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In a couple of weeks, it’ll soon be Halloween and I know a handful of you will be super excited for everything horror! My days are usually less about the horror and the spooky and more about the ‘How many times is too many to rewatch all of the Harry Potter films?’. It may be a super sad month for us Potterheads but we still love to watch! This Halloween is no different!

I can’t get into the scary side of the holiday but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few things I’m going to be checking out this Halloween on Netflix! They are great for giving recommendations and I’ve found some amazing TV shows and films this way.

You may notice after this post that I have a strange taste in things I watch! (Don’t send the restraining orders through yet! Haha!)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

You cannot have a terrifying Halloween without watching Sabrina! I literally adore this show! I admit that I did have my doubts prior to it coming to Netflix since I was a big fan of the original, but this is just everything and more! If you love things that are rather dark and have you on the edge of your seat, then you need to let Kiernan Shipka drag you into the shadows kicking and screaming!

So many of my friends have started to cosplay/dress up as this Sabrina such as Megan Flockhart and Jess Medley! These ladies look stunning!


We may as well carry on with the devil into my next pick! Everyone, meet king of hell Lucifer. Lucifer, you probably know everyone from our nightmares! You think you know what the devil is supposed to be like but you have never met one like the one Tom Ellis plays. You might know Tom from watching Miranda or even from Merlin but I think he really shows what an incredible actor he is in this show!

I will happily watch him every Halloween because he’s not bad on the eye either! Hehe. I won’t say much about what his character is like because that would ruin a few things so…I’ll just leave a gif for you instead!

Forensic Files

Alright…this pick will be a 50/50 for some since it is based on real life events and is true crime. I border on feeling uncomfortable and sad with the fact that these cases were based on people being killed to intrigued on how the police and forensics help solve them and lock away the killer.

I blame my mum for watching this because she was interested in these documentaries and, in turn,  so did I. It’s not fun watching these but sometimes they are perfect to watch at Halloween and teach you some life lessons.


You want to be scared? Goosebumps will do it!

No, not the recent films with Jack Black in them!

The 90s TV show where the title line is “Beware…you’re in for a scare!”. I’m not embarrassed to say that these episodes actually freaked me out enough that I had nightmares from them. It was between this show and another called ‘Are You Afraid of The Dark?’.

The episodes that had me checking everything and anything were ‘Piano Lessons Can Be Murder’, ‘The Haunted Mask’ and ‘It Came From The Kitchen Sink’. I know that the effects were badly done but there is just something about how R.L Stine created these stories that make you uneasy.


Casper is definitely on my films to watch this Halloween! It’s just such a classic! I’ll admit that it did freak me out a fair bit with the vicar and the back-to-front head but that was just typical 90s scare tactics. I was banned initially at school from watching this in class because the teachers believed it was too scary and gory for kids.

Not gory…just freaky!

Plus I kind of had a crush on the guy who played Casper when he became human!

If you want to carry on watching Casper, check out ‘Casper Meets Wendy’ with a teeny Hilary Duff in it! Beyond cheesy and not scary at all but I still love watching it to this day!

So many TV shows and films to watch and I might not have to be all that spooked in the end which is great for me and my anxiety!

What will you be watching this Halloween?

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