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Socially awkward Alex is used to disappointment, and this summer is looking up to be his sorriest yet. When he unexpectedly lands a job at Wonderland, a run-down amusement arcade, he starts making new friends. It looks like his bad luck is about to change. But in Wonderland nothing is quite what it seems. And in life and love, sometimes you have to make your own luck.


I’d never read of Simon’s books before this and, even though this is embarrassing to mention, I’d never heard of him before ‘Alex in Wonderland. I actually saw that a book blogger I follow on Twitter had received this as some book post and it intrigued me. The title made me think of Alice in Wonderland which I adore and the fact that this is a LGBTQ+ book had me sold!

What do I have to say about this book then?

It’s safe to say that it starts off with some drama which was a great way to hook someone into the book! What was Alex doing there? What had happened? You couldn’t help but feel sorry for him but also laugh at some of his reactions! This is just me because my head is always on Potter stuff but Alex reminded me so much of Scorpius Malfoy!

Easily anxious about things, putting himself down and seems to wear his heart on his sleeve which is so cute.

He doesn’t seem to have an easy family life and I did end up disliking his dad’s girlfriend Kendra for a while. You’ll see why if you read but there are so many fun characters in this from Lemon Boy (the cheeky lemonade seller), Ben (the hot guy who works at Wonderland) with Efia (the girl who seems pretty out-there and high on coffee). Oh and you can’t forget Maggie who owns Wonderland and seems to hate teens.

It did get a little slow-paced in the middle but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the whole book and reading it in one sitting! I’m like that with books that I’m really into. That and it was raining outside which meant I needed some cheesy boy romance.

Would I recommend it? Definitely!!

Am I going to read it again after I’ve published this review? Of course.

Have you read ‘Alex in Wonderland’? What did you think?
If not, what are your favourite LGBTQ+ books?

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