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Thoughts I Had During My Mum’s Cancer Journey


While Mum was battling with cancer, I kept a diary of what was going on inside my head. You can imagine how many thoughts you can have when you’re not able to help your loved one. It was my mum’s oncologist that suggested that a diary would be a good idea for both of us. I’d already been writing diaries over the last 10 years but this one was very different.

I’m going to put a little trigger warning here. This post isn’t going to go too dark but I will chat about a couple of my negative thoughts and about terminal illness so just in case!

I’d already had this idea on my to-do list but I thought I would put it up today since it’s Macmillan Coffee Morning tomorrow! Buy cake, give a little to an incredible idea and help thousands of sufferers and their families!

why couldn’t i have had the cancer and not my mum?

This was a thought I had throughout my mum’s journey. It might be a little selfish since there are plenty of people who probably wish they never had cancer. I know but I hated seeing my mum suffering and watching her slowly becoming undone. I did imagine what life would have been like if I had had the brain tumour and Mum had to look after me. It’s that thought that has me shaking my head to get rid of it. She had already suffered after losing my dad so it would have been worse for her to see her daughter suffering.

why can people smoke and drink and be fine, but my mum gets the tumour

I still think along these lines whenever I see people being so careless with their life. She once told me she had thought the same thing when my dad had died. She heard cars going past and people heading to work and thought, ‘How can they be going to work when my husband has just died?’.

Now I know how she felt and it’s awful. I go past pubs on the bus and see men and women around my mum’s age and older who smoke heavily and drink lots. How can they do all that and live to a ripe old age when both my parents died young?

could i have helped her more?

I know I cared for her for many years but I always wonder if I could’ve helped her more. Could I have been helpful during our alone moments? Could I have studied more and done more with my life to make her proud? This is the way my mind goes. I know mum would have told me that I had done plenty to make her proud and her last sentence about me was when she looked at my graduation picture and said, ‘You know what? I’m really proud of our Daisy!’

That still makes me warm after these last two years!

am i playing the victim card too much online?

I constantly worry that I’m playing some kind of victim card to people and that I look like I’m crying out for sympathy on social media. I do write a lot about what I’m feeling there and then whether it’s positive or negative. I guess that I’m just trying to be honest and a little brave for those that are struggling too. There’s nothing worse than feeling alone with your thoughts.

If you have a spare moment tomorrow, please try to go to your local Coffee Morning and buy a cake. Every little penny really will help and get us one step closer to finding a possible cure to cancer.

Will you be going to a Coffee Morning?


3 Things To Think About Before You Rebrand Your Blog

rebrandPhoto by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash

You’ve had your blog for a while and you’re beginning to think it’s looking a little tired-looking. A lot of bloggers go through this mind-set (I’m doing it right now!) so that’s when a rebrand comes in handy. It gives you the chance to give your blog a fresh look along with your social media. Doesn’t necessarily mean you have to redo all your posts…just how cute you look!

It’s not as simple as it sounds either!

You have to figure out what blog design you’d like to use, colours and more! I think knowing what the heart of your blog is (psst…Grow & Glow is great for helping you there!) helps you figure out what you want. There are a lot of things to think about but I’m going to choose 5 of what I think are the big ones!

research blog designs

Even before anyone has a moment to look at your new post, they’ll be seeing how your blog looks. Is it clean? Is it easy to navigate? Is it less likely to leave you crying when trying to add widgets to your sidebar? The design is one of the first steps of my rebrand that I think about. I’m currently using one of the free designs from WordPress and I’m not overly loving it but it was something to use.

The free WordPress does have some great choices for anyone who is just starting but, for anyone looking to take the next step, buying a design is great! It can really give your some amazing extras like being responsive and looking professional to any brand taking a quick look. I know Etsy has some really talented designers and that there are companies such as:

Don’t forget your social media

You rebrand your blog but, if you have your social media designed around your old design, it might look a little dated too. Your Twitter and Instagram all deserve a little care as well. You don’t need to go as crazy as your blog but you change your story highlight buttons and make sure your bio is up-to-date. If you’ve not been happy with the way your social media has looked or felt, changing little things such as the way you edit your photos or joining Grow and Glow can really help you feel accomplished!

Take your time

Like the little heading says, take your time.

This change doesn’t have to be done in a week, month or even a year. You can take your time to look at the services that are out there. You can see what your friends have done with their blog for ideas. You can even create a little notebook of ideas that you spot or would love to work on in the future.

Change is a scary thing sometimes especially when it’s your little blog! Don’t be afraid of it though. Refreshing everything can feel really exhilarating!

What things would you think about before rebranding your blog?



What Stops Me From Finishing A Book

Books have and will always be a part of my life. They take me out of the real world when I’m either bored or need distracting and take me on a journey. The journey could be dramatic, funny, romantic or all of the above. I can easily sit down and read a book for hours on end because that’s just how I am with a good book. However there are times when finishing a book is difficult. It does happen! Readers aren’t perfect and there are always going to be a bunch of books that don’t click with you. It doesn’t mean that the book itself is bad but just not connecting with you.

What stops me from a book, I hear you ask?

I’ll be honest with you…I’m not entirely myself! *snicker* It’s more of a feeling or my attention drifting every time I try to carry on with the book.

finishingPhoto by David Lezcano on Unsplash

A lot of book bloggers and booktubers seem to call not finishing a book ‘DNF’ or ‘Did Not Finish’. I do feel sad that I don’t finish a book because I feel like I’m being rude to that author and the work they put into writing. However I tell myself that there is no point forcing myself to read something that isn’t clicking with me. I don’t want to end up killing off my reading time completely so, if I don’t finish, then I put to the side to take back or to take to charity shops!

My reason for stopping isn’t always the book!

It could easily be that my mental health is being mean and not wanting me to escape or I’m coming down with something.


Character development is a big thing for me as a reader! I love to see where a character starts at the beginning of the book and whether they’ve changed for the better or the worse. If they just stay the same or make zero sense, the book loses me. I can cope if it’s just one character because you have others to make up for it but there have been a couple that everyone sucked! Haha!


Books aren’t always known for having realistic plots! Look at Lord of the Rings or any fantasy/sci-fi novels! I love it when I can forget about the real world and disappear to a place of magic or something fun like that. It’s when the plot ends up going either way too quick, tries to cram too much or reads like a bad fanfiction.

I’m picky when it comes to plot! I don’t want to be confused!! I’m like that in normal life! I’m going to name a name and say that I found this with A Curse So Dark And Lovely’ by Brigid Kemmerer. I know that a lot of people love this book but I couldn’t finish it. Too much was happening and I couldn’t

I don’t stop reading a book straight away. I do try to give it a really good chance! I read 300 pages of A Curse and I couldn’t make myself carry on any further. If you did love, then yay and I hope you love the sequel when it comes out! I do love Brigid as an author so can’t wait to see what other books she has away from Cursebreakers!

What stops you from finishing a book?


Supporting Bloggers And Their Small Businesses


It’s a little known fact that bloggers don’t always get paid for the posts that they write for brands. You either get gifted a product to review and that’s your payment or you get paid when there is a budget that allows it. Unless you are a massive blogger who gets enough to take on blogging full-time, you have a job of some sort or a business of your own on the side.

The more creative bloggers seem to create products they can sell on Etsy or BigCartel!

I’m proud to say that my friends are a talented bunch! They can do photography for others, create designs such as prints or banners or even physical stuff like jewelry and toys. I feel like a proud mum when I see them doing well!

I wish I could support every single one every time they advertise their new products but I tend to have to wait. A lot of bloggers probably feel like this and you can support your favourite people in so many different ways. You can follow their social media and tell that person how great their work is, retweet or like what they post and try to see if any of your friends might want to buy something.

Dorkface (Jemma)

I adore Jemma! I’ve been following her work since I saw her live-streams of her painting on Periscope and she is just unique with her illustrations! The kind of stuff she creates are always super bright, cute and very fun!  I recently bought one of her new prints of Hogwarts (surprise surprise) and I instantly popped it on my fandom wall. It’s different compared to her other work but it shows that she can create everything!

I’m planning on buying some of her pins next because we all know I love my pins!

Blog: Dorkface
Shop: Illustrations/pins 

ATinyMew (Tore)

If you haven’t heard of Tore/ATinyMew, then you are now! Tore is actually a tattoo artist who has been learning her trade for a little while and now she’s moved onto prints! I was so happy that she was selling her designs because I’m terrified of needles and I’m less likely to run with a print. Maybe one day I’ll convince myself to get a small Harry Potter tattoo by her but, until then, I’ll just have to buy her nerdy things! My favourites of hers have to be the Pokemon and Deadpool designs!

Blog: ATinyMew
Shop: Tattoo Style Art

Bumble & Be (Sophie)

Sophie wins the most cutest creation award for all of her products!! I am always going to be proud of the fact that I was one of the first to get one of her Nifflers! She creates so many adorable crochet creatures such as the Niffler, Pickett and even Dobby! I wish I knew how to create things like this and, since I have 0 clue, I’ll just have to continue buying all of her things! What I want next are her Crochet Pygmy Puffs that are in the colours of Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Slytherin!

Blog: Bumble & Be
Shop: BumbleandBeMakes

KM Photographic (Kirstie)

Bloggers tend to use photos on their blog so kind of need to know how to use a camera! Though I still have no idea! Kirstie is so good at photography and she not only takes photos for bloggers but she does wedding photography too! I already knew that she had a brilliant eye because she actually took a few pictures for me a few years ago and made me look okay for a change!

Blog: Curated by Kirstie
Shop: KM Photographic

Who are your favourite bloggers who have small businesses?

Harry Potter

Mina Lima’s Harry Potter Wallpaper Collection

For many years now, I’ve been a massive fan of Mina Lima and their work! How could I not when their graphic designs are genius and they designed for Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts?! The news that came out in the last few hours is that they have created a selection of Harry Potter wallpaper! I’ve been wanting nerdy wallpaper like this for a long time so this made me super excited!

I wanted to sit down and write about my thoughts on the designs you can get and which one I would personally buy to consolidate the status of my Potter Palace!


Quidditch Wallpaper (£89)

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets Toy Story vibes from this wallpaper! Haha! That’s a good thing by the way in case Mina Lima ever find this post! I think this is so bright and colourful! Perfect for a little witch or wizard’s bedroom! If I was young, I’d have totally begged my parents to put this in my room!

Marauders Map Wallpaper (£89)

This is a wallpaper that I’ve always admired whenever I’ve visited the Mina Lima shop and seen the Marauders’ Map design! It’s an amazing part of the books and the films so would be just as great in a bedroom too! Now if only I could say ‘I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good’ to activate it and make it move!

Maybe that’s an idea for the futuristic Mina Lima shop!

Hogwarts School Library Wallpaper (£89)

I want! I need! I must own! My inner Hermione and Scorpius are literally crying to have this immediately in my flat somewhere! It would either go in my bedroom or even in my little office where I keep all my books anyway. It has such a magical feel about it and I half expect the books to suddenly come away from my wall and fly in the air!

Daily Prophet Wallpaper (£89)

I’m going to admit and say that I don’t personally like this as a wallpaper. I think it’s just too much and might make a room look a little like a prison cell. Plus I’m not a massive fan of black and white on my walls so that might have something to do with it. I’m not sure where in a home this would fit but maybe my interior design friends would have a clue for any Potter fans tempted!

Black Family Portrait Wallpaper (£89)

Finally we have the design that was made to become a wallpaper one day and that’s the Black Family Tree! It’s literally like a wallpaper in Order of The Phoenix so it was only a matter of time before it found its way into the muggle world and onto our shelves! This could be used in any room I think. I’d probably place it on a wall in my living room or even down a corridor.

Don’t take my word though…I’m stylistically challenged!

Overall I love all of these wallpapers regardless of whether they’re to my taste or not. They are very pricey so it would depend on your budget if you wanted it in your home. I think I’d only be able to use on a small wall because I’m a broke little half-blood and £89 is too steep for me to go crazy!

What do you think of these Harry Potter wallpapers by Mina Lima? Would you use them?

Lifestyle Mental Health

3 mental health things to consider when moving to a property


Looking for any new property to call home is a daunting experience especially it’s your first house/flat away from your parents. Imagine adding to that feeling a whole bunch of anxiety. I felt so much anxiety when I was told I would have to move out of the house I’d loved in for 19 years (it was a council property).

It was such a weird jumble of emotions that I felt looking around different flats in my area. I was excited to be having a little place of my own where I could start afresh. It was also super sad because I’d moved into my old place with both my parents and cat and was the only one alive to move out.

If you suffer with anxiety then you know how many thoughts go through your head before you move:

What if moving is the wrong thing to do?
Is this new place safe?
What if my new neighbours are noisy/trouble?
How will I be able to move everything out and then in?
What happens if something needs repaired?

I know these questions could probably easily answered by someone but these still went through my head. This was the first place I’d move to on my own and, having no family or friends to help me, I had to move with the help of a tenancy support officer. Before I had to move, I was told to come up some things I wanted to consider before choosing a place to live.

check the crime around the area

This probably isn’t the best advice for anyone that is paranoid but sometimes checking the areas you’re wanting to move to helps give you peace of mind. I’ve used a site called Police UK to look at my local neighbourhoods and see what crime has been reported over the last few months. You can put in a postcode and it will give you the general area.

You can also see numbers on the map and see what types of crime are being committed. It’s not great some of the time when you see a thing like Violence/Sexual Offence because that’s terrifying! It’s more broader than that. It just gives you a idea!

make a list of everything you want to pack

When you’re moving to a new property, all hell breaks loose when everything is packed into boxes and you have no clue where all the basic essentials are. Before I moved, I started making a list of which box would contain what. I colour-coded too because I’m that weird and love colours. When I saw that colour on the box, I’d know what room to pop it into.

Think about making a first night box. In the box you can have all the small items you think you’ll need and don’t want to spend hours looking in boxes for. You could have medication, tea-bags/coffees, toothbrush and toothpaste, fresh pillow-case, knives and forks…whatever you think will be important!

If you know your mental health will be affected by the move, even keep some meds in your bag to take just in case.

Secure your new property before you move in

This was such a vital thing for me! I was so scared my first night because I heard some of my neighbours arguing and, a month later, another being attacked by her sister. If I hadn’t had some general bits to make me feel secure, I wouldn’t have moved in as quickly as I did. I’ve heard chain bars are great for some homes because a burglar wouldn’t find it as easy to cut like a door-chain.

I’m hoping to get a Ring doorbell and camera on my front door to help me feel safe. When someone rings it, you can see through the camera on your phone so you know who is there and talk to them. There are so many different things you can get with Ring like a spotlight with a camera and more. It’s a great company for anyone who finds it difficult to answer the front door especially if you’re expecting anyone.

What mental health things would you consider when moving to a new property?




My Autism Diagnosis: One Year On

Autism Diagnosis

Today officially marks 1 year since I received my Autism diagnosis! Cue all the confetti and trumpets, everyone! I almost missed being diagnosed thanks to my letter being sent to my old address and it was only because the assessor rang to see where I was that I found out I was meant to be there!

So now that I’ve reached this pivotal milestone, you probably want to know what’s happened since then?

Has my life drastically changed overnight and I’m now a secret billionaire genius?

Answer: No.

Getting my autism diagnosis wasn’t a sudden light-bulb moment but it did give me some relief that I was different for a reason. I now have validation that I’m a good kind of quirky which is great to know since the assessment lasted 4 hours!!

Having to sit and talk about your entire life to a doctor for 4 hours is quite an  achievement. Do you think I should add it to my CV? Haha!

A couple of weeks after I was told that I had ASD, I received this Autism Diagnosis Report going over everything I’d spoken about, had done and more. It was really interesting to see all the things I had mentioned since I’d completely forgot! I babble a lot so forgetting is typical of me! I was a little stunned at my scores on the practical tests but apparently had a great eye for detail.

Along with my report, I was given this little pack of ‘Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In it was a lot of information talking about:

  • Strengths that people with autism have
  • Managing social situations
  • Strategies to deal with communication
  • Coping with sensory issues

There was a lot of stuff in this that I had no clue about! There was some of it that wasn’t relevant to me since we’re all a varied bunch.

I’ve discovered that my life hasn’t changed at all since this day with the only exception that I have this confirmation. I didn’t get support overnight, groups with other ASD people didn’t spring up and my family didn’t sigh relief with me. I did find out that any groups that had been near me were shut down due to funding.

It’s sad that so many adults who are diagnosed late may not have anything to access. I did look more into the National Autistic Society and they have been a godsend! They have all the information you could ask for and I’ve loved seeing their tweets about different stories or events that they throw!

I’m glad that I got diagnosed but it doesn’t define me. I’ll keep on being me with a little added support to the side if I need it.

Do you know anyone with an autism diagnosis?
Do you think more people should talk about it?


Review | Alex in Wonderland by Simon James Green



Socially awkward Alex is used to disappointment, and this summer is looking up to be his sorriest yet. When he unexpectedly lands a job at Wonderland, a run-down amusement arcade, he starts making new friends. It looks like his bad luck is about to change. But in Wonderland nothing is quite what it seems. And in life and love, sometimes you have to make your own luck.


I’d never read of Simon’s books before this and, even though this is embarrassing to mention, I’d never heard of him before ‘Alex in Wonderland. I actually saw that a book blogger I follow on Twitter had received this as some book post and it intrigued me. The title made me think of Alice in Wonderland which I adore and the fact that this is a LGBTQ+ book had me sold!

What do I have to say about this book then?

It’s safe to say that it starts off with some drama which was a great way to hook someone into the book! What was Alex doing there? What had happened? You couldn’t help but feel sorry for him but also laugh at some of his reactions! This is just me because my head is always on Potter stuff but Alex reminded me so much of Scorpius Malfoy!

Easily anxious about things, putting himself down and seems to wear his heart on his sleeve which is so cute.

He doesn’t seem to have an easy family life and I did end up disliking his dad’s girlfriend Kendra for a while. You’ll see why if you read but there are so many fun characters in this from Lemon Boy (the cheeky lemonade seller), Ben (the hot guy who works at Wonderland) with Efia (the girl who seems pretty out-there and high on coffee). Oh and you can’t forget Maggie who owns Wonderland and seems to hate teens.

It did get a little slow-paced in the middle but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the whole book and reading it in one sitting! I’m like that with books that I’m really into. That and it was raining outside which meant I needed some cheesy boy romance.

Would I recommend it? Definitely!!

Am I going to read it again after I’ve published this review? Of course.

Have you read ‘Alex in Wonderland’? What did you think?
If not, what are your favourite LGBTQ+ books?


6 Books I Wish Existed When I Was A Kid


I’ve been reading since the teeny age of 5 but had so many books read to me by both parents. My dad was a big reader and it was he who took me to the library to read as a kid. I have so many happy memories of the children’s section where I was able to open up my imagination to new worlds. Now that I’ve all grown up, it makes me so happy to see a kid looking at books or wanting to read from a physical book! You’re never too old or young for a good book, right?

That’s why I still read YA and Children books to this day!

This love made me think about which books I wish had been around when I was a kid so I wouldn’t get the odd look from a parent. Haha!

I See Things Differently by Pat Thomas

One of the many things I remember about my childhood is that there weren’t many books read to us about diversity or people with disabilities. The 90s were a completely different time but I still wish a book like ‘I See Things Differently’ had been read to me as I may have been diagnosed with ASD sooner. It’s a beautiful children’s book explaining simply what autism is and some tips for both kids and teachers about how to interact with someone autistic.

The Truth Pixie Goes To School by Matt Haig

You can’t help but love at least one of Matt Haig’s books! I discovered him through his book ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ which has helped me so much with my mental health. The Truth Pixie is a great way for kids to learn about mental and mindfulness! This book in particular would have made me smile so much as a kid! You get to learn all about the importance of friendship and being yourself which is something I always struggled to do!

Jemima Small Versus The Universe by Tasmin Winter

I’m currently reading this book and I’m loving it so much! It’s about a young girl called Jemima who knows a lot of random facts about her body but can’t seem to understand it. She can’t get why the human body is so amazing but she feels like nothing. She also gets put into what she calls the ‘Fat Club’. Oof, I totally get Jemima! I felt all of this at school and was also teased for being a bit overweight. Nothing worse than not understanding why you are the way you are! Can’t wait to see what happens!

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

I’ll be honest with you guys: I’m not a massive fan of Rainbow’s writing style so haven’t finished a couple of her books. That said, I did love Eleanor & Park! There’s nothing more sad than being alone and odd compared to everyone else but then you find someone you connect with. Reading this is like watching a cheesy chick-flick and I loved it! It was so awkward and like a rollercoaster like a typical teenage first relationship should be like! I never experienced much of that but I still managed to adore it and would have loved this when I was 16!

Am I Normal Yet by Holly Bourne

Have you sensed a theme on the books I wish kid!me had read? They’re all about people who are different in some way. I know that I had no clue who I was in school and still don’t really have an identity. What would you identify me as? I’m curious! Anyway, all of Holly’s books are so personal and relatable and I just need to meet her one day!! This was actually the first book of hers that I read and Lottie is everything!

Just like her, I wanted to be normal and wanted to come off my meds to be like everyone else around me. Unfortunately life doesn’t work like that so you’ll have to see what happens to Lottie!

The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord

This is more of a book I wish kid!me could have read as a foreshadowing. It’s all about a girl called Lucy who is wanting to spend an amazing summer at Bible Camp with her parents and her boyfriend. The problem is her mum has cancer and this has Lucy questioning herself, the world around her and her faith. Lucy has been me over the last 3 years especially questioning the world about why my mum had to suffer.  I still wonder this but I’m slowly coming to accept that He knows what he’s doing so I just have to learn to cope.

Which books do you wish had existed when you were a kid?


How I’ve Been Eating Healthy Throughout 2019 (so far)


Since we’re closer to the end of 2019 than we are to the start of it, I can start reflecting a little bit, right? One of my resolutions for this year was to eat healthier and I think I’ve been 60% healthy and 40% that we’re just going to try and ignore. Bread, why must you taste so good?!

I’m actually proud of how I’ve been keeping the changes I started the year with and carried them on without much of a problem!

There are so many ways to be healthy these days which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s half and half for me but snacking has been a pain in my side for years. Part of me wishes that I didn’t have such a problem with snacking because it would ease at least a teeny bit of my anxiety but nope.


Hippeas Sweet & Smokin’ and Chilli Haze

When I was younger, I loved eating crisps! Wotsits, Quavers, Monster Munch…you name it, I ate it! Slowly over the years my tastes changed. It wasn’t that I hated crisps overnight but I just went off them. I didn’t have the craving like I used to. I discovered Hippeas when I was hungry one day and popped into Holland & Barrett. They looked really interesting and reminded me a little of Wotsits and wow! They tasted so yummy and were only 90 calories! Most of the Hippeas can be bought at Holland & Barrett but only seen the Chilli Haze in Boots!

Fulfil Vitamin & Protein Bars

These protein bars are a new addition to my snacks! I’ve recently started back to the gym after a really long break and was told that it was good to have protein 30 minutes after a workout to help repair muscles. I’d tried Pulsin bars and, while yummy, the texture was a little bit weird for me. Fulfil bars just tasted gorgeous and you didn’t feel as if you were eating just a protein bar! They come in so many gorgeous flavours (my favourites are Chocolate Orange and Salted Caramel).

Raw Chocolate Raisins

You know how you can’t eat the food itself but you can eat it if it’s in a different form? That’s me! Can’t eat strawberries but love strawberry yoghurt and jam! Can’t eat raisins but I think you could like a lot of things if it’s wrapped in cacao! I never thought about eating chocolate raisins until my mum bought some and I tried! Mindblown with them! I then wanted to try some from the Raw Chocolate Company and they’re even yummier! More bitter but I’m a big fan of dark chocolate so that’s fine with me!



This I can easily blame a Youtuber I watch called Jess Medley who I saw was drinking Kombucha in her vlogs and it got me curious. I knew that she was vegan and I was trying to find other alternatives to drink other than water and green tea. I discovered Captain Kombucha and it tasted so nice! It’s natural, gluten-free, great for vegans and vegetarians and organic! All of those sound great, don’t they? It’s also great for anyone trying to cut down on sugar! I can’t have too many of these as it is a bubbly drink and, with my IBS, it would lead to disaster. It does make for a great treat once a week though!


Water has been something I tend to lack in which isn’t a good thing since we’re meant to drink up to 8 glasses of it! It isn’t that I don’t but I tend to not feel thirsty and by the time I do, I feel very dry! I’ve been trying to make sure that I drink as close to 8 as I can. So far I’ve managed to do 6 glasses which is a massive change for me!

Green tea

Every morning I drink a cup of green tea with my porridge and I’ve managed to do this almost every day! The only times I missed were when I was in hospital with my gallbladder and days when my mental health can’t cope with getting up. I choose to drink decaff green tea because I don’t really like the taste of caffeinated and, since I don’t drink caffeine anymore, I do feel it when I do!

Warm lemon water

Every time I read someone healthy’s day in the life, they always seem to mention drinking warm lemon water in the morning. I had tried this in the past but I didn’t stay loyal to it very long. However I was determined at the start of this year that I would have it as many mornings as I can! I’m glad to say that I’ve actually done really well with this to the point that my mornings without feel very weird. I have missed a handful of days and that is the fault of me just forgetting to buy and Tesco somehow not noticing that at least one of their lemons is mouldy! Ugh.

Lemon water apparently kickstarts your metabolism for the day and heaven knows I need that!


Hahahaha! I’m not really good at these. I tend to know what I like and stick to it at home. That said, I have been trying something new these last few weeks. When I’ve either been to the gym or I’m in town I head into this new healthy restaurant to have lunch! So good! I have something called a Sweet Vitamin A burger which is a sweet potato and pepper burger! That is sandwiched by two spinach and onion patties and served with either a small salad or carrot chips! I’m addicted to eating this and Vitamin A is meant to help your immune system fight off any sickness or infection. Think I’ll need this every day for the rest of the year then!

I have been loving Sophie at Glowsteady with her gorgeous vegan recipes that I keep saying I’m going to try and consistently don’t. Haha! I am planning to at least one day this week so hold me to that!

Have you had any goals that you made at the start of the year and still going with?