How I’ve Been Eating Healthy Throughout 2019 (so far)


Since we’re closer to the end of 2019 than we are to the start of it, I can start reflecting a little bit, right? One of my resolutions for this year was to eat healthier and I think I’ve been 60% healthy and 40% that we’re just going to try and ignore. Bread, why must you taste so good?!

I’m actually proud of how I’ve been keeping the changes I started the year with and carried them on without much of a problem!

There are so many ways to be healthy these days which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s half and half for me but snacking has been a pain in my side for years. Part of me wishes that I didn’t have such a problem with snacking because it would ease at least a teeny bit of my anxiety but nope.


Hippeas Sweet & Smokin’ and Chilli Haze

When I was younger, I loved eating crisps! Wotsits, Quavers, Monster Munch…you name it, I ate it! Slowly over the years my tastes changed. It wasn’t that I hated crisps overnight but I just went off them. I didn’t have the craving like I used to. I discovered Hippeas when I was hungry one day and popped into Holland & Barrett. They looked really interesting and reminded me a little of Wotsits and wow! They tasted so yummy and were only 90 calories! Most of the Hippeas can be bought at Holland & Barrett but only seen the Chilli Haze in Boots!

Fulfil Vitamin & Protein Bars

These protein bars are a new addition to my snacks! I’ve recently started back to the gym after a really long break and was told that it was good to have protein 30 minutes after a workout to help repair muscles. I’d tried Pulsin bars and, while yummy, the texture was a little bit weird for me. Fulfil bars just tasted gorgeous and you didn’t feel as if you were eating just a protein bar! They come in so many gorgeous flavours (my favourites are Chocolate Orange and Salted Caramel).

Raw Chocolate Raisins

You know how you can’t eat the food itself but you can eat it if it’s in a different form? That’s me! Can’t eat strawberries but love strawberry yoghurt and jam! Can’t eat raisins but I think you could like a lot of things if it’s wrapped in cacao! I never thought about eating chocolate raisins until my mum bought some and I tried! Mindblown with them! I then wanted to try some from the Raw Chocolate Company and they’re even yummier! More bitter but I’m a big fan of dark chocolate so that’s fine with me!



This I can easily blame a Youtuber I watch called Jess Medley who I saw was drinking Kombucha in her vlogs and it got me curious. I knew that she was vegan and I was trying to find other alternatives to drink other than water and green tea. I discovered Captain Kombucha and it tasted so nice! It’s natural, gluten-free, great for vegans and vegetarians and organic! All of those sound great, don’t they? It’s also great for anyone trying to cut down on sugar! I can’t have too many of these as it is a bubbly drink and, with my IBS, it would lead to disaster. It does make for a great treat once a week though!


Water has been something I tend to lack in which isn’t a good thing since we’re meant to drink up to 8 glasses of it! It isn’t that I don’t but I tend to not feel thirsty and by the time I do, I feel very dry! I’ve been trying to make sure that I drink as close to 8 as I can. So far I’ve managed to do 6 glasses which is a massive change for me!

Green tea

Every morning I drink a cup of green tea with my porridge and I’ve managed to do this almost every day! The only times I missed were when I was in hospital with my gallbladder and days when my mental health can’t cope with getting up. I choose to drink decaff green tea because I don’t really like the taste of caffeinated and, since I don’t drink caffeine anymore, I do feel it when I do!

Warm lemon water

Every time I read someone healthy’s day in the life, they always seem to mention drinking warm lemon water in the morning. I had tried this in the past but I didn’t stay loyal to it very long. However I was determined at the start of this year that I would have it as many mornings as I can! I’m glad to say that I’ve actually done really well with this to the point that my mornings without feel very weird. I have missed a handful of days and that is the fault of me just forgetting to buy and Tesco somehow not noticing that at least one of their lemons is mouldy! Ugh.

Lemon water apparently kickstarts your metabolism for the day and heaven knows I need that!


Hahahaha! I’m not really good at these. I tend to know what I like and stick to it at home. That said, I have been trying something new these last few weeks. When I’ve either been to the gym or I’m in town I head into this new healthy restaurant to have lunch! So good! I have something called a Sweet Vitamin A burger which is a sweet potato and pepper burger! That is sandwiched by two spinach and onion patties and served with either a small salad or carrot chips! I’m addicted to eating this and Vitamin A is meant to help your immune system fight off any sickness or infection. Think I’ll need this every day for the rest of the year then!

I have been loving Sophie at Glowsteady with her gorgeous vegan recipes that I keep saying I’m going to try and consistently don’t. Haha! I am planning to at least one day this week so hold me to that!

Have you had any goals that you made at the start of the year and still going with?

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