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What Is On My Self-Care List During Autumn & Winter? | Blogtober 2019

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Now that the days are getting colder and the nights are darker much too quickly, Autumn starts the time of year that I somewhat dread: SAD season. If you don’t know what SAD means, it stands for Season Affective Disorder. Basically a type of depression that comes and goes with the different seasons and pops up for me during Autumn and Winter. Got to love additional depression! That is why it’s very important to self-care during these seasons!

I should practice what I preach more often but I’ve still come up with a list of things that you could do every day to practice self-care and to help ease any symptoms. Not all of them will work since everyone is different but you know know!

Try using an SAD Light

One of the main reasons for this depression is basically because the days are much shorter and the weather is usually pretty shocking. That all means that we don’t get as much sun as we did in Spring and Summer. This is where an SAD Light (£37.45 – £101.45) comes in to give us an extra hand. It’s essentially our own little sun! Safer than a sun-bed since it doesn’t give off anything nasty but still tricks our mood into thinking we’re outside in the sun.

Buy something to make you embrace the season

You don’t have to go big with buying something. This is when you listen to your body and your mind. What makes you feel a little happier during Autumn and Winter? You could buy yourself a new pair of gloves, a scented candle or even a monthly subscription to help a charity! There are so many ways to help you feel.

Bring out your snuggly pyjamas

As soon as I notice how chilly it’s getting, I pull all of my warmer PJs to wear! These are something vital on my self-care list. There is something about getting into these (my favourite top is a scotty dog hoodie) that makes me feel safe and I can hide a way in them if I’m really struggling.

Bake/cook an autumn treat

This is for you, you little chefs and bakers out there! I’m actually planning to try baking something for the first time in my flat and I’m a little nervous! I do love the idea of baking but I’m not really good at it. They say practice makes perfect so what better time to try than when you’re hiding from the bad weather!

Go for a walk and take pictures

Autumn has to be one of the prettiest seasons! You get to see the leaves change from green to yellow to orange and even to red before falling! I guess that’s why Americans call it ‘Fall’…am I right, American friends? We bloggers never need an excuse to take photos of things and I love pictures like these! I even made a board about them!

Stay offline for a day

I’ll admit that this one might be a little tricky since we’re all a little addicted to being online. That sometimes is the problem. We need a chance to step back from the situation and do something else for the day. Whether that’s reading a book, going to the cinema or getting on with something that you’ve been putting off.

Get rid of things you don’t need

We might have cleaning in Spring so we can have decluttering in Autumn! Have a look at your outfits you wear during the warmer months, see what you’re not overly fussed on anymore and take to a charity shop. You can do the same with other items like books, shoes or other accessories. Once you’ve done that, you can tuck away the items you’ve kept until next year.

Decorate your home

If I had the money, I would decorate my flat like those pictures on Pinterest! They look like so much fun and obviously not just for people with kids. You can do as much or as little as you like to get you in the spirit. Part of me would love to get mustard-coloured and blood-orange cushions/blankets, put some pumpkins outside my front door or with an wreath on my door.

Have as many warm drinks as you like

No self-care list of mine would be anything without warm drinks somewhere! I love myself tea any time of the year but this is when I break out my chai tea and hot chocolate! At least I don’t melt drinking them now so woo!

What are you planning to help you practice self-care?

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