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How To Make Yourself A Priority


So many people these days put other people before themselves. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing since sometimes it shows a great sense of character to help others and think how you impact on people around you.

Charities and volunteering are great examples of this!

However, you can become so focus on others that you forget about looking after yourself as well! I’m beyond guilty of this! I love the idea of helping friends with their problems that I tend to ignore the fact that their problem could be triggering until it was too late. I find it easier to help them and forget what should be the priority.

Here are a few ways I’ve thought of overcoming that forgetfulness and allowing you to make yourself the priority and not feel guilty about it:

Meditate when you wake up

This is something I want to start doing every morning to try and ease any residual anxiety from either the day before or during the night. You get the chance to calm yourself for the day ahead, say some positive affirmations and not trigger your mind by looking straight at social media.

Don’t be afraid to stay home

It’s great if you can be social. Some people find it easy and others struggle. Regardless of how you are, it’s good to be around friends you can chat with or others who challenge you positively. That said if you don’t feel like yourself, whether you’re sick or having a low day, or the weather isn’t amazing…stay home! No errands? Stay home! You don’t have to always go out and face the world.

Take a social media break

Social media and blogging have a way of taking over our lives! You find yourself checking your phone every few minutes if you get a notification, constantly seeing how many likes your Instagram is getting or whether you’ve gotten any comments on your latest blog post. As hard as it might feel doing this step away. You don’t have to delete any accounts or anything that drastic but keep your phone turned off or do something else. Go for that walk on a nice day, read a book…whatever you’ve been putting off.

treat yourself

Okay…we probably treat ourselves every day in some way but there’s nothing wrong with your treat being something small or a bit bigger. If you did something you struggle with, have that favourite snack or put a mask on. If you got a promotion, buy that bag or coat you’ve had your eye on for months. You’ve worked so you’ve earned it!

Say no

This is such a difficult word to say. Like I mentioned earlier you always want to help people if they’re struggling but there are some people who like to take advantage of your kindness. They find ways to get you to help them or do work for them because they know you will help. This is when you have to say no. That person might not like it but you are more important than they are at that moment.

If a person’s struggle is genuine and they don’t normally ask for help, say yes all you like. Just know when to say no. You could say no if you don’t go out or you don’t feel like having a certain meal.

How do you plan on making yourself a priority?

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