My Autism Diagnosis: One Year On

Autism Diagnosis

Today officially marks 1 year since I received my Autism diagnosis! Cue all the confetti and trumpets, everyone! I almost missed being diagnosed thanks to my letter being sent to my old address and it was only because the assessor rang to see where I was that I found out I was meant to be there!

So now that I’ve reached this pivotal milestone, you probably want to know what’s happened since then?

Has my life drastically changed overnight and I’m now a secret billionaire genius?

Answer: No.

Getting my autism diagnosis wasn’t a sudden light-bulb moment but it did give me some relief that I was different for a reason. I now have validation that I’m a good kind of quirky which is great to know since the assessment lasted 4 hours!!

Having to sit and talk about your entire life to a doctor for 4 hours is quite an  achievement. Do you think I should add it to my CV? Haha!

A couple of weeks after I was told that I had ASD, I received this Autism Diagnosis Report going over everything I’d spoken about, had done and more. It was really interesting to see all the things I had mentioned since I’d completely forgot! I babble a lot so forgetting is typical of me! I was a little stunned at my scores on the practical tests but apparently had a great eye for detail.

Along with my report, I was given this little pack of ‘Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In it was a lot of information talking about:

  • Strengths that people with autism have
  • Managing social situations
  • Strategies to deal with communication
  • Coping with sensory issues

There was a lot of stuff in this that I had no clue about! There was some of it that wasn’t relevant to me since we’re all a varied bunch.

I’ve discovered that my life hasn’t changed at all since this day with the only exception that I have this confirmation. I didn’t get support overnight, groups with other ASD people didn’t spring up and my family didn’t sigh relief with me. I did find out that any groups that had been near me were shut down due to funding.

It’s sad that so many adults who are diagnosed late may not have anything to access. I did look more into the National Autistic Society and they have been a godsend! They have all the information you could ask for and I’ve loved seeing their tweets about different stories or events that they throw!

I’m glad that I got diagnosed but it doesn’t define me. I’ll keep on being me with a little added support to the side if I need it.

Do you know anyone with an autism diagnosis?
Do you think more people should talk about it?

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