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I’ve had a on/off relationship with Spotify over the years. I have had an account for a while but the whole premium  element and ads always put me off. It wasn’t until I saw that you could get 30 minutes of ad-free music and putting up with noisy neighbours that I decided to give Spotify another chance!

Now I’ve been using it for just under a month, I figured I would give you guys a look into my head and what weird and wonderful things I have in my playlists!

Music that makes me feel better

Music has always been a great music up-lifter! Both my parents loved listening to music and, as a child of the 90s, we had such an incredible decade of bands and singers! This playlist is jam-packed full of songs that make me feel more positive or leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling. It really is a big look inside my head in terms of seeing what I love listening to over and over again. Some you might expect/know I love and others might surprise you! The fact that Spotify has some of my odd favourites was a shock to me! Haha.

Some examples:

  • It’s The Way You Make Me Feel (Steps)
  • Take on Me (A1)
  • Sacrifice (Elton John)
  • In Too Deep (Sum 41)
  • DNA (Little Mix)
  • Popular (Wicked: Original Broadway Cast)
  • We Built This City (Starship)

Welcome to my childhood (I’m still there!)

As the title says, welcome to my childhood! All of these songs are ones that I grew up with as a kid (yep, most of them are Disney!) or I’ve adored from recent kid films over the last few years. I always believe that it doesn’t matter what age you are when you watch a film you’ll still enjoy it! You’ve obviously seen something you liked from a trailer or TV tease so why deny yourself from watching a great film! Some of my best moments have been in cinemas watching films surrounded by families and me giggling to a scene on my own. Not sad at all! I have an amazing time!

Some examples:

  • I Just Can’t Wait To Be King (The Lion King)
  • Rotten To The Core (Descendants)
  • Stick to the Status Quo (High School Musical)
  • Achy Breaky Heart (Billy Ray Cyrus)
  • In Summer (Frozen)
  • Fame (Irene Cara)

An Old Soul (blame my parents!)

Like I said earlier my parents loved listening to music so is it really a surprise that I would end up falling in love with some of the bands/songs that they listened to most. A few have some real nostalgia to them and others make me sad but I still listen because it has that connection. A lot of what my mum and dad loved came from the 60s and 70s ranging from country to rock. One of the connections I have is with a singer called Johnny Cash. Once a year we would drive up to Stranraer so Mum and I could cross over to Northern Ireland. Obviously it was a long trip up to Scotland and 8-year-old me tended to get bored quite easily so my dad would lend me his Johnny Cash cassette to play in my walkman. I would listen to both sides over and over and there are some songs that just made me think of Dad!

Some examples:

  • Get It On (T-Rex)
  • I’m a Believer (The Monkees)
  • Telstar (The Tornados)
  • A Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash)
  • You Win Again (The Beegees)
  • Thank You For The Music (ABBA)
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)

Time To Relax

This playlist is just like it says: it’s to help me to relax! My mental health and Fibromyalgia means I’m super tense or left anxiety so I need moments where I can just lie in my room or somewhere quiet to calm myself down. A lot of this contains some of my favourite chill film soundtracks along with singers I just find really calming.

Some examples:

  • This Is Berk (How To Train Your Dragon)
  • Only the Beginning of the Adventure (Chronicles of Narnia)
  • The Hanging Tree (Jennifer Lawrence, James Newton Howard)
  • Clocks (Coldplay)
  • Theme from Harry’s Game (Clannad)
  • Scarborough Fair (Celtic Woman)

What are on your Spotify playlists?

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