend to binge-eat because I have control over it and it’s less chaotic than the rest of my life. That is until the guilt sets in. This habit needs to be controlled before it makes everything much worse. If you have any tips, let me know!

Comparing myself to others

Gahhh! This is definitely one of my biggest habits that I’ve had since school. Seeing people doing better than you even though you did the same work is jarring. It wasn’t that I wanted to be front and centre all the time but I still liked the idea of recognition. To get an amazing grade on my homework, to be complimented on a performance and things like that.

Even in blogging I compare myself and it’s annoying. I don’t purposely look at my favourite bloggers to complain and whine about why I’m not as good as them. I know for certain how much work they do behind the scenes to get their content and how long they’ve been building their platform. Everyone is different and everyone gets recognised at different times in their life!

I’m hoping to work on this habit properly starting next year because I’m tired of it ruining stuff that I enjoy like acting and blogging.

Saying no to opportunities

This is such a varied topic since there are so many different opportunities we can offered in life. They could be an offer to go have tea with an old school friend or to go try something new and scary. It’s worrying how many times I have said no to things or denied myself since I didn’t feel worthy of it.

A few years ago I was giving the opportunity to interview the cast of Fantastic Beasts and got as far as being in my hotel in London when I said no at the last minute. I couldn’t handle the pressure of embarrassing myself in front of Eddie Redmayne or letting the site I was writing for down. Though I suppose I was letting them down in another way. It didn’t help that I was worried about Mum and that she might fall and be stuck for hours again.

What habits would you like to cut out of your life?