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A lot of my friends and family love the idea of travelling to different countries around the world. I suspect most people would love the chance to do that and that includes me! I’ve written a couple of posts in the past about some dream destinations I’d like to visit one day. This includes Japan, New Zealand and New York!

There is a couple of problems preventing me.

travellingPhoto by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Holidays are super expensive and, unless you have a good paying job or saved up, it isn’t possible to go from country to country. Don’t worry, I can already hear my travelling friends saying that it’s perfectly possible to travel on a budget.

That moves onto my second problem.

My anxiety won’t let me travel anywhere right now even if I did have the money.

That’s why I have so much fun effectively travelling all over the world from the comfort of my flat. It sounds a little sad that I enjoy this so much but, for someone who struggles to go outside sometimes, it gives me the opportunity to use my imagination. Try not to think I’m too weird after reading this post…I reckon that child-like love for pretend never left me! Haha!

Follow Travel Bloggers and Youtubers

This is one of the best ways that I can see new countries and see some of the sights along with them. Some of the people that I love to watch have to be:

Plan your dream holiday

If I’m a little bored or I’ve been watching a bunch of different vlogs, I’ll head to various travel websites such as Virgin Atlantic and Booking.Com and pretend I’m going to be booking a holiday. You can’t help but feel that weird sense of excitement that you get with the idea of visiting somewhere new. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t going anywhere. You can still enjoy the experience!

You can check out the hotels in the country you’re looking at to see what you would choose, the sights you could visit and even check to see what it would be like to fly Upper Class! One day I’ll save up (even if it takes me a few years to fly Upper Class and have a bed on a flight!

Look around with Google Maps

Something that still amazes me to do this day is that you can literally see and look around area on the world, thanks to Google Maps. If you’ve always wanted to look around the streets of Hollywood or drive around New Zealand, then you can! I love revisiting places I’ve been to over the years to see if it’s changed or to bring back memories. It’s been over 20 years since I was last in Florida and so I take myself around International Drive to see how much I remember.

Not only can you go to other countries but you can also look around the UK! I’ve glanced around London, where I used to live (my mum’s car is still in the drive!)

Have you ever tried travelling around the world through the internet?

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