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Can you believe that it’s the start of November next week?! We’re getting so close to 2020 (and being organisational in my new diary!). I always love the start of a month because it’s like a new start every few weeks! Had a bad month in October? November may give you the chance to wipe that slate clean and let you try again. Obviously doesn’t work with everyone but it’s still fun to think!

One thing I always do on the 1st of every month or the 30th/31st is to try and get myself more organised. I do this so I don’t feel any added stress right at the start. Believe me, I get stressed at the tiniest thing.

What organisational things do i need to feel calm?

Set yourself some goals

Goals, goals, goals!! I’m a very goal-orientated person which is probably why I love making lists. Even my blog posts tend to be in a list format! Whoops! There is something about setting goals that makes me feel more in control with my life even when I’m struggling.

I grab my bullet journal and I jot down some bits that I want to work on during the month. That could be losing a few pounds, reading a certain amount of books or even reaching a blog target!

Clean out your bag/purse

They say there is nothing worse than a woman’s handbag and, due to personal experience with my own, it’s true! There are times when my bag literally looks like nothing but a bin, full of tissues, receipts and random stuff that shouldn’t be in there like a sock. That’s why it’s a good routine to get into to clean out both your bag and purse/wallet!

You never know what you might find in there! I’ve discovered all sorts down at the bottom which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Buy birthday cards

I am SO guilty of missing birthdays!

It isn’t that I purposely forget them because most of the time I’ve written them down! I just get busy with other stuff that the day comes and goes before I’ve realised it. Something that I’m going to be starting in November is I’m buying and writing birthday cards early! That way I can have them ready to go and can post on time!

Wash your sheets

Does anyone else love the feeling of fresh bed linen? There is something so nice about knowing that you are clean and so is your bed! Plus it smells gorgeous too! Depending on how often you like to change your sheets, wash the sheets and pop on something nice and fresh! That reminds me: I really need to buy better looking duvet covers!

Plan some social time

What is a social life? I’ve never had one! Haha.

Now that we have our phones and iPads glued to our hands, we seem to slowly becoming less social offline. I am definitely guilty of this but I’ve never been social. People confuse me and I know that I confuse people! Try to book a few times during the month to hang out with friends and family.

You never know what you have until it’s gone so hold on tight!

Write down any appointments that you have

This, children, is when we get out our colorful pens! That’s what my teacher used to say at nursery. Kind of condesending but I liked my pens! I still do! I know that I will forget a lot of things if I don’t write them down in multiple places. That’s my organisational thing!

If I have any medical appointments or if I want to head to a class, I’ll look at what I’ve put in my phone during last month. I grab my wall calendar (I currently have a Fantastic Beasts one!) and my diary and colour-code everything. I usually go red for medical, blue for blogging, purple for any TV shows and yellow for any birthdays.

I probably have way too much fun for an adult! )By the way, does anyone remember smelly felt-tips?! I think they were Crayola and you could stamp teeny shapes with them!)

What organisational things do you like to do at the start of each month?

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