Mistakes I’ve Made With My Blog And How To Avoid Them


Like with everything in life people make mistakes. Whether it’s with what they buy, say or do but the same things can happen in blogging. No blogger is perfect even when they edit and I am definitely not at all. I’ve made a few mistakes over my year of blogging so here are some of the ones I’ve made and how you can avoid them.

mistake 1: writing blog posts late at night

Ooof, do I make this mistake often! I don’t wake up with the intention of writing blog posts late or on the spur of the moment (I’m actually writing this at 6pm so yeaaaah), but things happen. My most common reason for writing late is my mental health. If the weather is nasty outside, I tend to be pretty low or things may happen that trigger me.

For example: it has been raining non-stop for two days so it has really affected my mood and my motivation. This in turn feeds my self-doubt and barrel rolls into no post.

SOLUTION: Plan posts in advance (if possible)! You’re more like to create a post you like without the stress if you plan what you want to write and then can schedule in advance. No matter what your mind is telling you, don’t blog late as you’ll be tired and probably won’t even finish typing.

mistake 2: comparing your blog to others

My biggest mistake! I’m forever comparing myself to bloggers who have been at this for years and worked extremely hard to get where they are now. Like I said, no-one is perfect and they have probably spent a lot of time figuring out what works for their blog in terms of engagement and views. I still compare though! Grr!

SOLUTION: I could easily say just don’t compare but that is easier said than done. Try talking to the bloggers you compare yourself to and ask for their advice. They might be able to give you some really helpful tips! You could even join Vix Meldrew’s Grow & Glow to help you learn how to find your own blogging voice!

mistake 3: writing topics that make you feel uncomfortable

Mental health is something I want to write about. It’s not an easy topic to share and sometimes may trigger readers (unless you have a trigger warning which I always do). I choose to write because if it helps even one person feel understood or find help it’s worth it. That said, I don’t always choose the right time to write these topics.

One post that I ended up triggering myself with recently is where I’m talking about tactics to getting myself out of bed when I’m low. I’d been on a shaky path that day and couldn’t actually read the post after I published. Whoops!

SOLUTION: If you ever feel uncomfortable about writing a topic and are trying to push through for others, stop. You are a priority and you don’t need to ever feel uncomfortable. If you still want to write this after you feel stronger, then do it but please wait.

mistake 4: force yourself to post often

We all started blogging because we had something we loved to chat about and of course we want to chat about it as often as we can! It’s good that you want to post but that doesn’t mean you have to post every single day especially you have a full-time job or a family. Your readers aren’t expecting you to spread yourself thin for them.

I tried a week of posts at the wrong time and it became more of a chore in the long run!

SOLUTION: Try to come up with a schedule of days that fit for you. It could be one day a week or could be 3 times a week! Whatever suits you!

What mistakes have you made as a blogger and how did you overcome them?

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