3 Things To Think About Before You Rebrand Your Blog

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You’ve had your blog for a while and you’re beginning to think it’s looking a little tired-looking. A lot of bloggers go through this mind-set (I’m doing it right now!) so that’s when a rebrand comes in handy. It gives you the chance to give your blog a fresh look along with your social media. Doesn’t necessarily mean you have to redo all your posts…just how cute you look!

It’s not as simple as it sounds either!

You have to figure out what blog design you’d like to use, colours and more! I think knowing what the heart of your blog is (psst…Grow & Glow is great for helping you there!) helps you figure out what you want. There are a lot of things to think about but I’m going to choose 5 of what I think are the big ones!

research blog designs

Even before anyone has a moment to look at your new post, they’ll be seeing how your blog looks. Is it clean? Is it easy to navigate? Is it less likely to leave you crying when trying to add widgets to your sidebar? The design is one of the first steps of my rebrand that I think about. I’m currently using one of the free designs from WordPress and I’m not overly loving it but it was something to use.

The free WordPress does have some great choices for anyone who is just starting but, for anyone looking to take the next step, buying a design is great! It can really give your some amazing extras like being responsive and looking professional to any brand taking a quick look. I know Etsy has some really talented designers and that there are companies such as:

Don’t forget your social media

You rebrand your blog but, if you have your social media designed around your old design, it might look a little dated too. Your Twitter and Instagram all deserve a little care as well. You don’t need to go as crazy as your blog but you change your story highlight buttons and make sure your bio is up-to-date. If you’ve not been happy with the way your social media has looked or felt, changing little things such as the way you edit your photos or joining Grow and Glow can really help you feel accomplished!

Take your time

Like the little heading says, take your time.

This change doesn’t have to be done in a week, month or even a year. You can take your time to look at the services that are out there. You can see what your friends have done with their blog for ideas. You can even create a little notebook of ideas that you spot or would love to work on in the future.

Change is a scary thing sometimes especially when it’s your little blog! Don’t be afraid of it though. Refreshing everything can feel really exhilarating!

What things would you think about before rebranding your blog?


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