How I Fell Back In Love With Using Pinterest | Blogtober 2019

You know when you join something, use it all the time and then suddenly just stop using it for a while? That happened to me with Pinterest! I didn’t stop using it because I hated it…I think I felt that I was too weird for it, hence the choice of picture! It wasn’t until I was looking up some ideas for my bullet journal that I reignited my Pinterest love.

pinterestPhoto by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

why do i love this site/app?

What isn’t to love?!

Unlike Instagram, where you post pictures and end up getting likes, Pinterest saves! That is so much better for my mental health! We’re not comparing each other’s work. All we’re doing is saving the ideas and the pictures that we enjoy into files.

I have so much fun with this!

The fact that I can also put files inside my files makes my organisation side very happy. I tend to use these the most into my fandom sections. I have a lot of fandom love to give to everyone so I need all these sections!

what are my favourite things to save?

Oh, this is where my fun time happens!

Pinterest helps me to discover other people who love what I do, create incredible things and send me to posts that can help like blogging tips, home decor advice and all the Harry Potter fan-art.

Yeah, I like finding all the random fan creations out there.

I probably have way too many files for people to find me or I confuse anyone that discovers me through a pin but this is actually me cut way down to what it used to be when I first started. I could pin everything and anything if I wanted but I think people need a chance of knowing where to look for things!

who are my favourite people to follow?

There are so many people and companies that you can follow and learn from and I don’t even follow that many. I’ve gotten a little picky with who or what I want to see content from. If I follow everyone then I wouldn’t be able to see pins that I really enjoy.

I do have a select few that I tend to follow on every single social media and I promise I’m not stalking them! Haha!:

I’ll be honest that my little Pin Palace isn’t incredible and pretty newbie compared to my friends but I’m hoping to work on creating pins for my posts. That and continue to understand how the site works! Apparently I have 12K monthly viewers and I have 0 clue whether that is good or not! I swear I’ve used this before!!

If you want to work on your account, you need to join up to Grow & Glow! It has lots of different bundles to help you with different elements of your blog: individual socia media, SEO, traffic and more. Vix has done such an amazing job building up her empire and she even has an event coming up hosted by the actual people from Pinterest!!

What do you love about Pinterest?

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