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It’s a little known fact that bloggers don’t always get paid for the posts that they write for brands. You either get gifted a product to review and that’s your payment or you get paid when there is a budget that allows it. Unless you are a massive blogger who gets enough to take on blogging full-time, you have a job of some sort or a business of your own on the side.

The more creative bloggers seem to create products they can sell on Etsy or BigCartel!

I’m proud to say that my friends are a talented bunch! They can do photography for others, create designs such as prints or banners or even physical stuff like jewelry and toys. I feel like a proud mum when I see them doing well!

I wish I could support every single one every time they advertise their new products but I tend to have to wait. A lot of bloggers probably feel like this and you can support your favourite people in so many different ways. You can follow their social media and tell that person how great their work is, retweet or like what they post and try to see if any of your friends might want to buy something.

Dorkface (Jemma)

I adore Jemma! I’ve been following her work since I saw her live-streams of her painting on Periscope and she is just unique with her illustrations! The kind of stuff she creates are always super bright, cute and very fun!  I recently bought one of her new prints of Hogwarts (surprise surprise) and I instantly popped it on my fandom wall. It’s different compared to her other work but it shows that she can create everything!

I’m planning on buying some of her pins next because we all know I love my pins!

Blog: Dorkface
Shop: Illustrations/pins 

ATinyMew (Tore)

If you haven’t heard of Tore/ATinyMew, then you are now! Tore is actually a tattoo artist who has been learning her trade for a little while and now she’s moved onto prints! I was so happy that she was selling her designs because I’m terrified of needles and I’m less likely to run with a print. Maybe one day I’ll convince myself to get a small Harry Potter tattoo by her but, until then, I’ll just have to buy her nerdy things! My favourites of hers have to be the Pokemon and Deadpool designs!

Blog: ATinyMew
Shop: Tattoo Style Art

Bumble & Be (Sophie)

Sophie wins the most cutest creation award for all of her products!! I am always going to be proud of the fact that I was one of the first to get one of her Nifflers! She creates so many adorable crochet creatures such as the Niffler, Pickett and even Dobby! I wish I knew how to create things like this and, since I have 0 clue, I’ll just have to continue buying all of her things! What I want next are her Crochet Pygmy Puffs that are in the colours of Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Slytherin!

Blog: Bumble & Be
Shop: BumbleandBeMakes

KM Photographic (Kirstie)

Bloggers tend to use photos on their blog so kind of need to know how to use a camera! Though I still have no idea! Kirstie is so good at photography and she not only takes photos for bloggers but she does wedding photography too! I already knew that she had a brilliant eye because she actually took a few pictures for me a few years ago and made me look okay for a change!

Blog: Curated by Kirstie
Shop: KM Photographic

Who are your favourite bloggers who have small businesses?

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