5 Things That Stop You Blogging And Why It’s Okay

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Blogging has been around for quite a few years now and it changes so often that you never know what is going to happen next. You either blog full-time, part-time or a hobby but however you blog, things stop you. I don’t know if anything called blogging guilt exists but it definitely feels like it does to me.

So many little things can stop me from blogging and it isn’t until recently that I’ve started reassuring myself that it’s okay not to post anything. Life can be hard for a bunch of different reasons so I’m here to reassure whoever reads this that it’s okay!

Mental Health

This really hinders me a lot of the time I’m wanting to write a post. I have an idea of what I want to do but, if my anxiety is playing up, I will end up getting more and more agitated at not writing. You never know when your mental health will strike but I usually get a few tell-tale signs of my anxiety being triggered.

If you know that your mental health is making your day in general rubbish, it’s okay not to post. Don’t force yourself because you’ll end up adding more stress.

physical health

Like mental health, physical can literally be a pain! Whether you suffer from a chronic condition or an illness like a cold, that can eat into your blogging time too! I find that I can’t always sit on my laptop for as long as I’d want if my Fibromyalgia is flaring. My legs love to be really sore and my hand which is perfect for typing (!).

You can’t help if you’re suffering. It’s not your fault so it’s going to be okay. Wait until you feel better soon or get a window of time when you’re not in as much pain. That can be tricky but I know you can do it!

being a parent

Safe to say that I have zero clue what this is like but I follow enough parent bloggers (hi Jemma! c;) to get an idea. From what I’ve read, you never know what a child is going to throw at you. Both literally and figuratively. They could get poorly, need your attention and get you sick in turn (especially if they’re young), they could get hurt at school or while playing, you have more than one child who you need to help with homework. I think I’ve covered a few things!

Clearly being a parent always comes before blogging even when it’s your full-time job. Your readers would much prefer you to look after your little one than force your tired brain to post!


Unless you’re a full-time blogger, then it’s possible that you actually have a full-time job doing something else. You have to get money to pay those bills after all! Repeat after me:”I (insert your name here) know that blogging is only a hobby. Blogging is my fun time and I won’t stress over not posting when I’m exhausted.” Your mind might be telling you that you’ve missed a few days and now all of your stats will implode but they won’t. If your readers are truly proper readers, they will wait.

Death in your family/of a pet

This was my main reason for not posting as much back in November last year after losing Jewel and why I took a massive break from blogging after losing Mum. Losing a family member, a friend or a pet is enough to break anyone. You feel numb and unable to process what your life is right there and then. You may need to sort out a funeral, their belongings and everything else that goes with losing someone you loved. Forget what some people say about grieving for a pet! They were your fur baby so deserve to be grieved!

Take a break until life calms down for you.

What things have stopped you blogging in the past?

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