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Doctor Who Fandom Harry Potter

New In Fandom | September 2019 (Harry Potter, Doctor Who…)


Harry Potter: The Mysteries of Hogwarts (£16.99 – 2nd September) | The Film Vault (Volume 1) (£11.99 – 5th September) | The Film Vault (Volume 2) (£11.99 – 24th September) | Professor Trelawney Funko (£9.99 – 27th September) | Fawkes Funko (£9.99 – 27th September) | Cedric Yule Ball Funko (£9.99 – 27th September) | Harry Potter Funko Advent Calendar (£49.49 – 30th September) | Fleur Yule Ball Funko (£9.99 – 27th September) | 13th Doctor SDCC T-Shirt (£15.99 – 3rd September) | Marvel Funko Advent Calendar (£49.49 – 30th September) |

So much incredible stuff is coming out this September and you just knew that I would fangirl all over the Harry Potter merchandise appearing! I did include a Doctor Who t-shirt too so I did vary myself! Haha! I’m not sure how many people actually read this series of posts but I love looking at what is coming up and popping each on my wishlist.

Mysteries of Hogwarts & Film Vaults 1 and 2

September means a selection of Jodie Revenson books all about the Harry Potter world!

If you’re looking for a short but incredibly detailed book of illustrations about Hogwarts, then you’ll want to have to look out for this new book from Jody! She’s written almost as many books as Jo at this point and it’s amazing to see all the facts that she’s gathered from the books and the films! It is a bit expensive at £16.99 for 48 pages but it’s good for any collector. You’ve also got the two Film Vaults coming this month too!

Professor Trelawney Funko Pop

Next up, we have the Professor Trelawney Funko pop and I’ve been waiting for Funko to bring her out! Ever since I read the Prisoner of Azkaban and saw what Hermione thought of her, I’ve loved her! Even more so when Emma Thompson just brought us to life for us!

Fawkes, cedric diggory and fleur delacour funko pop

Another 3 Funkos that I need to add to my collection have to be Fawkes, Cedric and Fleur! Fawkes is the most beautiful phoenix that I wish we’d gotten to read more about in the Potter books. Maybe we’ll see how Dumbledore gets him in the Fantastic Beasts films? We also have the Yule Ball pops appearing on the market and they’re adorable!! I do love Ginny’s but there is just something about the way Cedric and Fleur look here that I adore.

Yule Ball and Classic Marvel Advent Calendars

Before you say anything…yes, I’m including some advent calendars in my September post! You’re never too early to mention them because so many fans will be wanting these that you want to buy it quick so they don’t sell out! I’m not actually planning on getting the Potter Funko calendar because I’m planning to get the full-size Pops, but I do know a lot of people will want! If you love Marvel, then you will need to grab the Classic Pop calendar! It’s so quirky and I love!

13th doctor t-shirt

Finally we have this stunning Doctor Who t-shirt!! I’m actually in love with the design of the 13th Doctor, the inverted coloured Tardis and then the explosion of colour behind it! I actually think that would make an amazing tattoo! Haha!

What fandom things are you excited to see coming out this September?


5 Things That Stop You Blogging And Why It’s Okay

bloggingPhoto by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

Blogging has been around for quite a few years now and it changes so often that you never know what is going to happen next. You either blog full-time, part-time or a hobby but however you blog, things stop you. I don’t know if anything called blogging guilt exists but it definitely feels like it does to me.

So many little things can stop me from blogging and it isn’t until recently that I’ve started reassuring myself that it’s okay not to post anything. Life can be hard for a bunch of different reasons so I’m here to reassure whoever reads this that it’s okay!

Mental Health

This really hinders me a lot of the time I’m wanting to write a post. I have an idea of what I want to do but, if my anxiety is playing up, I will end up getting more and more agitated at not writing. You never know when your mental health will strike but I usually get a few tell-tale signs of my anxiety being triggered.

If you know that your mental health is making your day in general rubbish, it’s okay not to post. Don’t force yourself because you’ll end up adding more stress.

physical health

Like mental health, physical can literally be a pain! Whether you suffer from a chronic condition or an illness like a cold, that can eat into your blogging time too! I find that I can’t always sit on my laptop for as long as I’d want if my Fibromyalgia is flaring. My legs love to be really sore and my hand which is perfect for typing (!).

You can’t help if you’re suffering. It’s not your fault so it’s going to be okay. Wait until you feel better soon or get a window of time when you’re not in as much pain. That can be tricky but I know you can do it!

being a parent

Safe to say that I have zero clue what this is like but I follow enough parent bloggers (hi Jemma! c;) to get an idea. From what I’ve read, you never know what a child is going to throw at you. Both literally and figuratively. They could get poorly, need your attention and get you sick in turn (especially if they’re young), they could get hurt at school or while playing, you have more than one child who you need to help with homework. I think I’ve covered a few things!

Clearly being a parent always comes before blogging even when it’s your full-time job. Your readers would much prefer you to look after your little one than force your tired brain to post!


Unless you’re a full-time blogger, then it’s possible that you actually have a full-time job doing something else. You have to get money to pay those bills after all! Repeat after me:”I (insert your name here) know that blogging is only a hobby. Blogging is my fun time and I won’t stress over not posting when I’m exhausted.” Your mind might be telling you that you’ve missed a few days and now all of your stats will implode but they won’t. If your readers are truly proper readers, they will wait.

Death in your family/of a pet

This was my main reason for not posting as much back in November last year after losing Jewel and why I took a massive break from blogging after losing Mum. Losing a family member, a friend or a pet is enough to break anyone. You feel numb and unable to process what your life is right there and then. You may need to sort out a funeral, their belongings and everything else that goes with losing someone you loved. Forget what some people say about grieving for a pet! They were your fur baby so deserve to be grieved!

Take a break until life calms down for you.

What things have stopped you blogging in the past?

Fandom Harry Potter

My Thoughts On The New ‘Cursed Child’ Look

Cursed Child

Before I get chatting, I want to thank Ameila for my first ever Showbills (they’re obviously Cursed Child and the original Broadway cast as well), and Bertie (@OfficialBertiee) for the Back To Hogwarts badge from September 1st just gone!

All of this yellow is making this Hufflepuff very happy!

Now that’s out of the way, I think we need to chat more Cursed Child! If you haven’t been following all of the drama over on Twitter, you may not have heard that Warner Brothers has taken over the rights for Cursed Child. This news clearly had everyone asking questions: Was there going to be a movie version? Were we getting a proper book following Albus and Scorpius?

We just didn’t know!

What we found out was that this new change meant a whole new look! Out with the font that you see in the picture above! In with the font we know from the films! To say that we were kind of shocked about this new change was a bit of an understatement. You’re clearly wanting to know what my thoughts are about this since it is the title of this post. Haha!


I don’t particularly like it.

Don’t get me wrong…I loved the font for the movie posters because that was what we knew. That font meant movie. However I’ve been a fan of Cursed Child since it popped into the West End back in 2016 and it was the same thing. It had its own nice, clean font that I connected with it. Change is a bit of a big deal for me as it comes hand in hand with being autistic.

If the changes to all its marketing had been gradual, then I don’t think I would have minded as much but everything has just hit us all at once. That doesn’t sit all that well with me. I do understand why it may have changed since Warner Bros was in charge of the Potter films and, since it’s carrying on the same path (sort of) as the films…I get it.

It’s still sad to see the old font go. I’m glad that I managed to get one last picture with my friend Kate last month!

Other than the change, there are a couple of other little things that bother me. The first thing is how the new program looks. I think it looks a bit badly photo-shopped. The text is too close together, the nest is off-centre and…you get the picture. Maybe it’s just going to take me some getting used to and besides, I go to see the play for the performances and not just the marketing.

The other thing is the banner on social media reminds me way too much of Shazam! It doesn’t feel as original as the old one used to look. Plus the little trailer introducing the new look gives a way a massive spoiler that I’ve spent years trying to keep secret from friends!! I even have badges telling me to keep it secret!

Eventually the new look will be old news and we’ll be back to less drama. That’s unless you count the Cursed Child haters that like to pop up every now and again.

What are your thoughts on the new Cursed Child look? Do you like it or do you prefer the old one?

Fandom Lifestyle

What It’s Like Being A Fandom Blogger


I’ve been wanting to write about being a fandom/lifestyle blogger for a while and today would be the perfect day! I added that little slash in the middle because you guys know I don’t just purely blog fandom.  I wouldn’t get to post too often if I was purely fandom but I do want to type out more. I’ve had a couple of people asking why I’m a fandom/lifestyle blogger so here is why!

It’s no secret at all that I love Harry Potter (I post about it a lot!) but I also love chatting about what other fandoms I’m a massive fan of. Being a blogger has given me the chance to do that and find other people who I can fangirl with. It’s brilliant!

So many of my friends like being nerdy too so if there is some exciting news about that fandom, I know I can tweet them in all caps like ‘OMGGGGGGG!! HAVE YOU SEEN?! AHHHHHH!’. You get the picture!

here are a few reasons why being a fandom/lifestyle blogger is brilliant:

it’s a lot of fun

Like I said at the start, it is a lot of fun getting the chance to put down your feeling into words or, if you can’t do that, using gifs like me! There is always something to talk about if you love multi-fandoms. I’m always ready to post something about my favourite fandom and the posts I most enjoy writing have to be the New In Fandom ones. They let me find out what merchandise is coming up in the next month or so and it’s like my own little shopping list for all to see!

you get to be different from other bloggers

Having a specific niche as a blogger is particularly important especially when the blogging world has become so vast these days! There are obviously some pros and cons to being different to others. The pros would be that it sometimes makes you stand out from the crowd, you get to be unique with your posts and don’t have too much competition with certain brands. The cons are that it can be difficult to come up with post ideas, not everyone wants to read a fandom blog and you don’t have an option when it comes to picking what type of blogger you are.


i get to chat to people from all over

Since I love other fandoms such as Doctor Who and RWBY, I get to make friends (I know…typical Hufflepuff!) from all over the world! The furthest I know someone is New Zealand and the closest actually lives an hour or so from me! Having international friends means we get to share different fandom info that might just be exclusive to our country. I’ve had one friend ship me a Funko that was only sold at Barnes & Noble which was brilliant!

You constantly get surprised

If there is anything I’ve learned about being a fandom blogger, it’s that you never know what is going to happen next. News turns up at random points of the day, I sometimes have to stay up late to watch things like livestreams of events or follow hash-tags for a few days so I can find out my exclusive products! You never know what is going to be announced and it’s nice that I can surprise my friends and readers with news that they might not have known about!

What are your thoughts about bloggers who are different from the norm?

Lifestyle Mental Health

What my life after university is really like

universityPhoto by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I graduated from university back in 2014 and I had a few ideas what I thought life was going to be like after I finished my course. I’d had friends telling me different things that had happened to them but different things happen to different people! I spent 3 years doing a Theatre course where I studied acting, stage management, script-writing, directing and theatre in education. In short…SUCH A GOOD COURSE!!

When I joined the course in 2011, I was the last year to pay £3700+ instead of £9000! I was so lucky to miss it but I knew that I would one day have to pay all the tuition fees that had built up. I only had a couple of people whose parents actually paid for their time at university but the majority were like me who would pay after.

It wasn’t a day after I graduated that I got a letter from Student Finance to say that I now had a bill of £21,000 to pay.

They clearly didn’t want to wait!

What I hadn’t expected after I finished was for my mental health to take a nose-dive. My depression was officially diagnosed in 2014 and I was really struggling. I did look at getting part-time jobs to start the ball rolling to pay back; however, I didn’t have to start making payments until I got a job with £21,000 a year wages. I couldn’t get a full-time one as I was also caring for my mum.

Regardless of my depression I was on a major high with my acting! I had graduated with a 2:1 (I got a 1st in my final acting assignment!) and was ready to take on the world!

As you can probably guess, that didn’t work out for me. Life happened in the form of Mum getting cancer, looking after her full-time, various health conditions being diagnosed and…yeah.

My newly fresh graduate life had ground to a halt.

The green-eyed monster kicked in when I went on my social media and saw people on my course going to drama school, taking part in professional projects such as UK tours and even going on TV!

I was at home and not even getting the chance to do any of what I had hoped I could do. I don’t blame my mum at all for what happened. She couldn’t help getting cancer and I couldn’t help my depression taking up a large part of my time. Life just happens sometimes!

My love for theatre was still there and that is why I started blogging at all! I started a blog called PromptsByDee where I could talk about my thoughts on theatre, Harry Potter and just life in general. Though life hasn’t gone the way I’d hoped, I can still take on the world like a fresh graduate would! I have life experience now which is completely different to some of my friends and I was able to learn new skills that might be helpful for me when I manage to find myself a job!

If you went to university, how has your life been since finishing?
Is what you expected it to be?

Fandom Harry Potter

My ‘Back To Hogwarts’ Hufflepuff Haul


Happy 1st of September! It’s that time again…time for everyone to go back to Hogwarts! I’ve been reading so many fun tweets from everything that happened at King’s Cross this morning and made me a little sad that I couldn’t make it. Silly muggle trains. All that said, I still prepared myself for today with a Hufflepuff haul!

All of these items were collected during August and I love every single one! I do have two other bits but blogger!Dee forgot to put them in the flatlay like an idiot. Haha!

Hufflepuff Key-ring (£2 – Primark)

You know when you go into a store with the intention of buying a few things and ended up buying only a teeny thing? That happened to me. I’d really wanted this gorgeous Hufflepuff sweater I’ve seen friends with but they didn’t have any in my size so one gutted badger over here. I didn’t want to leave the shop without anything so decided to grab this key-ring because it’s adorable and you can never have too many Potter key-rings!

Hufflepuff Premium Notebook (£12.99 – The Shop Under The Stairs)

The first of the two notebooks I bought last month and I just love the design of this!! I always feel better with black notebooks because I don’t like to see any stains on them and it just seems more sleek. You have this beautiful badger design connected with the giant H of Hufflepuff. Part of me thinks the badger looks a teeny bit like a mouse but still adorable!

Hogwarts: A History Journal (£12.95 – MinaLima)

Yeah…obviously this isn’t a Hufflepuff thing but I HAVE A HOGWARTS A HISTORY!!! My friend Kate and I visited MinaLima when I was down in London and I knew straight away that I was buying this journal! I’ve wanted a copy of this ever since Philosopher’s Stone and Hermione quoted reading from it. One day I hope we’ll get the real thing because it has to happen but I couldn’t deny myself it. It feels like such a luxury item with the gold foiled edges, the fact that it’s hardback and simply because MinaLima create only the best Potter designs!

Hufflepuff Bookmark (£8.99 – The Carat Shop)

I love anything that has a gorgeous illustration of Hufflepuff but I adore this bookmark by The Carat Shop! It seems to be like the Hufflepuff badge that the students at Hogwarts wear with the coat of arms take. It’s so cute, is stainless steel and shows off 3 of the traits that makes up a Hufflepuff! Seeing as I have a bunch of books to read and around 3 Hufflepuff bookmarks, I don’t think I’ll be losing a page anytime soon!

Hufflepuff Card Holder (£4.95 – MinaLima)

I ended up having to my old Doctor Who card holder into the bin after around 3 years! (I made it last even when it was hanging by an edge!). I now have this gorgeous Hufflepuff card holder that feels so plush and like it’ll last me a long time! I can’t wait to see what my local bus drivers think when they see it!

How has your September 1st been so far? Did you go down to King’s Cross?