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Halloween Costume

Even though I love celebrating Halloween, I’m absolutely hopeless when it comes to coming up with a creative Halloween costume. Okay, maybe I’m being a little hard on myself. I can come up with plenty of ideas (that’s why I’m doing this post! haha!) but I can’t bring those ideas to life outside my head.

The most fun Halloween costume that I put together is the one in the picture above. That is a human version of Hedwig, Harry’s snowy owl. It’s pretty simple since I only had a few things around my house to use but I did buy myself a cute white wig and some yellow contacts. This was the first time I’d ever worn contacts and I never knew if I looked okay in them!

If you’re thinking about attending a Halloween party this year or even dressing up for work, maybe some of these fandom-related ideas will help spark something for you. I’d love to see any pictures if even one person uses one of these! Make me feel clever please!

Lily & James Potter hit by the Killing Curse

This idea of mine makes me cringe but Halloween is meant to be a little scary, right? What better way to do that than by pushing the fandom boundaries a little, even if it makes you sad. I’m sorry, Lily and James! I saw an incredible Anna costume where she looked herself on one side of her face but then had a white eye and a frozen part creeping up the other.

That’s what I’m imagining for the Potters since it would be a different couples idea for any Potter fans! You could be dressed up as the pair with a white eye and green veins travelling up the side they were hit. It doesn’t have to be your face, you could have it on your costume itself!

George Weasley without his ear or Angel Fred

The Weasleys really went through it in Deathly Hallows! Not only did George lose his ear because of a curse by Snape, but then Fred is killed in the Battle of Hogwarts. You have the gruesome side for George but I couldn’t do the same to Fred! He was my favourite Weasley twin! You could easily dress up as Fred and add a halo and wings to him. So cute!!

One of the Doctors between regeneration

You might have two favourite versions of the Doctor that you love to watch over and over but can never choose which one you’d love to go as. Now you can be both! Why not allow yourself to be the 10th and 11th Doctor! Who wouldn’t want to be both David Tennant and Matt Smith…I know I would. I would have done Peter and Jodie but I wasn’t overly fussed on him. *hides*

This may be one for anyone who is pretty good at costume design. My thoughts picture 2 costumes in 1. Half 10’s coat and suit with half of 11’s suit and bow-tie. It looks cooler in my head so who knows if it would work!

Become a Patronus

This particular Halloween costume has been stuck in my head for years and, again, I just haven’t got the skill to bring it to life! You pick one of the many Patronus mentioned in the books or seen in the films and become it in silver!

I’d love to do either Harry’s stag patronus or Snape’s doe patronus! They would make amazing costumes especially the doe one because it would just seem super cute!

Anna looking half-frozen

I can’t take credit for this idea because I actually remembered it from a video I saw a few years ago and it’s the same I mentioned earlier! A Youtuber called Kat Sketch created an incredible makeup look of Anna from Frozen looking…well…frozen! She is like the queen of Halloween looks so if you don’t mind your favourite characters looking pretty awful, then she’s your girl!

Have you got any ideas of what you want to wear for Halloween this year?


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