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What It’s Like Being A Fandom Blogger


I’ve been wanting to write about being a fandom/lifestyle blogger for a while and today would be the perfect day! I added that little slash in the middle because you guys know I don’t just purely blog fandom.  I wouldn’t get to post too often if I was purely fandom but I do want to type out more. I’ve had a couple of people asking why I’m a fandom/lifestyle blogger so here is why!

It’s no secret at all that I love Harry Potter (I post about it a lot!) but I also love chatting about what other fandoms I’m a massive fan of. Being a blogger has given me the chance to do that and find other people who I can fangirl with. It’s brilliant!

So many of my friends like being nerdy too so if there is some exciting news about that fandom, I know I can tweet them in all caps like ‘OMGGGGGGG!! HAVE YOU SEEN?! AHHHHHH!’. You get the picture!

here are a few reasons why being a fandom/lifestyle blogger is brilliant:

it’s a lot of fun

Like I said at the start, it is a lot of fun getting the chance to put down your feeling into words or, if you can’t do that, using gifs like me! There is always something to talk about if you love multi-fandoms. I’m always ready to post something about my favourite fandom and the posts I most enjoy writing have to be the New In Fandom ones. They let me find out what merchandise is coming up in the next month or so and it’s like my own little shopping list for all to see!

you get to be different from other bloggers

Having a specific niche as a blogger is particularly important especially when the blogging world has become so vast these days! There are obviously some pros and cons to being different to others. The pros would be that it sometimes makes you stand out from the crowd, you get to be unique with your posts and don’t have too much competition with certain brands. The cons are that it can be difficult to come up with post ideas, not everyone wants to read a fandom blog and you don’t have an option when it comes to picking what type of blogger you are.


i get to chat to people from all over

Since I love other fandoms such as Doctor Who and RWBY, I get to make friends (I know…typical Hufflepuff!) from all over the world! The furthest I know someone is New Zealand and the closest actually lives an hour or so from me! Having international friends means we get to share different fandom info that might just be exclusive to our country. I’ve had one friend ship me a Funko that was only sold at Barnes & Noble which was brilliant!

You constantly get surprised

If there is anything I’ve learned about being a fandom blogger, it’s that you never know what is going to happen next. News turns up at random points of the day, I sometimes have to stay up late to watch things like livestreams of events or follow hash-tags for a few days so I can find out my exclusive products! You never know what is going to be announced and it’s nice that I can surprise my friends and readers with news that they might not have known about!

What are your thoughts about bloggers who are different from the norm?

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